GE GXSF30V Water Softener Review


The GE Water Softener is an amazing softener system with a low price point and multiple features. If you’re a smaller household, this softener would be perfect for your family!





Made with the latest technology, the GE water softener is one of the best available. The GE GXSF30V unit is one of the cheapest options by GE appliances.

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t reap the benefits of the technology included.

This water softener has GE SmartSoft technology along with an on-demand regeneration initiation. This technology helps in minimizing costs because you’re saving on additional salt and water costs.

This GE water softener is great for smaller households. It works well to provide soft water to a house of at least 3 people. However, with a lower capacity, it has a slower flow rate which would struggle to provide soft water for more than one bathroom properly.

Keep on reading our GE water softener review for an in-depth review of all the features this water softener has!

GE Water Softener Overview

GE appliances, not to be confused with GE electric, are not part of the GE electric division. GE appliances were bought by Haier in 2016 and markets its water softeners under the GE electric division logo.

They strive to make appliances that keep your interests in mind while simultaneously taking care of environmental factors. Their products highlight the impact technology has made in a positive light and guarantee nothing but the best for their customers!

Key Features

Electronic Controls

The GXSF30V has easy-to-use clear-cut controls. Through these controls, you can deduce the hardness level of your water supply, the salt level, and when it needs to recharge.

You wouldn’t need to continuously check when your system is due for a recharge since the system makes you aware. It further initiates the regeneration cycle too!

The GE water softener gives you the option to recharge whenever you want and set a specific mode for the softener.

GE water softeners let you know how many days your water softener can run efficiently before it requires recharging. This helps you save salt that otherwise would be wasted. Most salt-based water softeners require consistent checkups to keep up with the regeneration cycle.

GE Water softener beside a tank

Grain Capacity

The grain count is used to signify how many hardness grains can gather on the resin before the resin bed needs to regenerate. This is why it’s crucial to know the hardness count of hard water before you invest in a water softener.

Most water softeners are unable to regenerate and provide soft water at the same time unless there’s a dual tank attached. It’d be useless for you to get a water softener that takes up twice the space when there’s only a maximum of 3 people making use of soft water.

That’s why the GXSF30V is the best for a 2-3 person household. It has a grain capacity of 30,400 which combats water hardness proficiently!

SmartSoft Technology

GE water softeners are equipped with SmartSoft technology. This enables the water softener to recognize your household’s water usage and capacity.

This ensures that you have a steady soft water supply. However, the addition of smartsoft technology enables cost-saving also. You save money on running costs. With the help of the technology, GE water softeners use less water since regeneration occurs when needed only!

Furthermore, the SmartSoft technology guarantees the enhancement of water quality.

Water Usage

As mentioned above, GE water softeners save salt and water too. As well as being energy efficient, GE water systems use up to 20% less water.

Further estimation shows that GE water softeners use down the salt by up to 34%, stopping any extra salt usage or wastage.

The decreased water and salt usage further cut down another running cost; laundry detergents and soaps.

Water softeners eliminate water hardness to eliminate problems caused by it. The efficacy of GE Water Softeners reduces your laundry detergents and dishwashing soaps and cleansers usage by 50%.

Empty Indicator Signal

Usually, the maintenance of water softeners includes keeping a check on salt levels and refilling depleted salt tanks.

The GE water softener saves you the hassle with the empty tank sign. You’ll be notified when the salt tank needs refilling. Through this, you can prevent salt waste, and reduce your monthly and annual salt costs!

Ability To Increase Lifespan

The GE water softener includes a filter in this unit. Water softeners don’t have filters attached to the unit mostly since the focus remains on softening water.

If water softeners have a larger grain capacity, it means the lifespan of the water softener system might decrease. Hard water problems include the decreased lifespan of your appliances.

The GE GXSF30V softener unit includes a filter in the supply side of the water softening system, to increase the lifespan of your GE water softener.

However, this filter doesn’t work to eliminate other contaminants present in your hard water.

Easy To Install

If you’re well versed in softener installations or not, either way these softening units are easily installed. They come with an installation kit that can be followed to install them.

Either way, they cut on average $500 in installation charges if you hire a professional.

Affordable Price

The GE water softeners can use up to 36 gallons of water at an affordable price in approximately 2 hours. With an affordable price range, this unit can also eliminate iron.

These softening units additionally work efficiently to reduce water optimally while saving salt and water.

Consideration Factors

The GE model GXSF30V water softener saves you plumbing, detergents, and laundry costs. Their units guarantee enhanced water quality that won’t form salt mushes, salt clogging on your pipes or appliances.

However, if you’re looking for a softener system with a higher flow rate, this would not be possible with the GE water softener.

This is because due to GE’s smaller capacity and small stature, it can only soften water for a house of 2 and a maximum of 3 people. Alongside this, the GE water softener only focuses on softening your water supply but doesn’t take care of included contaminants.

But this would be the option for you since you save on installation, salt, and unnecessary maintenance costs overall.

+ Easily installed
+ Small units
+ Cost-efficient
+ Affordable price
+ Require low to no maintenance
+ 1-year warranty
+ Uses SmartSoft technology
+ Includes automatic salt-feeding system
+ Provides high-quality water
Suitable for a 2 person household at most
Has a maximum flow rate of 7.5 GPM
Filter doesn’t clean contaminants

Technical Information of the GE Water Softener

The GE system can remove up to 95 grains per gallon of water hardness. It has a resin tank size of 9 by 35 inches that can hold up to 0.834 cubic feet of solution.

You’ll be notified when regeneration will be required through an audible alarm. The regeneration process takes about 104 minutes.


  • Unit Dimensions: 22.44 inches x 14.44 inches x 43.25 inches
  • Unit Weight: 81 Pounds
  • Color: Light Grey
  • Unit Model Number: GXSF30V
  • Size: 30,400 Grains

Our Verdict: Recommended

We hope with the information we’ve provided above, you’ll get the GE water softening system! We’re sure it’s worth your investment!

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