Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Types & Sizes

whole house water filter cartridge types & sizes
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Are you considering a whole house water filter for your home but don’t know what type of filter cartridge to use? There are many different types of whole home filter cartridges available, each with its own unique characteristics, size, and ratings. In this post, we’ll explore the various filter cartridges on the market along with their key specifications so you can make an informed decision when upgrading your home’s water filtration system.

Key Takeaway
  • There are different whole house water filter cartridge types available on the market today such as carbon, sediment, activated alumina, and more.
  • The type of cartridge you choose will depend on the contaminants you want to remove from your home’s water supply.
  • The size of the filter cartridge is also important and will depend on both the volume of water to be filtered and the type of contaminants.

What Is Water Filter Cartridge?

Water filter cartridge technology is a reliable way to ensure the cleanliness and safety of water, providing fresh, healthy drinking water for homes or businesses. Water is passed through a filter media inside a cartridge where tiny particles including organic material, silt, and dirt become trapped.

The particles are as small as one micron in size; this means all impurities suspended in the water filter housings are removed while allowing any chemicals necessary to be left behind so you get safe, clean drinking water with minerals your body needs.

It’s an effective yet straightforward method of ensuring fresh drinking water on demand without any hassle. Replacement cartridges can even remove odors from the source water, leaving behind crisp and cool-tasting refreshments perfect for any occasion!

 whole house water filter cartridge types & sizes

Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Types:

Sediment Filters

Sediment whole house filter cartridges help purify water by straining out any unwanted particles or debris. They are used to help improve the clarity and quality of the water, as well as protect plumbing fixtures, equipment, and appliances downstream from damaging sediment-related problems.

Sediment filter cartridges use various materials to sift out particles from the water that pass through them, holding them inside to reduce impurities. Depending on the type of cartridge, common materials used can include paper, cloth, and ceramic. The number of layers used depends on the desired filtration level; multiple layers may be needed for higher-level accuracy if needed.

The sub-categories of sediment cartridge filter are:

  • Surface cartridge filters
  • Depth filter cartridges
  • Adsorptive filter cartridges

Surface filters are designed to capture large particles such as sand and dirt, while depth filters are better for capturing smaller particles. Adsorptive filter cartridges use activated carbon or other adsorbents to absorb certain substances from the water, like chlorine and other chemicals. 

Carbon Filter Cartridges

Carbon block filters are becoming an increasingly popular home water filtration choice. They could be the best whole house water filters for well water. They provide a cost-effective, simple, and easy-to-maintain way to have organic-free, fresh-tasting water in the comfort of your own home. Granular activated carbon filters work by trapping particles and chemical contaminants in tiny carbon pores within the filter. Their efficient yet gentle process helps eliminate dissolved organic materials.

Furthermore, they reduce chlorine, bad taste, and odor which can be common for tap water systems. With their ability to reduce trace pharmaceuticals from your drinking water, these filters provide peace of mind that harmful compounds won’t make their way into your drinking glass.

whole house water filter cartridge types

Ultrafiltration Cartridges

Ultrafiltration Cartridges are incredibly efficient when used for improving water quality, as they remove both bacteria and suspended particles from the water. Ultraviolet light is also used in some cartridges to further purify the water, making it safe for drinking or other uses.

Working much like a filter, each cartridge includes a membrane layer that allows only clean water molecules to pass through while blocking out contaminants and impurities. The global demand for such cartridges has been increasing rapidly over the past few years, indicating their potential versatility beyond just basic home-use applications.

One main advantage of this cartridge filter is its cost-effectiveness since only a single unit can be installed to take care of all filtration needs in one convenient package. Additionally, most cartridges require minimal maintenance which makes them even more convenient and cost-efficient long-term solutions.

Ion Exchange Filter Cartridges

Ion exchange filtration is a great way to provide your home with clean and safe drinking water. A popular choice among homeowners, ion exchange filter cartridges are remarkably effective and easy to install. They use an ion exchange process to remove problematic ions, like heavy metals, from your tap water.

The resin beads inside the filter absorb the unwanted particles in exchange for less harmful hydrogen or sodium ions. Water then passes through these beads, leaving it safe and pure for drinking or other uses.

