Mavea Water Filter Pitcher Review


Unfortunately, it is a NO NO to the Mavea water filter pitcher after reviewing it. In the later section, you discover why we DO NOT RECOMMEND this pitcher to you. Latest Update: Mavea has discontinued their product in US. We recommend Aquagear pitcher or refer to our latest guide for water pitcher.





Mavea is a less known brand for all. It is a water pitcher manufacturer from Germany which is a subsidiary for a water treatment company that has been in business for more than 50 years. All their pitchers are developed and design in Germany.

In this Mavea water pitcher review, we will look into all the details of this pitcher.

Mavea Water Filter Pitcher Review

Two Stage Filtration Cartridge

Mavea uses the traditional filtration cartridge for a water pitcher, the two-stage cartridge just like Brita. 

Stage 1: Micro Screens – Act as a sediment filter to stop all sediments and carbon blocks from flowing out to the filtered water. 

Stage 2: Activated Carbon – Reduce contaminants such as chlorine, benzene, mercury, copper, atrazine, and limescale. 

Certified Against NSF

Mavea’s filter claims to be certified against NSF/ANSI Standard 53 and 42 for reducing the contaminants listed above. However, we don’t see any performance sheet posted anywhere on their website. 

Key Features

A few key features that claim by Mavea on the pitcher: 

  • Automatic pour-through lid from the cover. 
  • A digital meter indicator which shows the real time of the filter lifespan.
  • The advanced in-molded feet to protect from slippage and surface scratches. 
  • 100% recyclable filter. 

2 Variants 

The pitcher comes with two models.

The Mavea XL is capable of holding up to 9 cups of water and comes in 6 vibrant colors. 

A smaller version, the Mavea Kompakt holds up to 5 cups of water comes in black or white model. It is designed to fit into refrigerators. 

What Do I like About This Pitcher? 

There are a few features which I like about this pitcher.

Long Warranty: 1-year warranty on the pitcher is great as most of them only provide 30 or 90 days warranty.   

Automatic pour-through lid: The pour-through lid is convenient when refilling the reservoir. 

Digital Indicator: The digital indicator is one of a kind meter which is capable of tracking real-time water usage and water hardness.

However, nothing related to the filtration capability that excites me about this pitcher. 

What Do I Hate About This Pitcher? 

The pitcher has a couple of downsides which eventually will prevent people from buying it. 

No US Customer Support: It has been known that there is no customer support for Mavea in the US. It is bad for 

Short Lifespan Filter: The lifespan is as short as their Brita counterparts. 40 Gallons for every cartridge.   

Basic Filtration: Not suitable for heavy contaminated source water. The coverage of contaminants is low and there is no proof of which contaminants that they reduce. 

Expensive Cartridge: Due to the short lifespan of the cartridge, it is costly to maintain the pitcher in the long run.  

Customer support is very important in a business. When there isn’t a support, people tend to lose confidence in your product as they afraid that they might not get their replacement filter in the market. 

Maintenance and Replacement

Every Mavea cartridge only can last up to 40 gallons of water. It varies according to the condition of the water source. 

You will probably looking at replacing the filter every month or one and half month. This will increase the maintenance cost. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $80 (4 X 3-Pack Pitcher Cartridge)

Pros and Cons

+ Pour through lid and digital indicator.
+ 1 year limited warranty.
+ Certified against NSF Standard 52 and 43
Not suitable for a highly contaminated water source.
Reduce limited contaminants.
Short Lifespan filters
Expensive replacement cost.
No US Customer Support

Verdict: Not Recommended

Expert View:

In our personal view, we DO NOT RECOMMEND Mavea to you as I think that it is not up to the standard and the drawbacks overpowered the pros. Here’s why: 

  • Filter Capability: Although it is tested against NSF standards, they are still not capable of competing with its competitors such as Aquagear and Brita. 
  • No US Customer Support: Customer support has stopped in the US which makes claims and refunds will not be entertained. 
  • Short Lifespan: 40 gallons per cartridge is low as compared to pitchers from other company
  • Expensive Replacement Cost: Short lifespan translate to expensive replacement cost. The initial investment for this filter is also very expensive. 

If you are looking for budget pitchers from big brands, have a look at our Brita vs PUR pitcher comparison to learn more.

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