6 Best Faucet Water Filter

Just because the water coming out of your tap does not look dirty; it doesn’t mean it is pure. Tap water filters are the best solution for a pure and healthy water supply. We have conducted extensive research and compared every minute detail to shortlist the 6 best faucet water filters in 2022 for you in terms of longevity, efficiency, ease of installation, and affordability. Read on to explore everything about them. 

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Our Top Pick


Engdenton Filter

Engdenton faucet water filter brings peace of mind with its 0.5µm sediment filter and Japanese carbon filter. Encased in a stainless steel body, it lasts to serve up to 320 gallons of filtered water.

Studies show that tens of millions of people in the US are exposed to dirty water every year. It’s time for us to protect ourselves with some filtration systems.

A faucet mount water filter is one of the best and easiest ways to solve water contamination problems. Other systems require troublesome installation while this type of system makes everything simple.

Furthermore, it is affordable for everyone with little maintenance required. This system will not take up any space in your kitchen as it is mounted on the faucet.

Today we bring you some of the best faucet water filters available in town and put them side by side for your visual comparison.

Best Faucet Water Filters Review

  1. Engdenton – Best Faucet Water Filter
  2. Waterdrop Filter – Best Budget Faucet Filter
  3. Home Master Mini Filter – Best SinkTop Faucet Filter
  4. Culligan FM-15 – Popular Faucet Water Filter
  5. PUR 0A1 Filter – Value Faucet Water Filter
  6. Brita On Tap Filter – Basic Faucet Water Filter

Engdenton – Best Faucet Water Filter

review of Engdenton Faucet
Rating 4.4/5
Price $
Flow rate 0.5GPM
Filter process ACF
Annual maintenance cost $40 – $65
Warranty 1 year 
Filter life span 6 months 
Certification NSF
Contaminants removed 70+

Engdenton stands on the top of the list of best faucet water filters on the market with a record of removing 99% of lead from water. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, including an activated carbon filter, it removes unpleasant odor from water and enriches its taste. Furthermore, 0.5µm filtering accuracy contributes to clearing out all the dirt, dust, and any foreign particles accumulated on the tap. 

Engdenton is the most suitable water faucet filter for people using city or municipal water as there are high chances of chlorination. Its compact design makes it perfect for people living in closed spaces and apartments. 

Based on our in-depth research, the prime features most customers love are its outstanding results covering crystal clear water and neutral taste. A sleek stainless steel exterior and a maximum flow rate of up to 0.5GPM are a few more potential features approved by customers. 

The faucet cartridge has a capacity of up to 320 gallons that can last for 6 months based on 8.5oz/cup,27 cups/day. However, there is no alarm or feature for filter cartridge change indication. Upon testing, it was observed that it reduces 97% chlorine at first 1000 Liters and 75% at 6000 Liters. 

The ultra-durable 304 stainless steel body makes the filter more durable than other plastic filters. It helps the faucet to withstand extreme water pressure while reducing the chances of accidental cracks and leakages. 

It is long-lasting and has the highest flow rate, 3L/min, much faster than other brands. With its high-end features and excellent quality, the expected annual maintenance cost can range from $40-$50. 

engdenton faucet water filter installation


  • The excellent flow rate of up to 0.5GPM
  • Compatible with multiple adapters 
  • Highly robust stainless steel built
  • Washable replacement filters


  • Not enough information about NSF certification
  • It hardly removes metal contaminants
  • Replacement filters may not be easily available

Waterdrop Filter – Best Budget Faucet Filter

review of Waterdrop Faucet Filter
Rating 4.4/5
Price $
Flow rate 0.5 GPM
Filter process Activated carbon
Annual maintenance cost $30 – $45
Warranty 1 year 
Filter life span 3 months 
Certification NSF 42, 372
Contaminants removed 10+

The Waterdrop is one of the most affordable faucet water filters, with 320 gallons of cartridge capacity. Its 6 stages-activated carbon-based filtration process tends to remove 93% of contaminated chlorine and reduce the amount of lead and fluoride in tap/city water. 

On top of that, its incredible speed makes it stand out as one of the finest water faucet filters that allow you to fill up 4 water bottles in 1 minute.

The feature that caught the eyes of most of the customers is its sleek, elegant design constructed with corrosion-resistant plastic and its budget-friendly rates. Also, it is super easy to install and fits best with most standard faucets in our kitchens. 

Waterdrop shows excellent compatibility with several adapters and imparts great quality to water taste and quality. It comes with six different adapters in the box for accurately fitting filter units to your faucets. 

The waterdrop water filter has a yearly maintenance cost of $30 – $45, and it is much more affordable than its competitors, such as Pur and Brita. 

