10 Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

In the world of fixtures and taps, a pull-down faucet is a royalty. They make the whole cleansing process effortless—no more fuss over how to focus the stream of water on a particular spot. Your faucet can handle it for you.

The pull-down mechanism allows the user to utilize the burst as a hand-operated sprayer by pulling it down. Many people find the hand sprayer on these kitchen faucets to be quite convenient to use and grip.

It is an excellent option for rinsing steamy dishes or food debris down the drain and into the garbage can. You can’t afford to make a mistake with your kitchen faucet. Pay great attention to these things before purchasing the best pull-down kitchen faucet on the market. We’ll go over every feature one by one in these kitchen faucet reviews.

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Our Top Pick


Moen Arbor 7594E

This faucet is a perfect mix of every feature you would need. It is here to meet the needs of almost every kitchen on the planet. Its spot resistance, motion sensing, and power cleaning technology make it the star of our list.

Why Should You Buy A Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet?

The kitchen is known as the “soul of the house” for a purpose. It is a busy place, with family functions, visitors, and delicious cuisine to prepare. As a result, a kitchen must be inspirational, bright, appealing, and, above all, practical.

Small elements like the kitchen faucet can be easily neglected when planning or redesigning a kitchen. Isn’t a faucet just a faucet? Not at all! The kitchen sink sees a lot of action in the whole day, and there is nothing more frustrating than filling a coffee jug or teapot in a rush while battling at the sink with a large pot.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a pull-down kitchen faucet:

Pull-down Faucets are Convenient

Due to its flexibility, a pull-down faucet may be placed deeper in the sink, enabling a homeowner to wipe hard-to-reach areas in their kitchen sink. This ensures a complete but simple clean. Filling pots and kettles are simple with such a kitchen faucet because of its high arc.

No Need for a Dishwasher

With a pull-down type kitchen faucet, those hard-to-reach dishes that are closely impossible to slide into the sink under a conventional faucet are no problem. Draw the faucet and aim it into the pot, and you are done! You will be able to clean your dishes without busting into a sweat, which will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Comparison

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top PickMoen Arbor 7594E Moen Arbor 7594EHandle Type: Pull down
Features: Spot resistant, Power clean, retractable hose, 15.5 Inches spout height
Flow Rate: 1.5 Gallons per minute
Material: Stainless alloy steel
Price: 439.45$
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Budget PickWEWE Single Handle WEWE Single HandleHandle Type: Lever
Sleek design, three-way spray, 8.5 Inches spout height, retractable hose, deck plate
Flow Rate:
1.5 gallons per minute
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Popular PickDelta Faucet Essa Delta Faucet EssaHandle Type: Lever
Features: Durable, Magnetic docking, Patented DIAMOND seal technology, 9 Inches spout height.
Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
Material: Metal
Price: 181.91$
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Delta 9178T-DST Delta 9178T-DSTHandle Type: Lever
Features: Touch on/off, Magnetic docking, LED indicator, powerful spray, DIAMOND seal technology
Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
Material: Zinc
Price: 252.03$
Read Full Review
Moen Arbor 7594srs Moen Arbor 7594srsHandle Type: Pull down
Features: Spot resistant, boosted stream, retractable hose, multiple spray modes
Flow Rate: 1.5 Gallons per minute
Material: Alloy steel
Price: 272.36$
Read Full Review
Kraus KPF-1610SS Kraus KPF-1610SSHandle Type: Lever
Features: Water-resistant finish, dual-function retractable spray head, innovative handle design
Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute
Material: Brass with stainless steel finish
Price: 149.95$
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Kohler Simplice Kohler SimpliceHandle Type: Pull down
Features: 3 function spray head, magnetic docking, durable, long-lasting
Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons per minute
Material: Brass
Price: 194.99$
Read Full Review
KOHLER K-596-CP KOHLER K-596-CPHandle Type: Lever
Features: Lifetime limited warranty, sweep spray technology, magnetic docking
Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute
Material: Metal
Price: 235.35$
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GICASA Solid  GICASA SolidHandle Type: Lever
Features: 360-degree swivel, deck mount plug profile, oil rubbed bronze finish, aerated stream, 5.71″ spout height
Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
Material: Copper
Price: 137.68$
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Moen 5923 Moen 5923Handle Type: Lever
Features: Chrome finish, Duralock quick connect system, Power boost technology
Flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute
Material: Alloy Steel
Price: 265.53$
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Top 10 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Moen Arbor 7594E (Top Pick)

Moen Arbor 7594E

The Moen 7594E is the most popular touchless kitchen faucet. It begins by recognizing your hand motions, which it does flawlessly. The kitchen sink faucet includes two sensors: the “ready sensor” detects movement under the faucet. In contrast, the “top sensor” detects movement above the tap and turns it on.

