Water Softener Guide

By Jodie Calhoun

Do you know that the majority of your household appliances rely on water softeners to work properly?

A water softener can offer many benefits for homeowners, including removing scale buildup in pipes and appliances, preventing soap scum build-up on shower walls, and providing better results when doing laundry or dishes.

Water Softener Buyer's Guide

Have you been considering buying a water softener to improve your quality of life? If so, here are some buyer’s guide that will help you to streamline the buying process. 

The AquaOx

13 Best Water Softener System For 2021

Choosing The Right Water Softener There are many considerations you need to take note of when choosing the right water softener system. It can be a little bit difficult to do so but using the list below may be helpful

Other Buyer's Guide

Water Softener Learning Guide

If you’ve been thinking about buying a water softener for your home, we prepare all these guides to help you answer any questions that you have. Let’s get started!

water softener with installation

How Does A Water Softener Work?

Salt-Based Softener Salt-based water softeners use a salt-based technology. It turns hard water into soft water by processing hard minerals

hard water rust

What Causes Hard Water ?

The Cause Of Hard Water The main reason of classifying the water source as hard water because it contains high

Faucet without water softener

Water Softener Salt FAQ

Will Water Softener Salt Kill Grass? Using soft water to water your plants may lead to adverse effects. Using soft

Glass of water produced from home water softeners

How To Soften Hard Water?

Hard water strips the moisture from your skin and scalp, due to the presence of hard minerals. Calcium and magnesium

Water Softener Product Reviews

We are going through most of the well-known water softeners in the market. about our favorite products. Read on for our comprehensive review of some of the best water softeners on the market.

Aquios Water Softener in a white background

Aquios Water Softener Review

Though salt-based water softeners are a common choice, salt-free softeners are increasingly becoming the choice. The Aquios AQFS220 can be

Fleck Iron Pro 2 in a white background

Fleck Iron Pro 2 Review

With its two-in-one capability, the Fleck iron pro produces high water quality devoid of hard water minerals and iron. The