Since the filter is NSF certified to both standard 42 and 372, it has the potential to remove heavy amounts of chlorine and lead, respectively, up to 90%. Moreover, the 0.5GPM flow rate is much faster than other leading brands in the market. 


  • NSF certified filter
  • 2x longer life span of 3-4 months 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • A bit tricky to install with an adapter 
  • It doesn’t reduce much TDS 

Home Master Mini Filter – Best SinkTop Faucet Filter

review of Home Master Mini Filter
Rating 4.0/5
Price $$
Flow rate 0.5 GPM
Filter process Carbon block 
Annual maintenance cost $25 – $30
Warranty 1 year 
Filter life span 1 year
Contaminants removed 90+

Home master mini-filter is the perfect solution for tiny houses, dorms, and RVs to make municipal water drinkable removing all the hazardous compounds. The filter delivers the top-notch performance of a full-sized countertop filter for the price of a faucet filter. 

Additionally, it has an impressive life span of up to 1 year with 750 gallons of huge cartridge capacity. Just schedule an annual reminder for filter replacement and you are good to go. 

With a maximum filter speed of up to 0.5GPM and BPA-free construction, it provides crystal clear water with great taste. Another significant aspect of the waterdrop filter is that it doesn’t require any installations and is portable and easy to move around. 

Based on several testimonials taken from its regular customers, the best thing to be claimed about it is its exceptional performance in a such compact size. Its components include:

  • A sink faucet diverter valve.
  • Filter.
  • 36 inches of flexible tubing.
  • Multiple faucet adapters.

What is even more incredible is that even a non-techy person can install it easily without fuss. Customers love its portability and efficiency. 

The only complain they have is the absence of an automatic lever. A manual lever is present to turn the system on and off. They also love the prompt and cordial customer service of the company.   

Furthermore, the Home master mini-filter has taken the filtration process to another level by using an MF1CBL filter, a 1-micron absolute carbon block with lead-specific media. 

Since it claims to remove 99% lead, giardia cysts, cryptosporidium, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, THMs, and VOCs, it has set the bar high for its competitors. 

The product comes with a yearly cost of up to $30. Its slim and compact design saves you a lot of space and effort without compromising on quality. 

home master mini filter faucet water installation


  • Strong filtration process
  • The incredible life span of up to 12 months
  • Compact design and easy to assemble


  • Quality is not up to the mark 
  • Leave a lot of sediments unfiltered behind

Culligan FM-15 – Popular Faucet Water Filter

review of Culligan FM-15
Rating 4.3/5
Price $$
Flow rate 0.5GPM
Filter process Carbon block 
Annual maintenance cost $80 – $120
Warranty 2 year 
Filter life span 2-3 months 
Certification NSF certified 42, 53
Contaminants removed 9

Culligan FM-15 is a well-known water filter that can easily be installed in most house faucets without using any tools. Though it is super compact, the filter cleans all the debris efficiently. 

Pulling the diverter valve stem will help you switch it between filtered and unfiltered mode. As it doesn’t take up much space, it can be an ideal option for people living in apartments. 

From the customer’s point of view, people love its auto-off feature and stainless steel fabrication. It might not work as quickly as others, but the water quality it provides is just beyond expectations. 

Its cartridge capacity of 200 gallons that can run for two months might be a setback for a few users. The best thing about the system is its two years long warranty which adds to its credibility and reliability. 

Additionally, the product is IAPMO, and NSF is tested and certified against ANSI Standard 42 and 53 to deliver the optimized performance your way. The filter comprises an advanced carbon block cartridge that can remove up to 9 contaminants, including atrazine, lindane, chlorine, foul smell, bad taste, turbidity, lead, and cysts making drinking water safer for your household. 

Hence, the filter is simplest to use, doesn’t involve complex installation strategies, and comprises various premium features. The filter has an annual cost within the range of $80 – $120. The ideal flow rate of up to 0.5 GPM and robust construction unit make it outshine its competitors. 


  • ANSI certified to minimize the number of contaminants
  • No tools are required for installation 
  • Filter as small as 0.5 microns


  • Replacement filter cartridges are a bit pricey
  • No filter change indicators 

For more detail, visit our Culligan FM-15A review now.

PUR 0A1 Filter – Value Faucet Water Filter

review of PUR 0A1 Filter
Rating 4.4/5
Price $$
Flow rate 0.52 GPM
Filter process Activated Carbon + Ion Exchange
Annual maintenance cost $50 – $100
Warranty 2 year 
Filter life span 3 months 
Certification NSF 42, 53, 401
Contaminants removed 70+

Pur 0A1 water filter has also made to the squad as the best faucet water filter with the excellent build quality and a refreshing water taste. Featuring PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Filtration System, it includes mineral core technology, which is the highlight of the product. 

