Top 4 Kingston Brass Faucets Reviews

Aren’t we all tired of changing subpar faucets again and again? Rusty and leaky taps have become the new normal for most of our households. Do squeaky clean faucets with zero leakage, and plumbing issues seem impossible?

What if we tell you there is a solution? If your kitchen faucet is giving you a hard time, then Kingston Brass KS1270AXBS is just what you need.

Are you looking for a premium quality faucet to match your kitchen aesthetic? We did hours of research on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and several local resources. After careful consideration, we procured this list of the best kitchen faucets. These are not only supreme in features but also have an affordable price.

Read on this Kingston brass faucets review to find out the optimal choice of faucets suited for you.

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Our Top Pick


Kingston Brass KS1270AXB

The Kingston Brass KS1270AXBS Heritage 8″ comes with a sturdy build, a stylish matte black body, and a drip-free cartridge to prevent any leaking. The fixture is also easy to install and acclaimed for providing value for your money.

Introduction of Kingston Brass

More than two decades ago, CEO Erik T. Chen founded Kingston Brass Faucets & Fixtures. Since then, it has been gaining sales volume and brand image thanks to its digital transition. It is a California-based US firm formed in 1998 by a team of industrial executives.

They believed that supplying high-quality goods is the path to success. They aimed to utilize local resources to come up with remarkable products.

They produce a wide range of high-quality faucets and bath accessories. Their faucets feature premium quality aesthetics and high-standard coatings.

They offer ISO 9000 qualified products. These include towel bars, bathroom accessories, and kitchen faucets.

Benefits of Using Kingston Brass Faucet

Choosing the best kitchen faucet is crucial for the functionality of your kitchen.

This Kingston Brass Faucet Review aims to aid the process.

Kingston Brass  Fixtures are a premium-quality, low-cost solution for all your installation needs. Let’s dive into the advantages these faucets have.

Premium Outlook

Kingston kitchen faucets are pretty attractive, regardless of the price tag. They provide a fantastic selection of modern and traditional faucets in different colors. Each piece has an even weight for appropriate adjustment.

You can find faucets with various textures, designs—for example, satin nickel, polished chrome finish, oil-rubbed bronze finish, and much more.

Top-notch Quality

Kingston is the most dependable brand in the industry when it comes to fixtures and the best faucets. They have excellent quality control; hence their taps seldom spill.

Their kitchen faucets have brass as their primary foundation. This also helps to decrease the corrosion that comes with daily use. The faucet models come with considerable height, which means you can fit in the biggest of dishes.

Excellent Workings

The oxygenation capabilities of their kitchen faucets are exceptional. The pressure of the faucets is adequate for cleansing and quick refilling of jars. In comparison to other brands, their capabilities outweigh the low pricing.

The Kingston Brass Victorian faucets feature a single-hole installation. You can do the installation and repair yourself — no need to call a professional. There is no need to use materials like plumber’s putty. In fact, the brand advises against it.

10-year Warranty

All faucets Kingston Brass produces have brass which makes them durable and stylish. The company also provides a ten-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

In case you need help or a replacement part, contacting Kingston Brass is convenient. Visit the Kingston Brass website and leave a message.

Kingston Brass Faucet Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Classic PickKingston Brass KS1270AXBS Kingston Brass KS1270AXBSMaterial: Brass with oil rubbed bronze finish
Deck mounted 4-hole installation with rotating cross-handle.
Features: Heritage collection, Victorian Style. Modern features with dual metal cross-handles, a matte black body, and a side sprayer.
Water Flowrate:
1.8 GPM
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Pull DownKingston Brass GS8288DL Kingston Brass GS8288DLMaterial: Stainless Steel with Brushed Nickel
Type: Wall Mounted 2-hole installation with pull-down handle.
Features: High arching swivel ability spout with sprayer.
Water Flowrate: 1.8 GPM
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Filtered WaterKingston Brass KSAG8198DL Kingston Brass KSAG8198DL Material: Brass
Type: Deck Mounted 1-hole installation with lever-type zinc handle.
Features: a single lever handle with a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge.
Water Flowrate: 1 GPM
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Wall MountedKingston Brass KS8103DL Kingston Brass KS8103DL Material: Brass
Type: Wall-mounted 1-hole installation with a lever-type handle.
Features: a swing arm swivel double jointed spout with ceramic disc cartridge.
Water Flowrate: 3.8 GPM
Read Full Review

Top 4 Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews

Here are Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews for their top 4 kitchen faucets.

