GRAYL Ultralight Bottle Review


There are many great reviews about this product by satisfied customers from around the world. It’s a fast and reliable water filtration bottle that provides you filtered water in only 15 seconds. It’s recommended for backpacking through all your camping, hiking, or hunting expeditions.





Present-day buyers are overwhelmed by the hard marketing, and sales strategies applied, making it hard for them to land the exact products they are looking for.

The Grayl Ultralight review will provide you with all the information you need so that as you make the purchase, you are sure of what you are paying for.

Grayl Ultralight Overview

The Grayl Ultralight water bottle is provided by the U.S based Grayl Products. It is a backpacking filter with a one-time squeeze for instant water purification.

It has a simple usage mechanism that involves squeezing. There are also no chemicals or batteries in its filtration system. Just fill, press, and drink.

Apart from its ease of filtration, it also features a lightweight and compact design that easily fits in the backside pocket of your backpack and consumes less space. You don’t want to leave it behind during your next adventure.

The filter uses activated carbon filters that effectively absorb odor, taste, and many other chemicals, including heavy metals.

Compared to its peers, this water filter is cost-effective and the most economical in terms of space and time for outdoor activities.

Key Features

Take a look at some of the exciting features this water bottle presents.

Purify Water Anywhere

The Grayl Ultralight Water bottle [+ Filter] is engineered for use anywhere. It has a compact design for storage in the smallest spaces inside your backpack and any other carrier bag you have.

You can carry the bottle along with you for your outdoor adventures as well as international travel.

Ease of Use

Only three steps are involved in purifying tap, stream, spring, river, or any water you want to quench your thirst from.

Scoop water from any sketchy water source and fit the cap back on. Using your body weight, press down on the filter with a steady force for purification to take place.

Lastly, enjoy clean, crystal clear purified water at the instance. The process barely lasts 15 seconds, so rest assured you save on time too.


Regardless of where you scoop your water from, as long as it goes through this filtration, it comes out 99.99999% free of disease-causing viruses like Hepatitis A, SARS, and Rotavirus. The filter is also effective in eliminating bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli as well.

Its high-quality activated carbon filters effectively remove particulates and chemicals such as chlorine, benzene, and chloroform. These filters also eliminate heavy metals and sediments from impure water.

Long-Lasting Filters

The Grayl water filter comes with replaceable purifier cartridges with a lifespan of 300 uses or 40 Gal/150L of water before replacement is considered. This is a long enough water filtration period that will keep your filter replacement thoughts at bay.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning up the filters is an easy task. All you need is to flush out the dirt once you notice a change in the odor or taste of your water.

This water bottle is made with a polypropylene casing and a woven-fiber base, so durability is guaranteed, and little is needed for maintaining it from creasing. You don’t have to worry even if you drop the bottle.

Technical Details

Filtration Capability

This water bottle uses a mesh filtration system that uses an ‘Ion Exchange’ mechanism to trap out impurities. Positive ions are bound with negative ions in the chemicals and other pollutants. Clean water then flows through as contaminants are trapped inside the cartridge.

Activated carbon filters effectively eliminate odor and foul taste from impure water. This effective filtration technology together with the carbon filters, get rid of the following water impurities:

  1. Particulates: Micro Plastics, Sediment, Silt
  2. Chemicals: Chlorine, Benzene, Chloroform
  3. Heavy metals: Lead, Arsenic, Chromium
  4. Pathogens: Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus
  5. Bacteria: E. coli, Salmonella, Dysentery
  6. Protozoa: Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Amoebae

Filter Lifespan

Purification cartridges for the Grayl water bottle don’t easily degrade. They have a long lifespan of up to three years after first use. The one part that degrades is the activated carbon filters that filter out chemicals and heavy metals.

Carbon filters will last at least 2-3 months with everyday water filtration. This translates to 40 gallons or 150 Liters of filtered water before the need for cleaning the cartridges.

Grayl recommends the replacement of the filters every 12 months for maximum effectiveness.

Maintenance Cost

A Grayl Replacement purifier cartridge is priced at $24.95 on average. This is how much you will spend annually on new replacement filters, putting aside resources needed to clean the filters on a three-month interval.

Installation and Set-Up

Setting up this package is stress-free. The unit comes with two cylindrical tubes that easily slide into each other. The gaskets that hold these tubes together are tight to pull out on the first try. You need to twist the tubes in opposite directions to set them apart.

After pulling the filter tubes out, you have an empty water canister, which you fill-up. Take note of the maximum fill line. Going above it means that you will have a spillage during purification, which might risk contamination of the clean water inside the bottle.

Next is setting up the filtration tubes. Make sure the top is open as you fit them in since air needs to escape from the canister. Ensure the top cover is placed away from contaminated water.

Place your water bottle on a low flat surface and press on it using your body weight for the filtration process to take place.


For this product, you have a 30-day return period from the time of delivery.

Like all Grayl products, this water bottle with filter comes with a 10-year warranty that covers all materials and workmanship. For any replacement queries, feel free to call the Grayl hotline or contact the manufacturer via email and social media accounts.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons that we found on this bottle.

+ Durability.
+ Easy to use.
+ Low maintenance.
+ Compact and lightweight.

Pushing down on the water filter is difficult for some people

Our Verdict: Recommended

As you can see from this Grayl Ultralight review, it will come in handy during fishing, camping, trekking, and is our go-to water bottle with filter for travel. Here’s why.

  • Filter on the go: The bottle and filter is compact and easy to carry around.
  • Affordability: The annual replacement cost is affordable.
  • Comprehensive filtration: The bottle removes 99% of the water-borne pathogen.
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