10 Best Faucet Water Filter For 2021

Studies show that tens of millions of people in the US are exposed to dirty water every year. It’s time for us to protect ourselves with some filtration systems.

Faucet mount water filter is one of the best and easiest way to solve water contamination problem. Other systems require troublesome installation while this type of system makes everything simple.

Furthermore, it is affordable for everyone with little maintenance required. This system will not take up any space in your kitchen as it is mounted on the faucet.

Today we bring you some of the best faucet water filter available in town and put it side by side for your visual comparison.

DISCLOSURE: We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Our Top Pick


Engdenton Filter

Engdenton faucet water filter brings peace of mind with its 0.5µm sediment filter and Japanese carbon filter. Encased in a stainless steel body, it lasts to serve up to 320 gallons of filtered water.

How To Pick a Faucet Water Filter?

What’s the best way to select a filter without even seeing the product?

Well, it isn’t rocket science to differentiate which is junk and which is great. Here are some guidelines on selecting a great faucet water filtration system.

Filtration Quality

Couldn’t stress more on this element. The quality of the filter is what makes the system great. No matter how technologically advance the system is, if the filtration quality is poor, then it is a bad filter.

One thing to note is that only compare to the system that is in the same class. It doesn’t make sense to compare the quality of a faucet water filter system with one of the best under sink reverse osmosis systems.

Some sample questions that you could ask:

  • What are the contaminants that exist in my water source? Can this filter get rid of it?
  • How well the filter gets rid of the contaminants? What is the percentage?
  • How fine (micron rating) is the cartridge in filtering contaminants?

Cartridge Replacement / Lifespan

The lifespan of the cartridge always gives us a clue on its quality. The longer and larger the filtration capacity, the greater the system is.

A great cartridge means good technology has been used for filtration. A longer lifespan filter will decrease the yearly maintenance cost of the system.

Filter Change Sensor

How will you know if your filter has already reached its end of life? Having a filter change sensor is a great feature to have. What it does is that it notifies you using a light indicator when you need to change the filter.

Design and Built

Lastly is the design. This depends on what you need the most in your household. Do you require access to both filtered and unfiltered water? You may choose a faucet water filter with spray options. Do you need to be sleek and modern-looking? A small but compact with metal finishes may be a great choice. It is entirely up to your needs. 


The affordability is not only on the initial investment cost. You have to factor in the subsequent maintenance cost of the system.

Some system has cheap initial cost while unaffordable maintenance cost. It is to trick customers into purchasing the system.

We break down the cost of the yearly maintenance in the above table for easy comparison.

Read The Reviews

Customer reviews often give you an insight into how well the system is performing. This can save you countless hours of returning the product and repurchase a new one to try it out.

Best Faucet Water Filters Review

  1. Engdenton – Best Faucet Water Filter
  2. Waterdrop Filter – Best Budget Faucet Filter
  3. Home Master Mini Filter – Best SinkTop Faucet Filter
  4. Culligan FM-15 – Popular Faucet Water Filter
  5. ESOW Filter – Most Trusted Faucet Filter
  6. Wingsol Filter – Stainless Steel Faucet Filter
  7. iSpring DF2-CHR Filter – Long Lasting Faucet Filter
  8. PUR 0A1 Filter – Value Faucet Water Filter
  9. Brita On Tap Filter – Basic Faucet Water Filter
  10. Instapure F2 – Certified Faucet Water Filter

Engdenton – Best Faucet Water Filter

Engdenton has risen in the marketplace to be one of the best faucet-mounted water filters on the market. Let’s have a look at why we recommend this filter. 

Fine MicroRating: With a 0.5µm filtering accuracy, it is capable of filtering fine particles such as dirt, rust, and foreign particles found on the tap. 

Japan Carbon Filter: The activated carbon is capable of removing odor and taste that is commonly found on city water due to water chlorination. In addition, it will prevent the inhibit growth on the filter.  

304 Stainless Steel Body: Solidly built with 304 stainless steel material that built to last. It will help to reduce the possibility of leaking when the water pressure is high. 

Long Lifespan Cartridge: Each cartridge can last up to 320 gallons before it needs a replacement. However, it depends on how contaminated your tap water is. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $25 yearly for the usage of 2 people. 