1. Kingston Brass KS1270AXBS (Classic Pick)

Kingston Brass KS1270AXBS

This classical Bridge Kingston Brass Kitchen Faucet is famous for its attractive design. The elegant faucet comes with a Dual Cross Brass Handle that makes it easy to use. The rotating handles ensure smooth rotation.

Its unique design aims to join the two hot and cold inlets with the faucet. Thus, it provides outstanding functionality while retaining the Victorian heritage collection design. This not only gives it a vintage aspect but also makes it worthy of complementing your kitchen’s style.

If you own a period-themed kitchen, the matte black finish of this faucet will perfectly shine against the background. The architecture of the faucet, along with its distinct bridge design and meticulous detailing, will turn your kitchen into a piece of art.

Yet another unique feature is the 360-degree swivel spout. This feature ensures a sturdy and reliant performance. The swivel provides the product with a flexible aspect. It also improves workability when you need more space to clean a ton of utensils.

An added convenience to this already versatile faucet is its side sprayer. It is present besides handles with traditional designs. It excels in cleaning those hard-to-reach spots. Thus, it makes it easier and more fun to work at a busy kitchen sink.

It features a deck mount four-hole installation system that is easy to fit and install. You do not need any type of sealant or caulking for the fitting.

The pressurized spray is its best feature. This sprayer is present besides the handle, and it works on a one-touch principle. You can wash the cutlery in a short time, that too with extreme finesse.

The company engineers its bridge faucets in either brass construction or zinc and brass alloys. The brass body is specifically intended to protect the faucet against soft water corrosion. While the brass and zinc alloy make them corrosion-proof, rust-proof, and durable.

Are you tired of drippy faucets? This brass construction kitchen faucet includes a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge. It offers a leak-free long-lasting performance.

This model is also available in 7 distinct finishes and color options. Thus, it adds style to your vintage kitchen or bathroom and enhances its elegance.

+ Unique Victorian heritage design with a modern touch.
+ The swivel spout rotates 360 degrees allowing greater functionality.
+ The side sprayer is an added convenience and utility.
+ Corrosion-resistant, tarnish-free brass composition.
Part of the side sprayer is plastic.
A bit pricier than other models.

2. Kingston Brass GS8288DL (Pull Down)

Kingston Brass GS8288DL

The Kingston Brass GS8288DL faucet boasts a modern and bold outlook. It comes with a sleek cylindrical design and state-of-the-art touch technology. If you have built your kitchen on a contemporary theme, then this concord collection faucet is the perfect choice for you.

This wall-mounted pull-down faucet offers a versatile spout with a high arching pull. It ensures easy washing of big dishes and cutlery in a pretty efficient manner. The pull-down spout allows it to swivel. Thus, it can access hard-to-reach areas, both in and out of the sink, making it quite flexible and effective.

The metal lever handles enhance the beauty of this modern faucet. The one-of-a-kind, super-efficient dishwashing experience with the pull-down aeration spray will make you fall for this faucet. The water flow rate of 1.8 GPM is a little low, but this brass tap compensates for it with its high-end features.

Tough stains, big dirty dishes, and crockery stand no chance against this spray. It also cleans and removes food stains in a short time.

That is why Kingston Brass is famous for untiring faucets and fixtures. It improves user performance, providing an enjoyable experience during tedious chores.

The sprayer includes jet spray and 2-function streamflow, a choice between a pressurized flow or a smooth, streamlined flow. You can switch between both flows with the click of a button based on your needs and requirements.

The brass composition of the main body makes it less likely to corrode or leak. Even in hard water usage, the polished brass body is pretty resistant and requires the least care. It can be beneficial. for people dealing with rusty faucets.

The colors never fade because of the long-lasting finish. This makes it cleaning incredibly easy. Use a clean damp cloth to rub the stains off the faucet if the need ever arises.

Besides adding a modern touch to the kitchen, it provides a drip-free performance. It comes fitted with a hard disc cartridge, assuring a leak-free solution.

