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Home Master Reverse osmosis system will always be on top of the list of our recommendation. With the 4 main innovation from Home Master, it distinguished itself from other brands such as APEC, iSpring and others. The TMHP HydroPerfection and TMULTRA are quality products and is fully back by a 5 years warranty. The price are slightly higher in maintenance and initial cost, but it is definitely worth every penny of your investment. It is one of our





Home Master is listed as one of our best reverse osmosis system for well water. Unlike APEC and iSpring, Home Master has it’s own patented way of handling water contamination.

In this Home Master TMHP review, we will explore the system in terms of quality, innovation and how customer say about this water filter.

Home Master TMHP Review

Home Master claims to have solved 4 main problems that were faced by most of the reverse osmosis system in town. Wanted to know more? Read on.

Great For Private Well Water Source: This category of reverse osmosis designed by Home Master is to target on a more extreme condition such as the private well water source.

As we all know, private well consists of a higher TDS and the deadliest bacteria and viruses which can cause severe illnesses to our body.

UV Light Chamber: Both systems come with an ultraviolet light chamber which destroyed up to 99% of the microorganism in the private well water. Besides, the private well contains iron which is also been removed by the two water filter leaving it with a clean water to consume.

Goodbye Canister Filter: Unlike other reverse osmosis systems, the Home Master ditch away from the old school canister type design and replaced with standalone filters. It is claimed to be safer in reducing bacteria from building up in the canister.

Long Warranty Period: Backing up with a 5-year limited warranty, Home Master is giving you 30 days 100% money back guarantee on their water filter system. They stand behind their quality because it is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

NSF International Certification: Home Master systems are certified by NSF international standards on their design and the construction of their product.

Technical Specification

Below are the summarize technical specification that you should know before buying the Home Master TMULTRA & TMHP.

  • Water Pressure: 40-100 psi
  • Water Temperature: 40-100 F (4-38C)
  • Capacity: 50 / 75 gallons per day.
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 3.2 gallons
  • Max TDS: 2000ppm
  • System Dimensions: 8″w x 5″d x 16″h

6/9 Stage of Filtration System

The Home Master TMULTRA was advertised as a 6 stages water filter system and 9 stages for TMHP. However, it has lesser physical filters that they claimed.

TMHP is having 5 stage of filters which are Modular Sediment Filter, Iron Filter With catalytic carbon, UV filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane and the re-mineralized filter.

TMULTRA, on the other hand, is about the same as TMHP with the difference of the re-mineralized filter is replaced with a modular carbon filter.

Both systems are able to remove up to 99% of huge particles such as dust, rust, sand and dissolved solids such as heavy material, organic chemicals, and VOC. In addition, the UV light will sterilize the water by killing the virus, bacteria, mold and living microorganism.

For TMHP, the last stage is a re-mineralized filter which uses crushed marbles to reintroduce calcium and magnesium into the water and balance the pH. It was re-mineralized twice in the process, once before entering the storage tank and once heading to the faucet.

Easy to install and the system is lightweight…

Installation for Home Master TMULTRA and TMHP is roughly around an hour depending on experience. However, the installation manual doesn’t seem to be very easy to understand and doesn’t have a visual on the connection of the system.

Unlike ordinary water filter, these systems required a power supply for the UV component to be functioning. Make sure the system is able to access to power points under the sink before you buy the system.

Tools that are required :

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Medium Crescent wrench
  • Medium pliers
  • Unscented (regular) bleach
  • Variable speed corded power drill
  • ¼” metal drill bit
  • ½” metal drill bit  (not required if sink has a pre-drilled hole)
  • ½” masonry drill bit (not required if sink has a pre-drilled hole, or if sink is not porcelain)

The size is so small that it can fit in most undersink as it doesn’t come with a canister holder.

Long Lifespan Filters but …

Both systems required replacement of filter at least once a year. The suggested lifespan of each filter are below :

  • Stage 1, 2, 4, 5 Sediment, Carbon Block Filters, UV Light, Re-mineralized filter (For TMHP)  : 1 Year
  • Stage 3 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter: 3 Years 
  • UV Light Chamber (Including UV Light) : 3 Years

Replacement filter is slightly costly with an average of $150 per year on TMHP and $126 per year for TMULTRA for a period of 5 years.

The running cost slightly above average as compared to the top tiers in APEC and iSpring. However, it comes with an innovative product, latest technology, and a 5-year warranty. This product is definitely in the top tier of all reverse osmosis system.

The Voice From Existing Owners

The entry model of Home Master TMAFC, receive tremendous reviews from its existing owners. Do the TMHP and TMULTRA have the same response? Let’s check it out:

+ Top quality parts and easy to install once I figured out the placement of the 4 filters on the main filter clips. A diagram would be useful.
+ The high quality of the water produced is very impressive, our drinking, cooking, and cooking water has improved greatly.
+ Water from the well to sink was 840 ppm. I am getting a reading from the Tap Master of 40 ppm!
For the money you think you’d have a more organized way for mounting. Instructions are terrible as well.

Our Verdict: RECOMMENDED! 

Expert View:
The Home Master TMHP Hydroperfection and TMULTRA is an excellent water filter system for the few reasons below:

  • Innovative Design: The 4 innovative solutions that were introduced by Home Master improves and standout from other competitors.
  • Complete System: It comes with the UV light chamber with reverse osmosis which makes capable of filter rough conditions of the well water source.
  • Long Warranty: Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, Home Master is certain about their product’s quality.
  • Long Lifespan Filters: Long lifespan filters proof that how well their technology is compared to shorter lifespan filters.

We hope that this Home Master TMHP review answer most of your questions. Click on the link below to read the review from existing customers.

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