Excellent Customer Rating: Customers are generally satisfied with their purchase although there is no filtration information. 

VERDICT: Although Engdenton just removes chlorine, it works well and is solidly built which helps to resolve the contamination faced on city water. 

+ Long lifespan filters.
+ Excellent flow rate of 0.5GPM.
+ Affordable on-going cost.
+ Stainless steel built.
Not much information on the filter.
Only remove chlorine.
No certification on contaminant that were removed.

Waterdrop Filter – Best Budget Faucet Filter

Waterdrop is one of the rising stars on water treatment products. They have a variety of products from the pitcher, under sink, and faucet-mounted filter, and most importantly, they are affordable. This is why we include it as one of the best faucet water filters.

Filtered Contaminants: Besides chlorine, this filter also reduces fluoride and lead in tap water. It claims to remove up to 93% of the chlorine with its activated carbon filter. 

6 Stage Filtration: It is a 6 stage filtration system where it (1)intercepts big particles, (2)remove dust, rust, and dirt, (3)reduce chlorine, (4) reduce fluoride and lead, (5)remove small particles after filtration and (6) remove big particles. 

Long Lifespan Cartridge: Each cartridge can generate up to 320 gallons of filtered water before it needs a replacement as claimed by Waterdrop. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $30 yearly for the usage of 2 people. 

Excellent Customer Rating: The rating is generally quite positive against this faucet filter primarily due to its low price. They tend to have a slightly lower expectation of the product but feel surprised at how good it is.  

VERDICT: With a fraction of the cost, you can own a Waterdrop filter. It is affordable and can do a great job in filtering city water.

+ Extreme long lasting filter.
+ Affordable cost.
+ Flow rate of 0.5 GPM.
+ Reduces chlorine, fluoride and lead.
Doesn’t remove heavy metals and inorganic contaminants.
No certification from NSF/WQA.

Home Master Mini Filter – Best SinkTop Faucet Filter

Home Master has been known to make excellent filters and the Mini series is a faucet water filter system worth considering. Their Mini Plus has many satisfied customers for its impressive filtration performance, slim design, and long-lasting filters.

Good Filtration Performance: HM Mini Plus uses an MF1CBL filter which is a 1-micron absolute carbon block with a media that specializes in lead removal. It offers good filtration capabilities and works well with a chlorinated tap water supply. The MF1CBL filters and removes contaminants such as cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, sediment, herbicides, and 99% lead.

In addition to that, the build quality of the filters is BPA-Free.

Slim Design: One of the unique features of the HM Mini Plus is the slim design which is the design itself. Its slim and compact design makes it fit well on the kitchen countertop without taking too much space.

Long-Lasting Filters: The MF1CBL filters found inside the HM Mini Plus have an incredible lifespan of about 1 year or up to 750 gallons of filtered water. This is quite long but not as long as its other brothers the MF1CB (HM Mini) and MF1CCB (HM Mini 1CCB) which can deliver up to 1500 gallons.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $22.5 Yearly

Customer Rating: “Easy to install”, “high-quality water” and “saved on cost and effort” are some of the comments of many satisfied customers who purchased the HM Mini Plus. However, some customers have reported clogging and criticized its build quality. 

VERDICT: Even with some of its setbacks such as its build quality, the Home Master Mini Plus is still a great faucet water filter system for its strong filtration performance, lead specialized media, and ability to take up less space due to its small and compact design.

+ High Quality Water delivered by strong filtration performance.
+ Lead Specialized Media.
+ Long Lasting Filters.
+ Slim and Compact Design.
Clogging may occur on some models.
Plastic build quality.

Culligan FM-15 – Popular Faucet Water Filter

Culligan has been a well-known household brand specialized in all kinds of water treatment devices. One of the best faucet water filters is the Culligan FM-15 Series.

FM-15 has been on the market for several years. What’s so good about this filter?

Filtration Quality: The cartridge comprises a premium carbon block filter which claims to have the following capability.

