Water Filter

Having Filthy Drinking Water?

We help you understand your current water situation and proposed various solution to help resolved your stinky water problem.

Understand Your Source Water

Understand the water that comes into your home and what are the common contaminants associate with it. It helps to identify which filtration system that is suitable for your home.  

Filtration Media

Water filters come in different forms and shape. It is the filtration methods that makes it different. Below are some of the common filtration technique that were used on most of the water filters.

Water Filter Buyer's Guide

We spend hours researching on different water treatment product on the market. Products includes drinking water filter, whole house water filter, water softener, water ionizer and many more. These buyers’ guide will provide detail explanation on various types of water filter, tips on choosing one and how to maintain it. 

Water Filter Product Review

We reviewed some of the most popular water treatment products in the market and provide our unbiased review. 

Water Filter Product Comparison

We compared some of the best water treatment products in the market and provide our honest recommendations based on their performance.