The Moen Arbor 7594E has a 68-inch pull-out hose, and not every faucet offers this feature. It comes out the first time you pull it and then slides back in like a snake. Its length eliminates the need to take heavy pots to the basin.

A quick installation is sure to increase your excitement to have the faucet running. That is basically why the manufacturers have adapted a Hydro lock Quick-Connect Installation System. It can also hold a faucet filter.

The faucet holds the water lines neatly into one place and eliminates the need for additional tools. The only extra step is mounting up the control box, and that is pretty simple as well. Follow the instructions, and it will guide your entire process.

The warranty is the most crucial assurance a company can provide related to the product. It also increases the buyer’s trust in the brand. The good thing about the Moen 7594E is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

+ The motion detectors work perfectly at an incredible speed.
+ The build quality is excellent.
+ It is pretty simple to set up.
+ Stylish and long-lasting
+ Sprayer with a long pull-down hose
+ A switch on the sprayer allows you to stop the flow of water.
The batteries dry quickly
You will have to purchase an AC adapter

Check out how this faucet performs compare to the rest in this best Moen faucet review.

2. WEWE Single Handle (Budget Pick)

WEWE Single Handle

We recommend the Wewe single-handed kitchen faucet if you have a budget of less than $100. This kitchen sink faucet is presently the best-selling item on Amazon, and it deserves a look.

As per modern requirements, the Wewe kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer has a single lateral handle for rapid and straightforward adjustment of water flow rate and temperature. You can cover all corners of your sink with a telescopic sprayer head and a 360-rotation nozzle.

The WEWE faucet is a deck-mounted single-hole mechanism. All installation components and a deck plate will be included in the box for a subtle, perfect finish. The primary body of this faucet is made up of brass. The nozzle is stainless steel, the grip is zinc-alloy, and the aerator manufactured industrial-grade plastic (ABS).

The company’s headquarters are not in the United States (WEWE is located in Hong Kong) may cause purchasers concern. Consumers seem to be happy with their purchases and vendor assistance, given the distance.

+ Pull down sprayer
+ Three-way sprayer setting
+ High-quality stainless steel
+ Easy to install
Not suitable for commercial or long term use

To learn more, visit our latest review on WEWE kitchen faucet now.

3. Delta Faucet Essa (Popular Pick)

Delta Faucet Essa

The Delta Essa model is a gadget that blends appearance and structure into a single small container and sells for a reasonable price. A pull-down sprayer is included in the basic flexible design, giving you more functional capacity.

This delta faucet’s height is 16.5 inches, with an additional 24 inches accessible from the pull-down function, allowing for a broad range of motion. This is the ideal choice if you need more room and ease of application in your kitchen, as well as a faucet that can handle a variety of tasks.

The pull-down sprayer is one of the key features that draws most consumers to the Delta Essa model. There is no second opinion that this is a critical feature that helps differentiate this kitchen sink faucet from competitors.

The spray head is also entirely supported, eliminating the risk of it dropping, which is a typical cause of leaks and long-term durability problems. On the other hand, the Delta Faucet Essa is built to last and handle your home chores with comfort.

+ Patented Diamond seal technology
+ It is available in four different finishes.
+ Because of the elevation of the faucet, there is plenty of room to work.
+ You can make the most of tiny sinks and spaces with the 360-degree spin.
+ The package comes with a decking plate.
Many inner parts are made with plastic
Pretty big
Complex installation

Check out how this faucet compares to others in our latest Delta Kitchen Pull Down Faucet Review.

4. Delta 9178T-DST

Delta 9178T-DST

One may assume that a faucet with a classic appearance would lack advanced functionality. That may be valid for other faucets, but it is not true for this delta faucet. The Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST comes with so many functions that will come in handy in the kitchen.

The touch2O option is one of the most delicate features of this device. To turn the faucet on or off, touch the nozzle anywhere on the spout. The water stream begins to flow the instant you contact it. The handle and controls on the spray wand alter the warmth and flow mode.

A 20-inch retractable hose is included in the Delta faucet model to reach anywhere in the kitchen sink.

This is nothing remarkable compared to the competition, but it will be perfect for clearing the sink or filling pots and glasses. It is a little small, but it is relatively flexible. On a single button on the sprayer’s head, three distinct streams are accessible.

The Shield Spray is perfect for any usage things, and it saves a lot of drinking water compared to regular spray for cleaning and regular-stream.

