Fleck Iron Pro 2 Review


The Fleck Iron Pro is a high-capacity salt-based water softener. It combines the latest technological advancements to make the softener system efficient and easy to use!





With its two-in-one capability, the Fleck iron pro produces high water quality devoid of hard water minerals and iron.

The 64,000-grain capacity gives you the true value for your money since it softens and filters your whole house water.

Compared to most saltwater softeners, the Fleck Iron Pro 2 has a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute, which is relatively higher.

It allows you to make the most use of your water softening unit by reducing wastewater. This happens through the smart digital meter-based regeneration system.

If you want a detailed version of the specs, features, and benefits, keep on reading this Fleck Iron Pro 2 review.

Fleck Iron Pro 2 Overview

The Fleck Iron Pro 2 is brought by abundant flow water systems.

They are primarily known as a water systems supplier and are based in Kansas, United States. The Fleck Iron Pro 2 water softener is one of their well-acclaimed products.

Key Features

Electronic Turbine Flow Meter

Some water softeners use controls to let you know the levels of water depletion. It’s necessary to know this so you can be aware of regeneration cycles.

The Fleck Iron Pro 2 uses a turbine-electronic flow system instead of a manual flow meter. This gives you a more precise and accurate indication of how much water has been treated by your system.

Once aware of the rate at which the iron pro treats water, there can be a more efficient rate of regeneration.

This’ll prevent extra water from being wasted through regeneration cycles.

Water faucet that uses Fleck Iron Pro 2 with a glass of water for drinking

Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control

To make it easier for you, the fleck iron pro has a digital control. This digital control is protected by a non-corrosive polymer body for ultimate protection.

The 5600SXT digital control includes a touchpad for ease of use, and to display important information right in front of you.

64,000 Grain Capacity

The higher the grain capacity the more your water softener can eliminate water hardness smoothly. Fleck’s 64,000-grain capacity gives a longer water softening phase.

You can rely on this system to remove up to 75 grains per gallon of hard water. It also guarantees to remove iron by up to 6-7 parts per million.

Additionally, the large capacity removes ferric iron, sand, sediment, and manganese up to 6 parts per million.

This capacity guarantees water hardness and iron removal for your whole house water system.

2 Day Memory Backup

If you’ve lost your power supply or your system was accidentally unplugged, don’t worry!

The Fleck iron pro backs up all water data in your system. The digital control will retain all volume water data, previous or ongoing.

Furthermore, the digital control will also retain your operational mode settings, so you don’t need to worry about resetting your power settings.

Once you get your power back, your water softener unit will be restored to its normal settings automatically.

Contains 4 Modes Of Operation

For your convenience and to provide maximum flow rate, the control provides 4 modes to operate the water softener.

Delayed Meter Regeneration; This mode sets the system so that regeneration takes place at a preset time.

To ensure minimal water wastage, this mode will begin the regeneration process only when the existing volume of water has been treated.

Immediate Meter Regeneration; This indicates that regeneration will only occur when the volume of water set on the control has been treated.

Weekly Day Regeneration; This’ll ensure that regeneration takes place weekly on a certain day only.

Delayed Time Clock Regeneration; This mode allows regeneration to occur only at a preset time after a certain period has passed.

LCD Display

The useful LCD comes with a backlight to read any information displayed at any time of the day.

It displays the volume of water, the time before regeneration needs to take place, and the remaining amount of water to be treated.

Fine Mesh Resin

The Iron Pro is made with a fine mesh resin designed to combat high iron levels in the water supply.

The combination water softener iron pro has an iron filter additionally to eliminate iron levels starting from 0.5 parts per million to 5 parts per million.

The 2 combination water softener is housed with a fine mesh resin to tackle iron particles present and to last longer.

Safety Float System

Most water softeners need brine tank upkeep and maintenance. You need to make sure your brine tank levels are updated. There’s a possibility of overflow too.

The fleck systems iron pro 2 combination contains a safety float for overflowing prevention. Additionally, there’s also an overflow outlet that can be connected to the backwash drain to let out excess water.

Double Backwash System

This feature is installed to improve the efficiency of your regeneration cycle and in turn the water softener unit.

The regeneration cycle provides two double backwashes. Both backwashes; one slow and one fast improves the efficacy and efficiency of the water softener.

Consideration Factors

Although the Fleck Iron Pro 2 makes use of technology for easy use, it still has some points that need to be considered.

The Fleck system is large with a large capacity which follows larger maintenance costs as well.

These systems are large and will leave behind a footprint. Most of all these systems most definitely require professional installation which is another hefty cost you need to keep in mind.

However, if none of the aforementioned costs bother you, the system is worth your money.

+ Filters iron and manganese
+ Include a bypass valve
+ Resin lasts for at least 5 years before replacement
+ 2 in 1 water softening combination
+ Effectively removes scale buildup
+ Digital control meter reduces wastewater
+ Uses the Fleck 5600SXT digital head
Professional installation required
Large footprint
Expensive compared to other water softeners
Large size

Technical Information of the Fleck Iron Pro 2

The fleck iron pro has operating temperatures ranging between 34 to 110 Fahrenheit.

Whether it be through a well water supply or a city water supply, the softening iron filter unit can soften up to 16 grains per minute at 300 pounds per square inch of pressure. This unit softens water smoothly for a house of 5 to 7 people.

Although a well water softener may be able to have higher water pressure, they don’t include iron filters.

It has a backwash flow rate of 5 grains per minute. The system can use between 60 to 120 gallons of water depending on the level of water hardness.

If used at full capacity; that is 64,000 grains, the system will use 30 pounds of salt for every 64,000 grains treated.

The system itself will regenerate every two weeks automatically even if the prior volume of water hasn’t flowed through the softening unit.


  • Unit Dimensions: 14 inches x 7 inches x 21 inches
  • Unit Weight: 119.2 Pounds
  • Color: Almond
  • Unit Model Number: IronPro 2
  • Size: 64,000

Our Verdict: Recommended!

Overall, the Fleck Iron Pro 2’s high-quality two-in-one feature makes it the most suitable choice for a large household.

The fine mesh resin, iron filter, and 64,000-grain capacity make it perfect to use as your water softening system.

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