Zero Water Filter Pitcher Review


Zero Water Pitchers are capable of removing all the contaminants on a less contaminated water source. However, their pitcher couldn’t last long and this increase the replacement cost. Jug quality is quite good and it would be perfect if they improve the filter capability.





Zero Water is a company that produces portable water filter systems that is handy and easy for storage. Water filter jugs are one of the main products targeting young adults and students. 

It is not well known like Brita and PUR, but certainly, they claim that they are one of the best pitchers in the industry  

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Zero Water Pitcher Review

Zero Water is using a few strong points in their product which is used heavily in promoting their water purifier products.

Is it that good as they claimed? Let’s find out.

5 Stage Filtration System

Zero Water differentiates itself from other brands with these two aspects.

The filtration cartridge comprises a 5 stage filtration system as compared to brands like Brita and PUR which only have 2 stages. 

Stage 1: Coarse filtering Screen – Remove sediments and particles that can be seen by the naked eye. 
Stage 2: Foam Distributor – Firm up the water distribution at the beginning of the filter for a more evenly filtration in the following stages. 
Stage 3: Activated Carbon & Oxidation Reduction Alloy – Removes chlorine taste and smell, heavy metal, and prevents mold from forming at the surface of the filter. 
Stage 4: Ion Exchange Resin – Adsorb the ions of the contaminants and only allow clean water molecules to pass through. 
Stage 5: Ultra Fine Screen & Non-Woven Material – Prevent large particles and filtration media bits leaving for the clean water reservoir. 

It claims to be certified by NSF against Standard 53 and 42 for reducing lead, chromium, chlorine, and mercury. You can find their certification at this link

Eliminates TDS In Water

Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) is one of the measuring indicators of how contented is your water. 

We couldn’t depend on TDS to determine whether a filter is good or bad. Beneficial minerals will also contribute to the TDS measurement.

Zero Water claims that its filter can remove all contaminants and beneficial minerals from the source water. The TDS value shown is 000 after filtrations. 

This is pretty impressive as the quality can be matched with reverse osmosis filters excluding the bacteria and virus filtration. 

Why Do I like about This Pitcher? 

Well, it is not the best-looking one among all the water pitchers in the market. We are more focused on the functionality of the water filter! 

Zero TDS: I like the fact that the water is purified until zero TDS. It can be a clear indication that the water is purified and leave no particle and contaminants behind. It is way better quality if you compare Zero Water with PUR.

Many Pitcher Choices: It comes in 10 different pitchers and 3 different dispenser sizes for you to select. The capacity range from 6 cups to 40 cups. 

Their dispensers are larger than most of the pitchers in the market. There is always one model which is suitable for your household. 

Lit Design: The lit is designed so that the opening is located near the handle. This will ensure that it won’t spill over when pouring. 

Unlike most of the pitcher which it can remove the top cover completely, the Zero water pitcher only can remove half of it. 

TDS Measure Kit: The majority of the Zero water pitcher comes with a TDS measuring kit which can be used to measure the dissolved solids in your water. When the TDS meter shows that filtered water is about 006, it is time to make a replacement. It will cost you at least $10 for one TDS measurement kit. 

What Do I Hate About This Pitcher? 

There are always 2 sides to a product. Although it is great in removing the TDS, what are the things that I personally don’t like about? 

A Big NO for Heavily Contaminated Water: This pitcher is not suitable for heavily contaminated water. Anything about 250 TDS source water will deplete the filtration cartridge quickly. 

Short Lifespan: It has a relatively short lifespan which depends on the source water’s TDS. The higher the TDS, the harder the filter needs to work and the faster on changing the cartridge. 

Short Warranty Period: It only comes with a 90 days warranty on the filter which is a bit short. 

Maintenance and Replacement

Every cartridge generally can last up to 40 gallons. However, this is not a fixed number as it declines when the water is more contaminated. 

In most areas in America, the TDS level is about 051 to 200. It can last for about 25 – 40 gallons. 

With an average of 30 gallons per cartridge, you will be looking at 12 cartridges per year! 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $114(for 12 pack filter) 

What’s Positive and What’s Negative?

+ Capable of reducing lead, mercury, chlorine and a lot more organic contaminants.
+ Capable of reducing the dissolved solid to 0
+ Certified against NSF Standard 52 and 43.
Not suitable for highly contaminated water source.
90 days warranty on all product
Expensive running cost
Many customers complained about the short filter lifespan

Verdict: Recommended

Expert View:

Zero water is not that well known as PUR and Brita in the water pitcher category. To me, I classified it as an average water pitcher for the following reasons: 

  • Great Filter: It is a 5 Stage water filter pitcher which capable of removing all the dissolved solids in the source water.
  • NSF Certified: It is certified by NSF on reducing chlorine, lead, mercury, and chromium. 
  • Limited Warranty: Zero Water products come with a 90 days warranty which I personally think that is quite low.   
  • Expensive Cost: The frequent change of cartridge leads to higher cost for replacement filters.  

Most of the people agree that the filtration quality was good in the beginning but deteriorate quickly after one or two weeks.

My take is the source water is highly contaminated which is why this filter is not suitable for those kinds of water sources. 

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