LarQ Water Bottle Review


LarQ water bottle has a powerful purification system that has received excellent reviews from customers from all over the world. The UV-C LED light will remove the virus and bacteria from source water. Also, it comes with efficient double-wall vacuum insulation that preserves the temperature for up to 24 hours and not less than 12 hours for hot water.





Water is an essential aspect of our daily lives, and we need to drink at least one liter daily to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, most of our water is polluted these days by bacteria and other micro-organisms.

LarQ claims their water bottle can remove harmful viruses and other microbial found in water. Does this water bottle live up to the hype? Will the purification process eliminate all the germs in tap water?

This LarQ water bottle review brings to light the outstanding features of this advanced water filter that uses a simple purification process to decontaminate your drinking water.

LarQ Bottle Overview

As aforementioned, LarQ claims to be the first bottle that self-cleans in the world and the longest-serving in the market. It comes with the most innovative UV-C LED non-toxic and mercury-free technology for cleaning the inside walls and bottle surfaces and eliminating bacteria. 

Besides, you can use it to store both cold and hot water, with up to 12 hours for hot water and 24 hours for cold water. This rechargeable water bottle has a long-lasting utility, with a single charge reserving for up to one month. Charging is also accessible via a regular USB cord. 

After fill up, you can get your pure water in less than 60 seconds at the touch of a button. The UV-C light defuses 99.9999% of disease and germs in seconds. 

Its charging port is IPX7-rated and waterproof, with a Micro USB connector that won’t fail you even in the harshest conditions. UV technology is flawless, economical, and non-toxic, unlike traditional mercury self-cleansing systems. 

Key Features

UV-C Decontamination

The LarQ Water Bottle uses the most innovative UV light purification process for disinfecting water. This technique ensures bacteria are obliterated.

Its decontamination process works in a way that destroys the DNA or RNA of various bacteria and viruses, thus killing them. It is effective in killing and eliminating 99.9999% of E. coli using a simple three-minute sanitization cycle. 

Long-Lasting Power

This rechargeable water bottle uses a Lithium Polymer battery that delivers self-cleaning power of up to 30 days on a full charge. It features fast charging with your standard smartphone USB charger. The charging port is waterproof, IPX7-rated MicroUSB connector, with the cable included in the package. 

Fill up Anywhere

With this water bottle, you have the power to fill up anywhere on the go. In three easy steps, you get to drink tap water, stream and even spring water after an instant bacteria-free purification. You only need to press the cap and get purifying. 

  • Press Once – Normal 60-second purification cycle
  • Double Click – Adventure mode. 3-minute purification cycle with triple the dosage of UV light
  • Automatic – Keeps your water bottle fresh after every 2 hours in a self-cleaning 10-second cycle
  • Press and Hold – Travel Mode. It enables you to keep your water bottle when not in use. It conserves the battery power and prevents accidental activation

Cooler for Longer

Things are always toasty with the LarQ self-cleaning water purifier. 

The double vacuum wall maintains cold water temperature for up to 24 hours, while hot water could last up to 12 hours’ conservation. It comes with a travel-friendly 500ml capacity or a larger 740ml size. 

Intelligent Self Cleaning

Say bye-bye to the musty smell of impure water. The self-cleaning feature activates after every two hours. It ensures your water is at all times disinfected and safe, even after a fresh fill-up. 

Technical Details

Filtration Capability

Unlike other best water bottles with filters that use carbon-based filters, the LarQ water bottle uses non-toxic UV-LED light for water purification. 

The UV light is radiation-free and works by destroying bacteria and viruses. It’s effective in removing virus and bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and dysentery causing bacteria.

Filter Lifespan

Since the bottle doesn’t come with any filters, no cleaning or purification parts will need to be replaced, ever. In case a replacement is necessary, it will be after a long time, say after more than 100,000 uses!

Maintenance Cost

The bottle cap has the UV light. A replacement will cost $60. However, it will last a long time before it needs a replacement.  


You get a 1-year warranty on all bottles bought from the LarQ company. It covers all repairs and replacements for defective components and material. The manufacturer submits a refund in case the repairs are unmanageable. 

However, the one-year limited warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear.

Unbox the LarQ Bottle

  • When you receive your LarQ water bottle, the first step is to press the LarQ company symbol on the cap to activate it. A flashing white light means the bottle is ready to purify.
  • To charge it, take out the cap and insert the LARQ micro USB cord, then plug the other end of the cable into a wall charger or laptop. Strictly use the USB provided with your bottle.
  • Fill the bottle up to the indicator line marked on the container’s wall.
  • To purify your water, press on the cap. Pressing once activates the normal mode, two quick presses produce a pulsating blue light indicating the Adventure Mode. Long press and hold for the Travel Lock mode.
  • As you wait, shake your bottle in a dancing motion to evenly distribute the UV light. It’s ready to drink.

Pros & Cons

+ Cheap to maintain.
+ Sleek design easily fits in backpacks and travel compartments.
+ Long-lasting battery charge.
+ Vacuum insulation supports both hot and cold water.
+ Environmental friendly construct.

UV light is not effective in eliminating heavy metals.
Purification effectiveness decreases over time.

Our Verdict: Recommended

This LarQ water bottle review provides detailed information on this water purifier to help you have all the details you need before making a purchase.

Being the first self-cleaning water bottle, it’s an efficient product worth a try as you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Its effectiveness in eliminating bacteria and water viruses
  • The USB charging connector is waterproof and ‘designed for water.
  • The battery lasts for an impressive 30 days of water purification and bottle decontamination.

If you are camping, hiking, and traveling, it is suitable for filtering water from the stream. 

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