The water runs through natural minerals and imparts a heavenly taste to water. It works best for people living around well water systems because of its ability to eliminate 70+ contaminants leached from agriculture and industrial runoff into wells and groundwater. High-grade plastic helps the filter run for two years without getting weary. 

Most of its customers are happy with the water quality and odorless ideal taste. The cartridge needs replacement after every three months and lets you filter water up to 100 GPM. 

The best thing about this product is that it is super handy, and you can fix it to your faucet instantly via a vertical faucet mount to use straight away. The filter is made of plastic and provides a terrific flow rate of up to 0.5GPM. Few customers doubted its efficiency based on its small size, but combining PUR RF9999 filter and active carbon technology provided outstanding results. 

Since the system is NSF certified, it can filter out 10x more contaminants than its competitors, such as Brita. It has the capability to reduce 96% of mercury, 99% of lead, and 92% of other pollutants suspended in the water 0.3 microns smaller or larger. 

Its small size and portability make it a big hit in the market. Its horizontal design might limit your sink space, but if you are looking for clean and delicious drinking water at your home, Pur plus can be the best option. 


  • Suitable for people with lower budgets
  • LED filter replacement indicators 
  • Reduce 70+ contaminants 


  • The quality of plastic is sub-par
  • Frequent filter replacements 

Brita On Tap Filter – Basic Faucet Water Filter

review of Brita On Tap Filter
Rating 4.2/5
Price $
Flow rate 0.60 GPM
Filter process Carbon block 
Annual maintenance cost $40 – $60
Warranty 1 year 
Filter life span 3 months 
Certification NSF 42, 53
Contaminants removed 60

Brita also has made its place as a premium faucet water filter in the industry by holding various remarkable features. Some elements that make it stand out are its 0.60GPM flow rate while providing the best quality water straight from the faucet into your cup. 

It provides top-tier filtration performance accompanied by BPA free activated carbon filtration system. Its hassle-free attachment to most standard faucets provides you with cleaner and tastier tap water than ever. 

Most testimonials from its regular customer conclude that people are pleased with the light indicator that switches from greed to red if the filter needs to be replaced. 

Furthermore, people find it a breeze to assemble the filter without any tools and claim it provides super clean and delicious water in 10 minutes after installation. 

However, its small cartridge capacity of 100 gallons might be a little disappointing for some users. But the best thing is that most of the audience finds it economical to replace the filter every two months because of its excellent results. 

The filter is NSF/ANSI certified for standards 53 and 42 and can reduce 60 contaminants from tap water, including 99% lead, benzene, particulates, asbestos, and chlorine. 

An extra layer has been inserted to trap larger sediments allowing the filter to work more efficiently. The anticipated annual cost of this filter ranges from $40 – $60. Make sure not to run hot water through the filter as it can damage the filter. Space efficient design makes it a perennial favorite of people living in apartments. 


  • BPA-free material 
  • NSF certified to remove lead and chlorine 
  • Space-efficient design 


  • ABS plastic is prone to breaking and leakage
  • It doesn’t fit spray style or pull-out faucets 

What is a Faucet Water Filter?

A faucet water filter is another type of water filter solution. It is a point of use (POU) water filtration system which is directly attached to a faucet (it is usually attached to a kitchen faucet). The way the faucet-mounted water filter works is by passing tap water through the filters which produce clean water on its own separate faucet.

Unlike other water filter solutions like a whole house water filter that has its own storage tanks, most faucet water filters produce water on demand. It also does not produce wastewater therefore everything passes through the filter as usable drinking water.

How To Pick a Faucet Water Filter?

What’s the best way to select a filter without even seeing the product?

Well, it isn’t rocket science to differentiate which is junk and which is great. Here are some guidelines on selecting a great faucet water filtration system.

Filtration Quality

Couldn’t stress more on this element. The quality of the filter is what makes the system great. No matter how technologically advanced the system is, if the filtration quality is poor, then it is a bad filter.

One thing to note is that only compares to the system that is in the same class. It doesn’t make sense to compare the quality of a faucet water filter system with one of the best under-sink reverse osmosis systems.

Some sample questions that you could ask:

  • What are the contaminants that exist in my water source? Can this filter get rid of it?
  • How well does the filter gets rid of the contaminants? What is the percentage?
  • How fine (micron rating) is the cartridge in filtering contaminants?

Cartridge Replacement / Lifespan

The lifespan of the cartridge always gives us a clue about its quality. The longer and larger the filtration capacity, the greater the system is.

A great cartridge means good technology has been used for filtration. A longer lifespan filter will decrease the yearly maintenance cost of the system.

Filter Change Sensor

How will you know if your filter has already reached its end of life? Having a filter change sensor is a great feature to have. What it does is that it notifies you using a light indicator when you need to change the filter.