  • Class 1 particulates which remove contaminants which is as small as 0.5 – 1 micron.
  • Water cloudiness and filthy taste, odor.
  • Dangerous chemicals like chlorine, atrazine, lead, and lindane

The system is all tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 42 and 53. There is no claim on how well the filter is performing on removing the contaminants.

Although both FM-15A and FM-100 are using different cartridge codes, the content and the filtration capability are the same.

The system comes with a 2-year limited warranty which is one of the longest. This shows Culligan is serious about the quality of their product.

Long Lifespan Filter: Each cartridge is designed to handle up to 200 gallons of filtered water. However, this machine doesn’t come with a light indicator to notify the users when replacement is needed.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $29 for up to 2 person usage. 

Customer Satisfactory: Majority of the customer likes the simplicity of the system coupled with the premium quality of the carbon block filter. The water tastes great after it was filtered by the FM-15 faucet water filter.

VERDICT: Although this filter has been in the market for years now, it is still one of the best seller filters in its category due to the filter quality and durability of the system.

+ Certified by NSF against ANSI Standard 42 and 53.
+ 2 Years limited warranty on the system.
+ Filter as small as 0.5 microns.
+ Filter up to 200 gallons of water for a single cartridge.
+ Affordable annual replacement cost.
No water usage indicator.
Not suitable for highly contaminated tap water source.

For more detail, visit our Culligan FM-15A review now.

ESOW Filter – Most Trusted Faucet Filter

ESOW is a newcomer on this best faucet water filters list but it rose quickly on its ranking and was loved by its customer. Let’s take a look at how good the performance of this filter is.   

Filtered Contaminants: ESOW claims to be certified in removing 99% of lead, 92% of certain pesticides, and 96% of Mercury found in the tap water. Also, it will reduce chlorine taste and odor with the 7th generation Japan activated carbon filter. 

Food Grade Stainless Steel Housing: It is made with 304 food-grade stainless steel housing to withstand leaks, cracks, deforms, and corrosion. 

Ultrafiltration: The latest technology is so fine that it removes contaminants up to 0.01µm as claimed by ESOW.

Lifespan Cartridge: It says the filter will last up to 1500 gallons, but it is advisable to replace it every 3 months. When you buy this filter, it comes with 2 cartridges. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $40 yearly for the usage of 2 people. 

Customer Rating: The customers are quite happy with their purchase on the ESOW filter.

VERDICT: It is generally a great investment in getting an ESOW filter that protects your family.

+ Removes lead, pesticide, mercury and chlorine.
+ Suitable for city water.
+ 7 stages filtration with 0.01 micron rating.
+ Affordable cost.
No information on filtration capability.
No certification by WQA and NSF.

Wingsol Filter – Stainless Steel Faucet Filter

Wingsol is one of the less known filters among all others. This product doesn’t receive a lot of attention in its category.

Why do we think that it is worth every penny that you spend?

The cartridge comprises a 5 stage filtration. The specialty for the cartridge is the 4th stage MicroNose filter, which was developed in California.

1st Stage: Ceramic filter that blocks big contaminants which are over 0.1um from passing through leaving only dissolvable contaminants.

2nd Stage: Granulated Activated Carbon which mainly reduces odor, bad taste, and chlorine.

3rd Stage: KDF reduces heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and prevents bacteria reproduction in the water.

4th Stage: MicroNose, reduce 99% arsenic and 90% heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and chrome.

5th layer: Post Activated Carbon which improves the taste of the drinking water while further reduce the odor and chlorine.

Solid Design: Unlike other faucet filters, Wingsol built this filtration system with absolute quality and great design.

Apart from the filtration cartridge, the system uses 304 stainless steel. This prevents cracks and water leaks that is often experienced by low-quality filter due to water pressure.

It is strong and durable to withstand most of the water pressure in all homes.

Long Lifespan Cartridge: Each cartridge is able to withstand 200 gallons of filtered water. The larger the capacity of each cartridge shows the effectiveness of the system without a replacement.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $40 yearly for the usage of 2 people. 

Excellent Customer Rating: It receives fairly great ratings from its customers. 

Although it doesn’t have a lot of reviews as Brita or PUR faucet filter, in terms of percentage, the majority of the customers are happy with the performance of the system.

