Softpro Elite Water Softener Review


Softpro systems are widely known in the commercial and residential industry due to their high-grade technology. They strive to be economical to create systems that reduce environmental waste and costs for their consumers. With these objectives, Softpro water systems have thrived for 30 years with consistently happy customers!





With its positive raves and reviews, the Softpro Elite is without a doubt one of the best available!

Any water softener review guide will lead you to the Softpro Elite!

The Softpro Elite’s high-efficiency capacity softener gives you the choice to choose any hardness grain capacity softener.

You can choose options starting from 25,000 grains per gallon, going all the way up to 110,000 grains per gallon!

With multiple added features, these water softening systems are known as upgraded softeners. You can choose from their multiple upgrade options which fulfill all your filtering and softening needs through one softening system!

These softeners are made with the latest technology to safeguard your interests and help you save unnecessary costs; all of which have been mentioned below!

If you want the best, keep on reading!

Key Features

Upflow Regeneration

This technology helps these water softeners reduce salt and water waste by up to 75% and 64% respectively!

This is important because downflow regeneration drives hard water through a freshly charged resin bed! This is a problem since now you have to use a larger amount of salt to regenerate the resin beads!

Upflow regeneration makes hard water flow out through the already depleted resin. This saves you in salt wastage and added costs! This happens through the electronic control valve, which is part of the smart water softener system.

In this way, you can use both the salt and unused part of the resin for the future without an unnecessary automatic regeneration cycle!

Multiple Certifications

Softpro water softeners have made a place in the water business and their many strides prove that!

With certifications from the IAPMO, NSF, ISO, and ANSI, Softpro is one of the most highly efficient water softeners.

Precision Brining

These water softeners have a large brine tank and a brine tank safety float assembly!

These water treatment systems have smart technology that prevents extra work. Through precision brining, these systems pre-make up to 70% of the brine needed for regeneration.

Since it is automatically able to calculate the exact amount your depleted resin requires, the Softpro elite helps save up to 30% more salt!

Why use a salt-free water softener then, if the only reason you’re opting for that route is due to high salt usage costs!

Fast Soft Water Recharge

Water softeners have regeneration cycles during the middle of the night when there’s no water use. However, sometimes you go through soft water depletion in the middle of the day!

For this, Softpro Elite gives a perfect solution.

 If the soft water capacity starts to run below 3%, the water softener system will undergo a 15-minute regeneration.

This helps to restore the water softener till the time for its scheduled regeneration cycle!

Automatic Backwash Override

The fine mesh resin bed is what helps to extract calcium ions. This fine mesh resin, therefore, needs to be cleaned regularly for maximum function.

Softpro Elite water softeners have an upgraded 10% cross-linked resin. This means on a city water supply, you don’t need to clean the resin bed every time the regeneration cycle takes place.

This aligns with Softpro water treatment systems’ policy to reduce water wastages as much as possible.

Therefore, the Softpro water softener helps you save up to 10 backwash cycles!

Soft Water Brine Tank Refills

Salt-based water softeners work efficiently due to their brine tank efficiency capacity. Both the brine and resin tanks need to be kept clean to maximize efficiency.

The Softpro Elite softener system helps in saving and maximizing your water systems capacity by letting treated soft water flow through the brine tanks only.

Not only will your salt-based water softener work smoothly, but you’ll also keep the brine tank cleaner.

This also prevents any salt bridges, salt mushes, or clogging from appearing inside your brine or resin tank.

Protective Tank Jacket

Sometimes, water softeners are unable to improve soft water quality due to the conditions they’re kept in. Ideally, water softeners are to be kept in dry places that aren’t humid or excessively cold.

But if you don’t have such a space, Softpro Elite systems are equipped with a black protective tank jacket. This protective gear provides insulation to tanks in places of high humidity or extreme cold.

Advanced KDF55 Filter

Not only will the Softpro Elite systems soften your water but can also be used as water filters.

This Softpro Elite system uses a chlorine remover KDF 55 filter that works for your whole house!

This filter efficiently removes heavy metals and chemicals like sulfur from your city water supply.

Smart Clean Option

With other types of water softeners, if there’s no usage the brine tank starts accumulating bacteria due to the presence of hard water ions previously.

The Softpro Elite maintains water quality even if you don’t use the system for days.

If there is no usage, the Softpro Elite’s smart system initiates a self-clean to prevent

bacterial growth or previous limescale build-up.

Easy Installation

The Softpro Elite is especially easy to install because of the built-in LCD screen that can display instructions for the installation!

If you have an idea how to go about water softener installations, then go for it! On the other hand, if you haven’t the slightest clue, you’ll need a plumber.

Benefits of the Softpro Elite Plus System

Softpro elite water prevents buildup from accumulating on your home appliances or plumbing system. You no longer need to worry about salt mushing, or gunk formation on any of your fixtures, water heater, or other appliances!

Softpro Elite water softeners provide optimum soft water quality which means you use a lower amount of detergents, cleaning agents and soaps. Additionally, soft water keeps your skin and hair hydrated and moisturized.

Soft water is highly efficient since it stops clothes from losing their color and makes them softer!

To top it all off, the chlorine media guard KDF55 filter easily filters your whole house water supply whilst getting rid of hard water!

+ Easy to Install
+ Upgraded smart technology
+ Includes Bypass valves
+ Easy Installation
+ Large LCD screen
+ Large brine grid and mineral tank
+ Low maintenance
+ Designed to function at highest efficiency capacity
Situated at the pricier end
Most probably will require a plumber
Large grain capacity systems will take up more space


  • Item Dimensions: 30 inches x 18 inches x 56 inches
  • Size: 64,000 grains
  • Color: Black
  • Flow Rate: 14 gallons per minute
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Water Consumption: 60 gallons per flush


If you want the best hard water and water filter solution for your household appliances or any household item, Softpro Elite is the best water softener system for you!

So don’t fret too much and get your hands on the Softpro Elite Plus quickly!

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