Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener Review


The Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener is highly recommended by us due to its longevity and solid durability even though it requires no regeneration. That is why it works effectively and efficiently. It also comes with a sediment filter which is used as a water treatment system.





The Pelican Water Softener attracts countless users because of its attractive features. It is available in two models; NS3 and NS6.

This salt-free water softener does not deplete its media, giving it the limitless capacity to operate depending on whatever size unit you purchase.

As depicted by the plethora of positive reviews and raves, these salt-free systems live up to their acquired status and do not disappoint.

Below we’ve brought you this review equipped with all the relevant information needed to solidify your purchase.

We guarantee it will help you abundantly!

Pelican NaturSoft Overview

Pentair was founded in 1966 originally in Minnesota, United States. Since then the company has grown visibly and has more than 9000 employees worldwide.

Pentair prides itself on supplying clean water through its water treatment systems.

They have maintained their standard with their widely acclaimed water filtration systems and their salt-free water softeners.

Key Features

Water softeners are used to remove hard minerals from our water systems to reduce water hardness.

If not removed, hard water causes several kinds of buildup in your whole house. This is why water softeners are great for your house filter system.

It neutralizes hard minerals and leaves your water with healthy minerals that can be consumed as drinking water or for any other purpose.

Below we’ve accumulated the key features Pelican water softeners possess.

Uses Salt-Free Technology

The Pelican Natursoft system is an alternative to salt-based water softener.

This technology enables it to neutralize hard minerals thus retaining them in the water instead of removing them altogether.

By using this salt-free technology, healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium remain in the water system.

Natursoft water softener technology neutralizes these minerals which cause scale buildups in household water and filtration systems.

Additionally, the Pelican Natursoft system is one of the best salt-free water softener.

IAMPO Certified

The Pelican Natursoft technology is certified up to 99.6% by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

This guarantees that this water softener is the best to reduce water hardness without adding salt to your house system.

Certified by the IAMPO means that this water softener is guaranteed to neutralize minerals that cause scaling in filters, appliances, and pipes of the whole house.

Not Required Electricity

You don’t need to worry about electricity to work these systems since they require none, to begin with!

Not only does this mean they can be used at any time, But you also don’t need to worry about the implications of it running all the time.

Includes Bypass Valves

The salt-free water system includes bypass valves and fittings which prevents you from plumbing in a bypass yourself.

This allows you to easily transport the water softener if you were to change homes.

No Regeneration Required

In salt-based systems, water softeners require regeneration to soften water and maintain the water quality of your whole house.

Salt-based water softeners, therefore require maintenance to drain and clean your house filters and appliances that accumulate hard water minerals.

The Naturesoft water softener requires no regeneration.

As it neutralizes hard minerals in the house system and simultaneously results in soft water without a slippery feel.

Pelican softeners’ salt-less system saves you plenty of hassle.

It successfully helps in water softening while simultaneously giving you safe drinking water filled with the essential minerals you need!

Limitless Capacity

Here, by limitless capacity, we’re generally referring to the extent to which salt-free water softeners eliminate hard minerals to improve your water quality.

Pelican water systems help in water softening by using the media or resin to help water soften.

With Pelican’s Natursoft water softener, the media is not depleted.

Therefore this gives it the limitless capacity to eliminate the water hardness of your whole house.

Whether for your whole house or a water filtration system, granted, you will receive limitless capacity when you choose the correct sized unit for your house.

Pelican’s natursoft water softener gives you the choice to choose between two options.

You can choose the NS3 which is for 3 bedrooms or the NS6 which is for 6 bedrooms.

Annual Maintenance

Pelican water systems aren’t salt-based water softeners. This is why this Natursoft technology softener is virtually maintenance-free. It does not cost you to maintain it monthly.

Only the sediment filter needs to change every 6-9 months which won’t cost you much depending on the style you choose.

You spend money once for your purchase and endure no hefty operating costs while reaping the many benefits of this salt-free water alternative.

Consideration Factors

We want you to know all the great features available in the pelican water systems, but we also want you to have the entire picture too!

This pelican system is not a salt-based water softener, which is why it does not remove hard minerals but instead stops their ability to leave a scaly residue.

However, if left in an evaporating environment, these minerals can leave behind a residue as well.

Additionally, though, the softener removes the ability for the minerals to do any damage.

Overall, you get to enjoy multiple benefits while having a water softener that is virtually maintenance-free.

Pros and Cons

To aid you furthermore, we’ve compiled this pros and cons list for you to browse thoroughly.

Below is a list we’ve accumulated from the many customer reviews we have found all over the internet to add to the reliability of this review.

+ Uses natursoft technology
+ Beneficial minerals remain in the water
+ Does not make water slippery
+ Uses no electricity
+ Has no operational and maintenance costs
+ Easy to install
+ Lifetime warranty
+ Does not hinder the flow rate
If left to be evaporated, it leaves behind a residue
Residue can create slight water spots

Technical Information of the Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener

Having made aware of all the significant features of this product, you can now make your final decision fully prepared.

To help you even further, we’ve mentioned the specifications and any additional information you may look for or need!


  • Product Dimensions– 18 inches x 18 inches x 49.5 inches for NS3 and 19 inches x 21 inches x 59.5 inches for NS6
  • Tank Width– 9 inches for NS3 and 11 inches for NS6
  • Maximum Flow Rate – 10 Gallons per minute for NS3 and 15 Gallons per minute for NS6
  • Operating Pressure– 25-80 Pound per square inch for both
  • Operating Temperature– 36-120 Fahrenheit for both
  • Connection Size – 1 inch for both

Our Verdict: Recommended!

If you are looking for a salt-free water softener, this would be the choice to go for!

Not only does this guarantee water softness, but it also ensures safe and clean water for your whole house, a filter, or an appliance.

If you’re still looking for further guidance to find the best water softener for you, then do check out this guide.

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