VERDICT: Although it is slightly pricer as compared to other systems, the filter quality and cartridge capability will eventually pay off leaving your worries behind.

+ 304 Stainless Steel Body.
+ 200 Gallon Long Lifespan Filter.
+ Affordable annual maintenance cost.
Slightly Expensive on Initial investment.
No indicator for water usage.

iSpring DF2-CHR Filter – Long Lasting Faucet Water Filter

iSpring DF2-CHR is a great faucet water filter system with long-lasting filters, excellent filtration performance, and fast flow rate but has some minor issues.

Filtration Performance: The DF2-CHR uses the iSpring FDF1 filter which is capable of filtering and reducing contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals like lead, mercury, lindane, and atrazine.

Long-lasting filters: A very strong point of the iSpring DF2-CHR is its long-lasting filters which are capable of delivering up to 500 gallons of drinking water and lasts for around 6-8 months. This means that maintenance should be easier as you don’t need to change the filter frequently.

Fast Flow Rate: The iSpring DF2-CHR also has a powerful flow rate of around 1.5 GPM maximum. This gives it a steady flow of water even with a filter attached.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $26 Yearly.

Customer Rating: Most customers are satisfied with the iSpring DF2-CHR for its water quality produced, easy installation and flow rate. Although some customers reported water leakage may occur.

VERDICT: Overall, the iSpring DF2-CHR is a good faucet water filter system due to its excellent filter performance, long-lasting filters, and more. However, it does have its setbacks such as possible water leakage.

+ Filtration Performance with iSpring FDF1.
+ Long lasting filters.
+ Fast Flow Rate.
Water leakage occur in some customers.

PUR 0A1 Filter – Value Faucet Water Filter

One of Amazon’s Choices for the best faucet water filters, the PUR-0A1 is a good faucet filter that has a good build quality and produces great tasting drinking water.

Filtration Performance: The PUR-0A1 uses a proprietary PUR RF9999 filter which is advertised for its high efficiency and strong water flow. The filter uses MAXION filter technology that is certified in reducing over 70 types of contaminants. It can reduce up to 99% of Lead, 96% of mercury and 92% others.

It also uses a premium natural coconut carbon activated block specifically for reducing up to 99% of chlorine which improves odor and taste. It was also tested to be able to filter and reduce heavy metals as well.

MineralClear Filter: One of the most unique features found in the PUR-0A1 is the included MineralClear filter. The tap water runs through the natural minerals which give it a crisp and refreshing taste.

Build Quality and Easy installation: In terms of build quality, the PUR-0A1’s design is made out of stainless steel. The PUR-0A1 is also simple and easy to install using its one-click attachment. No tools are required and it is compatible with most water faucets. However, it may not be compatible with pull-down or hand-held faucets.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $70 Yearly

Customer Rating: Receiving a high rating of 4.2 out of 5, the PUR-0A1 has many satisfied customers for its great tasting drinking water produced, stainless steel build quality, and easy operation.

VERDICT: Overall, the PUR-0A1 is a good faucet mount water filter for its price and the features it has. However, it is not easily recommended for its frequent filter change and expensive annual maintenance cost.

+ MAXION Filter Technology.
+ Easy installation.
+ Stainless steel quality.
Frequent filter change.
Expensive annual maintenance cost
Running hot water through the filter may disable the filter.

Learn more at our PUR faucet filter review today.

Brita On Tap Filter – Basic Faucet Water Filter

Brita is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to water filter solutions. Let’s take a look at the Brita 7540545 and why it made it to our best faucet water filters list.

Great Filtration Performance: The Brita on Tap is able to filter and remove up to 60 types of contaminants which include benzene, asbestos and other harmful contaminants found in tap water.

It also removes chlorine which improves taste, odor and reduces up to 99% lead. In terms of lifespan, the filters have around 4 months or provide up to 100 gallons of clean drinking water.

3 Spray Options: The unique feature found only in Brita On Tap is the 3 different spray options.

Filter change indicator: On the bottom side of the water filter itself, there is a light indicator. This is used to tell if the filter is needed to be replaced. Indicator colors change from green to red.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $31 Yearly for 3 packs.

