Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Water Softener Review


The Whirlpool Pro Series Softener is known as the hybrid for a reason. It contains every feature needed for your water softening and filtration system.





Yes, the only way to fix hard water is through water softeners. But what if you need water softening and filtration?

The solution isn’t buying separate filters for chlorine, odor, or sediment removal.

Instead, we’re introducing you to the hybrid whole house water softener. The Whirlpool WHESFC series softeners are the one solution to all these problems.

These water softeners provided pure, safe, and filtered water to every tap in your house. Its extreme features guarantee nothing but top-notch soft water quality.

The Whirlpool WHESFC models retain healthy drinking minerals in your water while eliminating their effect to provide safe and healthy water to every faucet.

Furthermore, these systems are designed with your best interests in mind to save running costs. The Whirlpool systems are cost and waste-efficient!

To know about this model’s key features, keep reading this Whirlpool Pro Series review.

Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Overview

Whirlpool Pro Series water softeners are designed to save you the hassle.

These softening systems use certain technology to be one step ahead of you to predict and learn your water softener’s behavior.

If you want to enhance your house’s water quality and save added costs, Whirlpool Systems guarantee just that!

Key Features

Eliminates Chlorine Taste and Odor

Water softeners usually focus on water softening. However, the Whirlpool WHESFC gets rid of chlorine and odor.

The all-in-one hybrid water softener has built-in filters to eliminate any trace of chlorine or chlorine tastes left behind.

If not removed, chlorine becomes harmful to your body!

Be it city water or well water supply, unfiltered water may have an unpleasant smell too! The Whirlpool softener takes care of that too!

On-Demand Initiated Regeneration Technology

Water softener systems need to be maintained to make sure they work consistently. Softening systems work only through regeneration.

The Whirlpool models regulate your water usage consistently and only regenerate when necessary. In doing so these models save up to 25% water and salt.

Other water softeners regenerate on preset time even if it’s not required, but the Whirlpool technology saves you running salt and water costs!

A tap water using Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Water Softener

Uses 6th Sense Technology

Another standout feature in the Whirlpool WHESFC models is the use of 6th sense technology. Also known as a salt-saving technology, this feature helps in minimizing salt usage.

The Whirlpool water softener system does this through its “learn and predict” technology. The incorporation of the 6th sense feature allows the system to learn the unit’s water and salt consumption rates.

After the water softener system gets acclimated to the amount of water to be filtered and conditioned, it runs accordingly.

In doing so, the system prevents you from overpouring salt and only using salt when necessary. The filtration system itself calculates the amount of salt needed to clean the media bed.

No Filter Replacement Required

That’s right! Rarely, an all-in-one water filtration and water softening system wouldn’t need filter replacements.

Since most of the water softener costs are made of the future running and filter replacement costs, that isn’t a worry with the Whirlpool models.

The Whirlpool Pro Series models clean and clear out their filters by themselves! The system flushes cleans and drains out unwanted substances automatically.

Self-cleaning filter

Sediment filters remove dirt, sand, and dissolved impurities from your water supply.

This Whirlpool model has an in-built sediment filter that is self-cleaning and doesn’t require maintenance.

NSF Certified

Another guarantee of the Whirlpool WHESFC models is that they are NSF certified.

The National Sanitation Federation only puts forth approved products to ensure that they’re safe and secure for individuals to use.

Their standards to comply are strict and unwavering to ensure the best products for you!

Uses An Ultra High Flow Valve

This valve provides a maximum flow rate to provide soft water to as many sources in the whole house as possible.

The valve can connect to pipes between 1 to 1/4 inch in diameter for a high flow rate.

This ensures soft water is supplied to multiple sources being used.

Proficient Iron Removal

Water softeners do not usually bother with iron removal and only focus on water softening.

The Whirlpool WHESFC is known as the hybrid model since it rids your water of iron content. This water softener removes ferrous iron by up to 3 parts per million.

To help eliminate non-ferrous iron the system has an additional backwash cycle to extract any iron traces.

In doing so, these water softeners reduce the stains and marks of iron left on your water-based appliances.

Ultimate High Hardness Removal

This water softener has a 31,000-grain capacity and a high hardness removal capacity.

Their high capacity eliminates the first problem hard water causes quickly; scale buildup. With the ability to soften up to 120 grains per gallon, the Whirlpool systems have a superior hardness removal feature.

The model works optimally for a medium-sized family of up to 4-5 people with its grain capacity.

Can Use Any Type of Salt

Although rock salt is the most conventional type of salt used, you can use any type of salt.

But if you have the resources to spend, Whirlpool systems guarantee your water softener to work optimally with evaporated salt pellets or solar salt crystals.

This is because both evaporated salt pellets and solar salt have the least amount of impurities in them. That’ll help your water softening unit work efficiently and combat water hardness quicker.

However, it’d be best to steer clear of block salt since it wouldn’t work with this type of water softening unit.

Consideration Factors

If you have a well water supply, you don’t need to get a well water softener separately and filters separately. You can just purchase the Whirlpool Pro Water Softener.

Due to its extensive qualities, however, these water softeners don’t gravitate towards the cheaper side.

Furthermore, it doesn’t guarantee to remove the slippery feel from your water supply.

These systems are large and would take up plenty of space too!

But if you don’t have an issue with any of these minor problems, these systems would work great.

+ Easy to use
+ Uses salt saving technology
+ Includes low salt light indicator
+ Filters and softens water
+ Best for a medium-sized family
+ It can provide soft water to multiple routes at one time
+ NSF Certified
+ Installation Kit included
+ Self-cleaning
+ Regenerates only when necessary
+ 2 year part and labor warranty
+ Affordable prices
Too large to fit in a kitchen
Doesn’t filter more harmful substances like arsenic
Might not guarantee the removal of the slippery feel from the water

Technical Information of the Whirlpool Pro Series Water Softener

The Whirlpool series has a single tank design for ease of use.

Besides its all-in-one use, this hybrid softener requires up to 110-120 Volts of electricity alongside a transformer.


  • Unit Dimensions: 19 inches x 18 inches x 48 inches
  • Unit Weight: 112 pounds
  • Color: Gray
  • Unit Model Number: WHESFC
  • Size: 31,000 grains per gallon

Our Verdict: Recommended!

Best for mediums sized families, the Whirlpool Pro Series will certainly fulfill your demands. You get a softening and filtering system with updated technological advancements at an affordable price. We guarantee that it’ll be worth the investment!

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