Home Master TMJRF2 Review


In general, the Home Master Water Filter TMJRF2 did an excellent job in removing most of the major contaminants including fluoride from the system. However, it comes with a higher maintenance cost. If you are staying in a rented apartment in the city, this model is definitely suitable for you. It is one of our RECOMMENDED countertop filtration system. Check out the entire list.





Home Master is well known for its under sink water filtration system. Its best-seller is the Home Master TMAFC which consists of 4 innovations that differ them from its competitor. How well does the countertop TMJR2 perform?

Home Master TMJRF2 Review

Flouride Removal

Fluoride has been added to the public water to stop tooth decay. It is also found in most of the toothpaste in the market. Although the World Health Organization and FDI World Dental Federation confirmed that it is safe to consume, we still don’t wish to consume any fluoride in our bodies.

The Home Master Water Filter System TMJR2 is one of the few countertop systems which removes 93% of the fluoride. Besides Fluoride, the single canister filter also reduces arsenic, chlorine, and chemical such as VOC, TOC.

Meanwhile, it retains all the beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the filtered water.

3 Stage System

Although all 3 stages are in one canister filter, it does a good job in removing major contaminants found in city waters.

  • Activated Alumina – Reduce fluoride and arsenic
  • Coconut Shell Carbon – Reduce chloride, VOC, pesticide, herbicide and other chemical.
  • 5 Micron Compression Disk – Filter larger particles such as sand & dust


The Home Master Water Filter TMJR2 is portable like some other countertop water filters in the market. With a few twists from the faucet, you can easily remove the whole system out of the house.


There is only one step of installation after the pipe is connected to the filter. You just need to connect the faucet piece to your kitchen faucet and it is done. You can refer to the installation video below:

Do note that there are some of the non-conventional faucets which are unable to install this faucet piece on it. It is shown in the diagram below.


To maintain the optimum quality of the water, it is suggested to replace the filter around 3 months or 500 gallons whichever comes first. No wrench is needed for filter replacement for the Home Master TMJRF2.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $80


Home Master is so confident in the product, it gives a 3-year warranty on the Home Master TMJRF2 on the parts.  

Technical Specification

Product Weight: 4.1lbs
Dimension: 9.4″L x 7.6″W x 12.3″H
Feed water: PSI 20 – 90 PSI
Max TDS: 2000 ppm


Similar to most of the countertop water filter systems, it is unable to handle rigorous situations such as well water conditions. Hence, it is only recommended for city waters.

One major drawback is the lifespan of the filter. It requires 4 replacements annually which inflated the annual maintenance cost.

Verdict: Recommended!

Expert View:

The Home Master TMJRF2 water filter is considered an above-average system in its category. Here are a few reasons:

  • Fluoride Removal: It removes city water contaminants including fluoride.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is easy by connecting the adapter to the faucet.
  • Long Warranty: It comes with a 3 years warranty where Home Master stand behind their product.
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