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Water Filter System

Water treatment products has become an essential item for all home due to the deteriorating water quality. Homeowners are giving no chance but to invest in water filters to prevent contaminants from getting into the house. 

However, choosing a water filter that suits your needs might be a daunting task as there are hundreds of products across different types of water filters. We break it down into 3 categories according to priority.

Pouring a glass of water

Priority 1: Drinking Water Filter

This type of water filter is responsible for providing drinkable tap water. The aim is to remove as many water contaminants as possible. 

The filters include a reverse osmosis system, under sink filter, countertop water filter, faucet-mounted filter, water pitchers, water distiller, and water ionizer

Additionally, some drinking water filters come with additional features such as alkaline remineralization and fluoride filtrations

We recommend investing in a drinking water filter before looking at other types of filtration systems as it ensures we have healthy drinking water. 

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter Full System

Priority 2: Whole House Filtration System

From the name, the whole house water filter is responsible for removing water contaminants before it enters the house. It is installed at the point of entry after the water meter. 

Depends on the source water and contaminants that you wanted to remove, there are different types of filtration systems in this category. It includes a whole house filtration system, water softener, sediment filter, iron filter, and UV filtration system. 

We recommend getting your source water tested with a home water test kit before purchasing a whole house water filter to ensure it filters the correct contaminants.

Aquabliss Shower Filter

Low Priority: Other Water Filters

Other types of water filters, which are not as important as the two categories above are classified in this category. 

The water filters include shower filters, refrigerator filters, water dispensers, outdoor backpacking water filters, portable water filter,s and water bottles with filters

These filtration systems are non-essential but it is good to invest in one if you are a frequent traveller or having some skin problems.

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