+ The appearance is traditional with high-tech features.
+ Touch2O technology switches the water on and off.
+ There are four unique styles to select from.
+ Three convenient streams of water
+ A 360-degree spout spinning LED light that indicates the water temperature
Very short hose

5. Moen Arbor 7594srs

Moen Arbor 7594srs

The Moen Arbor 7594srs unit weighs 5 pounds, which is a great weight and has a sturdy feel. This may appear to be a minor point. But the touch of the faucet in your palm is quite essential when buying a high-quality kitchen faucet.

The reliability of a faucet is an important consideration when purchasing one, but the Moen 7594SRS makes it simple. People buy inexpensive faucets. And, they start having problems with even the most essential elements shortly after they finish mounting them. For example, blocked filters right after the first time they turn on the water.

You will be amazed by how little moisture was left around the sink after you have used it. It also has a high Pressure and two spray modes: a solid water stream for washing tableware and a multi-stream spray for washing vegetables.

This model also has the handy “Motion Sense” function, which allows you to operate hands-free. Simply put your hand over the detector to stop and start the flow of water.

+ Rotating handle
+ There will be no splattering or splashing
+ Appealing aesthetics
+ Cleaning is simple
+ Reliable warranty
Slightly low water pressure
Difficult to install

6. Kraus KPF-1610SS

Kraus KPF-1610SS

This Kraus kitchen faucet has a height of 18 inches, making it a proper solution for most kitchens. It also includes a dual-function spray that can shift between a strong pre-wash and a foamy mode. Kraus created this faucet in such a style that it never becomes a leaking faucet.

The faucet also comes with a removable nozzle that can extend up to 2 feet and is just 6.39 pounds in weight. The faucet features a steel appearance and solid brass construction that is built to last. The stainless coating also offers corrosion and stain resistance.

The deck-mount faucet is simple to install and works well with single-hole kitchen sinks. One of the most striking features of the KPF-1610SS is that it is built to last and keep its gleaming, blemish-resistant stainless steel surface.

Furthermore, the sleek and small design complements any kitchen style; regardless of the aesthetic theme you pick for your kitchen, this faucet will blend in seamlessly. It is effortless to install and comes with a pre-assembled kit and mounting bracket, as well as all of these fascinating features.

+ This versatile water flow makes it ideal for a variety of culinary activities
+ It has a slim, contemporary appearance that will blend with any kitchen design
+ The flexible design allows for easy edgy movement
+ The nozzle is detachable and can reach a distance of up to 2 feet
In comparison to other models, the head hangs very downward
Instead of metal, the sprayer head is plastic in nature.

7. KOHLER Simplice

KOHLER Simplice

The chrome finishing of this faucet is its most notable feature for me. The chrome surface almost seems to absorb light. Its reflecting qualities make it easy to include whatever is reflected in what appears to be a design element. This makes Kohler’s single-hole best kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer suitable for almost any kitchen design.

It does not matter what style it is or what other home decoration pieces you pair this faucet with. It serves admirably as the kitchen’s focal point. The design is contemporary, and the primary material is metal. In any scenario, it would never seem to be that dissimilar from the shiny chrome finish.

This faucet indeed accomplishes the job of providing an aesthetic look to your kitchen. Most of the metal faucets out there make you go through a difficult phase due to corrosion. The chrome finish in this product addresses that issue. Just make sure there are no cracks or chips away throughout the installation.

+ Design that is suitable for everyone
+ Exceptional finishing
+ Matching soap dispenser
+ The body is made up of solid metal
+ Spout with a 360-degree rotation and a high arc
+ There is enough space between the sink and the faucet
Not too reliable for a long term use

8. KOHLER Bellera K-560-VS

KOHLER Bellera K-560-VS

With a beautiful high arc spout and a comfortable mono lever, the Bellera faucet has a streamlined design. The addition of concave edges enhances the faucet’s attractiveness. The style is a blend of traditional and futuristic, making it an excellent complement to various kitchen themes.

Furthermore, the spout rotates 360 degrees. If you put this faucet on a kitchen counter or a dual basin sink, you will have even more space in the sink, which will be easier to use. The faucet’s body is composed of pure metal, giving it a protective case. Ceramic disc chambers are included in the package to ensure the fixture’s lifespan. These are up to industrial standards for long-lasting performance.

This Kohler K-560-VS Bellera’s pull-down head separates from the end of the nozzle and reaches into the bowl. The spraying head is ideally designed to fit in your hand and provides enough mobility for that close-up kitchen sink job.

A twisted nylon hose and a tilting ball joint are included in the entire pull-down mechanism. The combo provides added versatility, allowing you to aim the stream at any angle easily. You can even access items on your table if they are standing there.