Design and Built

Lastly is the design. This depends on what you need the most in your household. Do you require access to both filtered and unfiltered water? You may choose a faucet water filter with spray options. Do you need to be sleek and modern-looking? A small but compact with metal finishes may be a great choice. It is entirely up to your needs. 


The affordability is not only on the initial investment cost. You have to factor in the subsequent maintenance cost of the system.

Some system has cheap initial cost while unaffordable maintenance cost. It is to trick customers into purchasing the system.

We break down the cost of the yearly maintenance in the above table for easy comparison.

Read The Reviews

Customer reviews often give you an insight into how well the system is performing. This can save you countless hours of returning the product and repurchasing a new one to try it out.

How Do Tap Faucet Water Filters Work?

Faucet water filters remove contaminants similar to other water filter solutions. Most of them are suitable for chlorinated municipal water.

It comprises several components (or stages) inside that work together to filter contaminants away from the tap water. On average, most faucet water filters have a capacity of filtering 100 gallons or 3 months’ worth of water.

To understand how it works, we can take a look at the general stages normally found in these types of faucet water filters.

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter

The first stage of most faucet mounted water filters are the sediment filter. It is usually made out of a non-woven screen and it is wrapped around the cartridge. It is specially designed to remove rust, dirt, debris, and sand.

Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Filter

After the tap water passes through the sediment filter, it goes to stage 2 which is the activated carbon filter. It is usually made out of bituminous coal, wood, or even coconut shells. They have a porous surface that is filled with nooks and crannies.

Benefits of Faucet Water Filter?

Most water filter solutions provide a ton of benefits when utilized well by many. Here are some of the benefits you get when using faucet water filters in your everyday life.

Clean and Healthy Water

Faucet water filters block out the heavy metals and contaminants that are harmful to the body when consumed. Therefore the water produced by a faucet-mounted water filter is safe to use for drinking and cooking.

No Bad Smell or Taste

Almost all types of water filters including faucet water filters are equipped with carbon block filters which are used in eliminating not only contaminants but also improving its taste and odor. It is usually caused by chlorine that is commonly found in municipal waters.  

Cost Saving and Environment Friendly

Using faucet water filters not only gives you clean and healthy water but also benefits well on your finances and the environment around you. Investing in a faucet filter significantly reduces your plastic bottle consumption in the long term. This means that you save up a little bit of cash and fewer plastic bottles to dispose of.

Easy Installation

Installing a water filter can be a daunting task to do so by anyone. The faucet filter is designed to be easy to install. Most customers are able to install it on their own and some even in under 5 minutes.

Who Should Purchase Faucet Filter?

With the size and simplicity of design, this type of water filter is suitable for:

City Waters: Municipally treated tap water in urban areas tends to be less contaminated compared to a well water source. Chlorine is the main contaminant. All of the systems are able to remove it.

Small Kitchen: No tubing and the bulky canister will make your kitchen looks tidy. It free up some room for some other appliances.

Due to the small size of the system, the function and capability are often quite limited.

If you have a little more budget, you can opt for the countertop water filters which don’t require a lot of installation. It just needs some space near the sink.

Faucet Water Filter Installation

Installing a faucet may differ from product to product. Therefore, when installing your faucet water filters, it is highly recommended to read and follow the instructions before and during the installation process. However, here is the step-by-step general process for installing a faucet water filter.

Clean and activate your faucet filter – The last step is to activate your water filter. This can be done by flushing water for a minimum of 10 minutes to remove any debris. Once it is done, the faucet water filter installation is complete and you may use it  as you please

FAQ For Best Faucet Water Filters

Will faucet water filters fit on any faucet?

Although most faucet water filters will fit on almost any faucet this is not the case for others either. It is highly recommended that you should check with the manufacturer of your faucet before investing in a faucet water filter.

Why is my faucet’s water flow so slow?

It is either the water quality is poor and requires more time and contact with the water or the water pressure may be significantly low.

Slow water flow is also an indication that the filter may have reached its end of life and that you need to change it. When it comes to water pressure, if it is around 30 PSI or lower, then your faucet water filter may struggle to push water to the media at an acceptable speed.

How often do I have to change the filters?

Each faucet water filter cartridge has a certain amount of lifespan before a replacement is needed. Most faucet water filter cartridges have an average life of up to 100 gallons or around 1-2 months which is enough already for a 1-2 person household. If your faucet water filter has a filter change indicator, then you have less to worry about when tracking filter change.

Wrap Up

To conclude this, faucet-mounted filters are one of the affordable water treatment systems that are available for all.

Start getting the best faucet water filter, Engdenton that we suggested, and protect you and your family.

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