Ion exchange filter cartridges don’t remove healthy essential minerals that may be present in water either, so you can rest assured that your water retains its natural properties without sacrificing quality.

Ion Exchange Filter Cartridges

Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Reverse Osmosis Membranes are an increasingly popular means of improving the water quality in your home. By using powerful water-filtering technology, they can remove harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria, and sediment from your drinking and cooking water.

Furthermore, if you live in an area with hard water deposits, these membranes can also reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium in it by preventing them from passing through the membrane.

The process is simple yet effective – once your home’s water passes through on its way to major appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, the solids remaining on the other side of the membrane are stored in their own tank until they’re ready to be disposed of safely. Plus, the result is a more refreshing glass of drinking water for everyone in your household!

Activated Alumina Filter Cartridges

Activated alumina filter cartridges are ideal for home water filtration systems as they are highly effective and efficient. Used mainly in removing fluoride, arsenic, and selenium from water, these cartridges contain small grains of alumina that have been treated with oxygen to make them extremely porous.

By pushing water through the pores of the activated alumina filter cartridge, contaminants like fluoride chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, and other impurities can be removed safely and efficiently.

While each cartridge will last slightly different amounts of time depending on usage, on average they can last between 1-3 months before a replacement cartridge is needed. It is also important to remember to change your cartridges often because when the pores eventually become clogged with particles it can reduce or completely stop the flow through the filter entirely.

Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Sizes:

When it comes to water filtration, cartridge size matters. There are four standard cartridge sizes:

  • 2.5 x 10
  • 2.5 x 20
  • 4.5 x 10
  • 4.5 x 20

Choosing the right size for your needs is important, as different sizes offer different levels of protection and filtration. The 2.5 x 10 cartridge size is great for basic sediment filtration, while the larger 4.5 x 20 option can remove more contaminants from the water, making it perfect for homes with serious water quality issues

When it comes to the price, the cost of whole house filter will depend on the size you choose. Also, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the correct installation and maximum performance of house water filter systems. Proper regularly scheduled maintenance will also help extend the life of your filter cartridge and keep your home’s water supply safe for everyone.

Does The Size Of The House Water Filter Cartridge Affect The Flow Rate?

When it comes to filtering water in the home, size is an important factor to consider. Many people install a filter system for the convenience of having clean, deionized water at their fingertips. But does size really affect something as important as the flow rate of a water filter cartridge?

The answer is yes, and understanding why requires a deeper look into different filter cartridges and how each component contributes to its effectiveness. The size of a house water filter cartridge directly influences its efficiency, surface area, and capacity – all of which can dictate how fast the filter works.

A larger filter ensures more particles are caught while allowing a consistent and smooth flow, but too many particles can ultimately reduce your flow rate. Knowing how to find a balance between these two factors is key to ensuring that your home’s water filtration system runs optimally.

house water filter cartridge

What Filter Micron Rating You Should Select

When selecting a filter micron rating, you’ll want to consider the size and type of contaminants that need to be filtered out. A larger micron rating (10-25) will effectively filter out large particles such as sediment, sand, and algae – and is often used for pre-filtration. Whereas a smaller micron rating (1-5) is geared toward capturing small particles like bacteria, parasites, and other harmful microorganisms.

If you’re not sure which one best fits your water filtration needs, try using a multi-stage filter system which can provide both the large particle removal of a 10-20 micron cartridge prefilter along with the submicron filtration of activated carbon or specialty cartridges. This all-inclusive approach is an effective way to ensure your home’s water supply stays clean and healthy – no matter what size particulates you’re targeting.

Final Thoughts

Whole house water filter cartridges come in a variety of sizes and micron ratings, making them suitable for nearly any home filtration need. When selecting the right cartridge size and micron rating, consider what contaminants are in your water supply and how much flow rate you need for maximum performance.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and maintenance, and consider using a multi-stage filter system to ensure comprehensive protection against all contaminants. With the right cartridge size, you can enjoy safe, clean drinking water that’s free from unwanted particles – in your home or office.

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