+ Three function spray with boosted functionality for everyday cleaning
+ High-quality materials are used to create a long-lasting body
+ Pro Motion and Docketed technologies make using removable spray heads fun and straightforward
Smaller hose
Needs a plumber for installation

9. GICASA Solid


GICASA solid is not just an accessory; it is your kitchen’s necessity! It is a high-quality lead-free brass faucet with oil rubbed bronze finish. And you know what? This high-tech faucet has passed the salt spray test, which adds value to it.

Moreover, this faucet also has a rust-resistant finish, so you no longer need to worry about rusty taps. It comes with a high arc spout swivels 360, which means complete sink coverage.

The design is very chic and elegant, which will perfectly go with the modern kitchen. It has a single lever with good flow and temperature control. Splash-free aerated stream, steady pause function, and dual spray mode are just some of the features that make this faucet ideal.

The best thing is, it is 100% tested, which proves that it will not leak. It comes up with two water inlet pipes. The ceramic cartridges are almost checked 5000000 times which confirms durability and long-lasting! All in all, it’s a good investment.

+ Complete sink coverage of water stream
+ No leakage
+ It makes everyday cleaning easy with a faucet aerator
+ Available in a reasonable price range
The spout is not sturdy enough
Moderately difficult to install

10. Moen 5923

Moen 5923

If a modern style faucet is all you need for your kitchen, then Moen 5923 is a perfect choice. This versatile, designed faucet has a chrome finish which makes the tap as clear as a mirror.

With Motion-Sense Wave’s touchless single-sensor activation, you can effortlessly switch the water on and off by waving your hand. The in-house style faucet has a lengthy adjustable structure and provides your kitchen a contemporary modern flair.

The extended necks and beautiful bend on them are two reasons why property owners support them so much. However, the high arc spout provides height and good coverage, quickly reaching containers to fill them.

Do you know what the best feature is? Moen designed the Power Clean technology. It helps you clean the utensils quickly and save time as this technology has improved and concentrated spray.

Make washing utensils easy and fast by using this efficient faucet. You do not need tools and heavy machinery to install this piece of art in your kitchen.

+ Three times more reach than other residential faucets
+ Easy installation due to Dura lock quick connect system
+ One handle lever handle
+ Aerated stream for powerful rinsing
Plastic material sprayer head
Too much friction in retractable hose

Benefits Of Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

The majority of water taps in average homes are fitted. However, because many sinks in households are effectively dual sinks, they must spin left and right often. This causes them to loosen and leak over time, reducing the faucet’s lifespan. Then, there comes a pull-down faucet that can help you with all this hassle.

360 ° Rotating Hose

Within the pull-down faucet is a stainless steel hose. Pull off the hose from the faucet if you want to re-sink or spin left and right, so the water does not get all over the place. Very user-friendly and straightforward.


The pull-down faucets are suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, terrace, and farmhouse sinks. A tiny faucet may considerably increase the quality of life if the housing style is thoughtful.

Eye-Catching Designs

Homeowners and professionals are not bound to traditional chrome since pull-down kitchen faucets are trendy—several finish choices to choose from, with something that will suit every home interior.

A brushed nickel finish is ideal for conventional and classic kitchens, but it also looks great in a futuristic or serene kitchen. Matte black is gorgeous and does not overwhelm the kitchen decoration if you want something a little edgier. Classic chrome is, of course, traditional and attractive.

 Part of what makes a spring kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer so appealing is its appearance. It is not only practical but also beautiful in any finishing.

Easy to Maintain

While a spring pull-down kitchen faucet may appear the peak of elegance and refinement, they are incredibly low-maintenance. Simply use it as you would a conventional tap to enjoy the most of it.

While servicing a spring kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer varies significantly depending on the finishing, there are a few simple principles to follow. Most taps may be cleaned regularly with a simple wipe down and weekly with light soap and warm water to break down oil and dirt.

One of the best pull down kitchen faucet's styles and benefits in the frames

How To Pick A Pull Down Kitchen Faucet?

One of the busiest kitchen equipment is the faucet. It is necessary for daily chores, including meal preparation, cooking, cleaning, and sanitizing. The faucet is most likely the element in your kitchen that you deal with the most.

The faucet, which takes center stage, is also one of the most critical design elements in your kitchen. The appropriate fixture will not only improve the functioning of your kitchen but will also represent your sense. Your kitchen faucet will be a specific part of your house for years, telling a story about how the kitchen is utilized.

However, with so many choices, how can you choose the best one? Here is a list of some essential factors to think about while selecting the best kitchen faucets.