Customer Rating: Scoring 4.3 out of 5 in customer ratings, many customers appreciate the ability to change spray options and the water produced by filters.

However, customers also criticized it for its ‘cheap plastic’ build quality and others reported that some of the models have their indicators not working as intended.

VERDICT: The Brita On Tap faucet mount water filter is a good filter with many unique features of its own. If the disadvantages of this kit do not matter to you, then it is worth considering.

To know more, visit our Brita faucet filter review or see how our comparison between Brita and PUR now.

+ Great Filtration Performance .
+ 3 powerful spray options
+ Filter change indicators
Some customers reported the indicator is not working
Cheap plastic build quality

Instapure F2 – Certified Faucet Water Filter

Gold Seal Certified by the Water Quality Association, the Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS faucet mount water filter simply works well and is trusted by many customers.

Great Filtration Performance: The Instapure F2 filters contaminants such as ethylene dibromide (EDB), heptachlor epoxide, benzene, carbofuran, and more. It also filters and removes around 99% of Lead, 97% of chlorine (for better odor and taste), Microbial Cysts, and VOCs.

In terms of lifespan, the filter can last for about 3 months or 200 gallons of filtered water before a replacement is needed.

WQA Gold Seal Certified and tested to NSF/ANSI Standards: Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS is Gold Certified and tested by the World Quality Association (WQA) to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 372. This ensures that the product has been tested in many high standards for better quality. It is also tested to be lead-free.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $40 Yearly.

Customer Rating: The Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS scores an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. Many satisfied customers praised the faucet mount water filter for its water quality, easy to install, and simply works well right out of the box. However, some customers have discovered some drawbacks such as the build quality of the adapter and some have stopped working overtime.

VERDICT: Although it has some drawbacks such as the build quality of some of its parts, the Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS is one of the faucet water filters worth considering for its trusted & tested filtration performance and affordable maintenance cost.

+ Great Filtration Performance .
+ Affordable annual maintenance cost.
+ WQA Gold Seal Certified
Cheap plastic adapter connecting to the faucet.
Some customers reported that the product stopped working.

What is a Faucet Water Filter?

A faucet water filter is another type of water filter solution. It is a point of use (POU) water filtration system which is directly attached to a faucet (it is usually attached to a kitchen faucet). The way the faucet-mounted water filter works is by passing tap water through the filters which produce clean water on its own separate faucet.

Unlike other water filter solutions like a whole house water filter that has its own storage tanks, most faucet water filters produce water on demand. It also does not produce wastewater therefore everything passes through the filter as usable drinking water.

How Do Tap Faucet Water Filters Work?

Faucet water filters remove contaminants similar to other water filter solutions. Most of them are suitable for chlorinated municipal water.

It comprises several components (or stages) inside that work together to filter contaminants away from the tap water. On average, most faucet water filters have a capacity of filtering 100 gallons or 3 months’ worth of water.

To understand how it works, we can take a look at the general stages normally found in these types of faucet water filters.

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter

The first stage of most faucet mounted water filters are the sediment filter. It is usually made out of a non-woven screen and it is wrapped around the cartridge. It is specially designed to remove rust, dirt, debris, and sand.

Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Filter

After the tap water passes through the sediment filter, it goes to stage 2 which is the activated carbon filter. It is usually made out of bituminous coal, wood, or even coconut shells. They have a porous surface that is filled with nooks and crannies.

This stage also removes chlorine which is essential to improving taste and odor. The activated carbon filter works by trapping the contaminants and separates it from the water. Over time, the porous surface will get filled by these contaminants thus reducing its efficiency.

Stage 3 – Chemical Removal Filter

The chemical removal filter functions as the last line of defense which thoroughly filters and removes chemicals. It includes lead, mercury, nitrates, and heavy metals like magnesium and calcium.

Benefits of Faucet Water Filter?

Most water filter solutions provide a ton of benefits when utilized well by many. Here are some of the benefits you get when using faucet water filters in your everyday life.

Clean and Healthy Water

Faucet water filters block out the heavy metals and contaminants that are harmful to the body when consumed. Therefore the water produced by a faucet-mounted water filter is safe to use for drinking and cooking.