The faucet comes with three finishing and color options. The sleek modern designs and brass body also suit the bold kitchen or bathroom.

+ Versatile spout with a high arching pull.
+ Spray spout with 2- function stream flow modes.
+ Long-Lasting finish and aesthetic brass design.
+ Tough on stains and reaches hard-to-reach spots.
Has a plastic spray head.
Fewer Color options.

3. Kingston Brass KSAG8198DL (Filtered Water)

Kingston Brass KSAG8198DL

The faucet features a sleek style and the top-of-the-line design of the Concord collection. The sole aim of the Concord collection is to provide a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The pristine smoothness of the signature cylindrical handles also adds a certain elegance.

The polished chrome finish of this faucet will perfectly match the contemporary sophistication of your bathroom or kitchen. It is also available polished brass, antique brass, and oil-rubbed bronze finish to provide you with an array of beautiful options.

This model comes with a single lever handle. This gives the faucet both sophistication yet simplicity. All the while conforming to the ADA guidelines.

Besides being part of the revolutionized deck-mounted models, it requires a single-hole installation. Something you, too, can pull off.

It is connected to a reverse osmosis water filtration system to provide instant clean drinkable water. Hence, it’s not only cheap but also stylish. Thus, a beauty with benefits.

With faucets of other brands, the wastewater often gets backed up in the plumbing. This ends up creating discomfort and a polluted environment.

This does not happen with Kingston faucets owing to their state-of-the-art air gap technology. The contaminated water waste that reverses and backs up will not get back into the system. Thus, it prevents any kind of cross-contamination.

The faucet has lead-free polished brass with a brushed nickel finish and zinc handles. Both the materials offer a corrosion-free, rust-proof long-lasting performance.

This commercial-style faucet features Drip-free ceramic cartridge. The cartridge promises leak-free usage along with the economic saving of water. Hence, it remains durable for the long run and resistant to any type of water condition.

It comes in 6 significant colors and finishing options.  The colors never fade and are easy to clean. They display the absolute brilliance of modern-day trends and fashion.

+ Durable faucet with smooth operation
+ Air gap technology to prevent cross-contamination of water systems.
+ Sleek and bold, modern design with a beautiful corrosion-resistant external finish.
+ Single lever handle
The water flow rate of 1 GPM is low compared to other models.
The installation process might not be as easy as other faucets of this brand.

4. Kingston Brass KS8103DL (Wall Mounted)

Kingston Brass KS8103DL

The wall-mount Kingston Brass faucet offers a bold 1930s style to your kitchen or bathroom. It comes with prominent cross handles and boasts a pot filler design.

The powerful complete, polished brass interior makes it strong and long-lasting. This faucet consists of double-jointed arms which extend to reach a distance of 21 inches from the wall.

Besides the main shut-off valve, it has an extra valve at the spout to control water flow. This ensures minimal water wastage. It is, without any doubt, one of the best wall mount faucets.

The faucet has a wall mount design with a single-hole installation system. Another simple attribute of this faucet is a single lever handle.

Adding to its durability and long-lasting performance is its corrosion-resistant nature. It has a soft and hard water resilient solid brass composition. This allows for a sturdy and leak-free experience.

The faucet is robust and durable due to its tarnish-resistant finish. The dirt and rust-proof body make it easy to clean and worth your money.

It has a ceramic disc cartridge, a cost-effective solution to leaky faucets.

This particular faucet offered by Kingston brass comes in 5 different colors. Thus, it Improves the lively aesthetic experience with your choice of style.

+ Elegant looks with its sleek brass finish.
+ Solid brass construction
+ 21-inch spout length for exceptional function.
+ The smooth arms are tuckable with the wall in parallel fashion when not in use.
A low flow rate of 2.2 GPM.
Works only with cold water supply.

Our Verdict: Recommended!

Faucet shopping is a one-time investment. Paired with the fact that a sink is the kitchen’s heart, and the faucet is the most impactful part of it.

The Kingston Brass faucets have a sophisticated design with the latest technology. Their faucets feature ceramic cartridges to prevent leaks. At the same time, several other high-end qualities make washing dishes an easier task for you.

To get the best faucets Kingston Brass offers, choose one from the above-listed faucets. And get the value for your money!

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