Design and Style

Yes, a kitchen faucet may reveal a lot about a person’s choice and taste. It should complement and enhance the appearance of your kitchen. The faucet is typically the apex of kitchen design, with everything fitting into place around it owing to its unique location. Look for faucets with a brushed nickel finish or stainless finish for a contemporary look.

Handle Type

Some kitchen faucet options have an equal impact on both design and meaning. One of the elements that cross both criteria is the handle type. A single-handle faucet is ideal for someone who prepares and cooks the majority of their food at home.

If necessary, heat and pressure may be readily changed and fine-tuned with one hand, one finger, or perhaps an elbow. It is an excellent alternative for busy kitchens and anybody with restricted mobility.

Value for Money

While shopping for a kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer, always choose the one which is the best value for money. No matter how expensive or lavish faucets you buy, there will be new technology or trend in the market just after a few years. So, if you are already on a tight budget, go for a mid-range kitchen faucet.

Height of The Pull-Down Faucet

Your faucet’s height may be both attractive and practical. A taller faucet can transform the look of your kitchen. If your sink is hidden behind cupboards and size is an issue, a commercial design faucet will fit without losing profile or utility.

Faucet Arc

Distance between the peak of the sink and the bottom of the spout is known as the faucet arc. You could prefer a high arc to fill and manage large utensils or a reduced height faucet that does not obstruct the sight. According to your usage, faucet arc can be an essential element.

Sprayer Function

Pull-down faucets feature a sprayer hose that reaches down from the main faucet body more towards the sink. A switch or lever system on these best kitchen faucets enables you to choose between an aerated stream and a forceful spray of water from the very same spout.

One of the best pull-down kitchen faucet's stream, spray and pause mode


Is your pull-down kitchen faucet wall-mounted or counter-mounted? Is it essential to align your faucet to the existing countertop holes of your old faucet? On the other hand, will you install new countertops first and then decide on a tap before cutting the mounting holes?

It is essential to understand your mounting type before selecting a faucet. Your faucet must match the number of holes made into your tabletop or sink.


Changing your faucet generally demands some digging beneath the counter. It is not a challenging DIY project, but it does need some creativity. After mounting, all you need to do is connect water supply lines, and that’s all. If you do not know how to attach a supply pipe to the sprayer or other such tasks, we suggest you call a plumber or a professional.


The faucet finish is one of the most significant design factors. Trends come and go, but specific classics never go out of style. You may add modernity with brushed gold or matte black. You may even go for a two-tone appearance, such as a Matte Black and Stainless Steel combination finish. A gleaming Chrome finish may lend a touch of class, while Spot-Resist Stainless finish prevents water stains and fingerprints, making cleaning a pleasure.

How to Clean a Pull Down Spray Head?

The stains and mineral build-up on the faucet and make them seem old over time. Cleaning the spray head of the best pull-down kitchen faucet is simple. If you haven’t cleaned yours in quite a while, now is probably the best time to do it. It is easy to keep them fresh for longer, and you certainly already have all of the necessary cleaning supplies.

When cleaning the faucet spray head, avoid using an abrasive cleanser or abrasive brush. It would help if you used soap and a hot water mixture. Acids are harmful to the faucet body; therefore, super-strong cleaning contains them.

Some pull-down kitchen faucets include a tab that you must push in before turning off. You should tie the spray hose through a loose knot to protect it from dropping.

Pull-out Vs. Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

There is not a big difference between these kitchen faucets, but it is significant for those who know. When the spraying head is not being used, it securely adheres to its original position in both variants. The first distinction is that a kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer has a more extended nozzle compressed to draw the faucet out.

The arc of a pull-down faucet is greater, and therefore needs more room beneath the cupboard for fitting.

The primary difference is that the spray nozzle on a pull-down kitchen faucet is smaller than on a pull-out kitchen faucet. The pull-out faucet has a slight arc and an increased hose length. A pull-down faucet is more convenient to use than the other one.

 FAQS on Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Does the pull-down faucet swivel 360 degrees?

Yes, these faucets usually do have a high arc. To compensate for taking up so much space, they offer 180 or 360-degree swivel support.

Will all faucets fit my sink?

No, all faucets will not fit in your sink. All the faucets come with different mounts, so you will have to find suitable support for your sink. Measure and count the holes in your sink to find the best mount.

How to keep your faucet clean?

You can keep your faucet clean by:
– Wash and sanitize sinks and their surroundings regularly
– Drains should be kept clear
– For consuming and cooking, consider cold faucet water

How long does my faucet last?

Different faucet brands offer additional warranties, but nobody can estimate how long a faucet will last. Depending upon the quality, usage, and maintenance, an average faucet will last from somewhere around 10-20 years.

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