No Bad Smell or Taste

Almost all types of water filters including faucet water filters are equipped with carbon block filters which are used in eliminating not only contaminants but also improving its taste and odor. It is usually caused by chlorine that is commonly found in municipal waters.  

Cost Saving and Environment Friendly

Using faucet water filters not only gives you clean and healthy water but also benefits well on your finances and the environment around you. Investing in a faucet filter significantly reduces your plastic bottle consumption in the long term. This means that you save up a little bit of cash and fewer plastic bottles to dispose of.

Easy Installation

Installing a water filter can be a daunting task to do so by anyone. The faucet filter is designed to be easy to install. Most customers are able to install it on their own and some even in under 5 minutes.

Who Should Purchase Faucet Filter?

With the size and simplicity of design, this type of water filter is suitable for:

City Waters: Municipally treated tap water in urban areas tends to be less contaminated compared to a well water source. Chlorine is the main contaminant. All of the systems are able to remove it.

Rented Apartment: Practically no hacking or huge installation needed for this type of system makes it a big fan among tenants.

College Students: They often opt for this option or water pitcher options as they are inexpensive systems while still can provide some level of protection towards the contaminated water.

Small Kitchen: No tubing and the bulky canister will make your kitchen looks tidy. It free up some room for some other appliances.

Due to the small size of the system, the function and capability are often quite limited.

If you have a little more budget, you can opt for the countertop water filters which don’t require a lot of installation. It just needs some space near the sink.

Faucet Water Filter Installation

Installing a faucet may differ from product to product. Therefore, when installing your faucet water filters, it is highly recommended to read and follow the instructions before and during the installation process. However, here is the step-by-step general process for installing a faucet water filter.

  1. Turn off your water faucet  – The first step is to turn off your water supply. This is to prevent any possible leaks when installing your faucet water filter.
  2. Attach the adapter – Most faucet water filters come in with an adapter that connects both the tip of the faucet and the water filter. It is best to install this first before installing the rest of the water filter.
  3. Install the faucet filter – Next up is to align and connect your faucet water filter onto the adapter. Make sure to attach to the hole where the water will come in and not the other way around.
  4. Test your faucet filter – After installing your water filter, simply test it out by running water through. Check if there are any leaks and abnormalities that may occur when testing. Check out how to fix leaky faucet.

Clean and activate your faucet filter – The last step is to activate your water filter. This can be done by flushing water for a minimum of 10 minutes to remove any debris. Once it is done, the faucet water filter installation is complete and you may use it  as you please

FAQ For Best Faucet Water Filters

Will faucet water filters fit on any faucet?

Although most faucet water filters will fit on almost any faucet this is not the case for others either. It is highly recommended that you should check with the manufacturer of your faucet before investing in a faucet water filter.

Why is my faucet’s water flow so slow?

It is either the water quality is poor and requires more time and contact with the water or the water pressure may be significantly low.

Slow water flow is also an indication that the filter may have reached its end of life and that you need to change it. When it comes to water pressure, if it is around 30 PSI or lower, then your faucet water filter may struggle to push water to the media at an acceptable speed.

How often do I have to change the filters?

Each faucet water filter cartridge has a certain amount of lifespan before a replacement is needed. Most faucet water filter cartridges have an average life of up to 100 gallons or around 1-2 months which is enough already for a 1-2 person household. If your faucet water filter has a filter change indicator, then you have less to worry about when tracking filter change.

Are faucet water filters better than pitchers?

Similarities: Faucet water filters and water pitchers are both capable of filtering contaminants, therefore use almost the same filtration systems and provides fresh clean water. They have filter cartridges that require replacing when it reaches its lifespan. In terms of cost and maintenance, they are also relatively cheaper compared to other drinking water filters.

Differences: One of the differences between these two is portability. Faucet filters are installed on kitchen faucets while water pitchers are very portable. Faucet water filter however capable to filter on demand whereas a pitcher requires you to refill all the time.

Wrap Up

To conclude this, faucet-mounted filters are one of the affordable water treatment systems that are available for all.

Start getting the best faucet water filter, Engdenton that we suggested, and protect you and your family.

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