Nakii Water Pitcher Review


The longest filter life, among water pitchers in the US market, of 150 gallons, and Japanese technology that transforms tap water into chlorine and mercury-free drinkable water, are some of the USPs of the Nakii Water Pitcher.





If the relatively short filter life of filtered pitchers has kept you from using these filtration devices, then we promise that this Nakii Water Pitcher Review will change your perception.

Based on the Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber as its main filtration media, the pitcher is claimed to have a filter life of 150 gallons, one of the longest in pitcher filters in the US market.

Besides, it has the fastest rate of chlorine and mercury removal from tap water, leaving the water with an excellent taste and no odor. 

Nakii Water Pitcher Overview

The Nakii water pitcher claims to solve two problems that often seen on water pitchers, higher flow rate and longer filter lifespan. It delivers sparkling, clean water for you and your family. 

The WQA certified filtered pitcher proudly flaunts its 150 gallon-filter life, built on Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) technology, removing 98% of chlorine and mercury, thus making tap water into drinkable water with zero odor or taste.

With a flow rate of 1.3 liters/min, the Nakii pitcher is one of the fastest water pitcher devices in the market.

The aesthetics and design features also deserve an equal mention as do the technical aspects. To get a clear view of the technical and cosmetic features, read the next section of this review.

Key Features

Filtration Power

All other aspects aside, the Nakii water pitcher has managed to strike a chord with the customers because of the single feature that it delivers flawlessly on. 

The ACF has a sizeable adsorptive capacity, and successfully removes 98% of chlorine and mercury from tap water.

The filter has the highest rate of chlorine removal, among its peers, in the US market. Removing the chlorine will make the water becomes odorless and tastes great.

Apart from chlorine and mercury, the filter is also effective against rust, sediments, and suspended solids. It also reduces the heavy metals content and fights water hardness.

Flow Rate

The filter is not just efficient but also fast.

The flow rate of 1.3 liters/min makes it the apt recipient of the ‘supreme-fast filtration’ label, allowing it to be tried by the more apprehensive buyers.

Filter Life

While other filters have a much shorter lifespan, the Nakii Pitcher filter serves you 150 gallons of water before a new replacement is needed.

This means that a family of four that approximately consumes 600 gallons of water annually will need to replace the filter just four times in a year.

Thus, you not only make savings on the bottled water that you would otherwise consume but also on the filter cost.

Quality Aspects

The filter is made from BPA-free plastic that meets the NSF-372 standard, thus making it safe for water storage.

Further, it is approved by the Water Quality Association, thus providing the seal of authenticity to all of the manufacturer’s claims. 

Annual Filter Replacement Cost

With an average filter life of 150 gallons, the water filter will last to produce 150 gallons of water.

Assuming an average annual consumption of 600 gallons for a family of four, you will need four filters a year.

Thus, all you need to top up your Nakii pitcher purchase is a 3-pack replacement filter for $29.99 to secure your family’s safe drinking water needs for a year. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $40 

However, the filtered pitcher has some downsides to it, the mention of which is imperative to this Nakii Water Pitcher Review.

Take a look.

Consideration Factors

Not meant for Rigorous Use

Nakii is a basic filter that removes every contaminant from your tap water. Nevertheless, it isn’t the heavy-duty filter meant for rigorous use.

If the water that runs out of your taps is too gungy and high on contaminants, it is best to give Nakii a pass unless you want to wear down the filter way too fast.

Lack of Choice of Pitcher Size

Nakii gives you no choice when it comes to pitcher size. There is only one size of pitcher available that holds 1.8 l in the basin tank and half-a-liter in the upper reservoir.

That’s from our research, and now a little about what users have to say about this budget pick. 

Pros and Cons

+ Fast filtration
+ 98% chlorine removal
+ Long lifespan filter of up to 150 gllons.
+ Affordable initial and maintenance cost.
The lid does not fit perfectly. It’s a bit lose
Cannot handle a large load of contaminants

 Technical Specs

And, now for the technical specs of the Nakii Water Pitcher.

  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Material
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Filter: Activated Carbon Fiber
  • Product Dimensions: 11.42 x 8.5 x 4.29 inches

Our Verdict: Recommended

The Nakii Water pitcher is a basic filtered pitcher that fights water contaminants of almost all types. Settling two of the most annoying complaints, of slow filtration and short filter life, from pitcher owners, Nakii is one of our favorite filtered pitchers. 

But having said that, there are some shortcomings that the filter has, that limit its usage. 

However, the filter is a recommended purchase for all those customers who are deterred by the filter replacement cost, or for the neighborhoods where water quality isn’t heavily filthy.

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