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While Home Master RO Water Filters are not the cheapest in town, but they are the most innovative and unique piece of product in it’s class. With their latest patented Full Contact Technology and Fast Flow RO! Kit, RO water can be produced faster and tastier. The modular filters are more hygienic and less susceptible to cracks and leaks. If you are capable of investing in this class, you should go for the Home Master TMAFC. It is RECOMMENDED.





Home Master, or previously known as Tap Master has been on the market for the past 20 years. In the past few years, the brand rises rapidly alongside with their reverse osmosis system.

Home Master TMAFC Artesian Review

Home Master TMAFC Artesian has received consistently high ratings for the past 6 years. This water filter has something unique which made them stand out from its competitors.

Why is Home Master water filter so unique? They are solving 4 problems that most RO systems are currently facing.

  1. Home Master replaced the old school canister filtration system with advanced modular filters which put filter and housing altogether. As it was replaced annual, they claimed that it have prevented cracks, leaks and more hygienic as the housings and filters are replaced.
  2. The Fast Flow RO! Kit which increases the flow rate by 2X with larger fitting and tubing compare to the conventional systems.
  3. Replacement filter can be changed easily with “push-in” tubing without wrenches.
  4. Patented Full Contact Technology which re-mineralizated twice to the water, once before the water entering the storage tank and once before the water went to the faucet.

It is claimed by Home Master that the acidic water from RO will degrade the storage tanks and rubberize the taste of the water. As such, the storage tank for all Home Master RO system stores a slightly alkaline water instead of acidic water.

It is measured at about pH 7-8 for the water that is generated by Home Master TMAFC.

Disadvantage: The daily capacity is only up to 50 gallons per day as compared to some of it competitors which can produce up to 90 gallons a day. For a normal family of 8, it should be sufficient.

With the confidence in their product, they are backing up with a 5-year limited warranty on all their reverse osmosis system available in town which is 4 additional years as compared to most of their competitors.

Did I forget to mention that this water filter is design and manufactured in the USA?

Technical Specification that you SHOULD KNOW

Below are the summarize technical specification that you should know before buying the Home Master TMAFC.

  • Water Pressure: 40-100 psi (It’s able to withstand higher pressure)
  • Water Temperature: 40-100 F (4-38C)
  • Capacity: 50 gallons per day.
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 3.2 gallons
  • Max TDS: 2000ppm
  • System Dimensions: 12″w x 16″d x 20″h

7 Stage of Filtration System With 4 Physical Filters

The TMAFC Artesian was advertised as a 7 stage water filters while physically there are only 3 filters and an RO membrane.

Stage 1: 5-micron high quality sediment filter – Removing dust, rust, sand and other contamination that normally can be seen by naked eye.

Stage 2: 5 micron activated catalytic carbon –   Removing residual chlorine taste, odor, cloudiness, and chemicals in from the water source.

Stage 3: 0.0001 micron Reverse Osmosis Membrane – remove up to 99% of the heavy material and chemical leaving clean water.

Stage 4: 5 micron re-mineralized filter with activated carbon – Reintroducing the calcium and magnesium into the finished water using crushed marbles and removed unwanted taste and odor.

The re-mineralization of twice in the system made their filter more robust compared to their competitors as claimed by Home Master.

However, the waste water is above the usual standard which 4 gallons of waste water for every gallon of clean water. If waste water is a concern, the Home Master TMAFC-ERP will significantly reduce the waste water to a gallon.

Installation under sink is easy and lighter

Installation for Home Master TMAFC is expected to be about 1 hour according to the manual. There are some additional tools required if there isn’t a faucet hole in your sink but most of the tubings and fittings have already provided in the box. They even provide a roll of Teflon tapes.

Tools that are required :

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Medium Crescent wrench
  • Medium pliers
  • Unscented (regular) bleach
  • Variable speed corded power drill
  • ¼” metal drill bit
  • ½” metal drill bit  (not required if sink has a pre-drilled hole)
  • ½” masonry drill bit (not required if sink has a pre-drilled hole, or if sink is not porcelain)

For under sink filters, this model only weight 14.1 pounds as it doesn’t have the canister filters like others. Hence, it is ideal for hanging it under the sink.

Long Lifespan Filters but

For Home Master TMAFC Artesian, the replacement filter happens once a year. The suggested lifespan of each filter is shown below :

  • Stage 1, 2, 4 Sediment and Carbon Block Filters: 1 Year
  • Stage 3 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter: 3 Years 

Replacement filter is slightly costly with $76 for stage 1,2,4 filters and $56 for the RO membrane filter.

Annual Replacement Cost: $87

The running cost is slightly higher as compared to APEC ROES-50 and iSpring RCC7 that is in the same tier. However, with the innovative technology of Home Master and 5 years of warranty, you can have a piece of mind when buying this product.

The Voice From Existing Owners

Although the Home Master water filter is not on top of the best seller list (due to the cost), it is consistently receiving good reviews from existing owners in Amazon. Let’s see what the owners have to talk about the Home Master TMAFC Artesian.

+ I really like how fast the water comes out of the faucet. It fills a glass in no time.
+ The system was reasonably easy to install with basic tools.
+ I did call Home Master’s 1-800 number and they were very helpful in choosing the right one of their systems.
+ Excellent filter life. Low cost, easy to replace all filters and RO membrane.
+ The system is Made in USA.
The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was that it is a little on the pricey side compared to others
RO faucet supplied in this kit is not the prettiest thing I ever saw. Kind of cheap looking but works well enough.


Expert View:
Home Master TMAFC is one of the best under sink reverse osmosis water filter for the few reasons below:

  • Innovative Design: The 4 innovative design that was introduced by Home Master helps to solve most of the problems faced by customers.
  • Remineralization Filters: Instead of the tasteless RO water, it remineralize with good minerals to increase slightly on the pH.
  • High Rating: The TMAFC is one of the highest rating given for a reverse osmosis filter in Amazon.
  • Long Lifespan Filters: Home Master has great technology on producing the filtration cartridge so that it can last for a year while still maintain great filtered water conditions.
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