Can You Use Water Softener Salt to Melt Ice?

Ice is a problem when it accumulates. With lasting winters, come snowfalls, and subsequent freezing.

Although initially, it seems like fun, when the time comes it’s a hassle to take care of! But don’t worry, there’s plenty of common methods that you can try for yourself!

Most of these methods are composed of materials you may find at home! Follow the simple tips below to make things easier for yourself!

Water softener salt and ice cubes on a black surface

Does Water Softener Salt Melt Ice on the SideWalk?

Other than a traditional method to get rid of ice, there’s another method that can be used. Water softener salt.

Yes, water softener salt helps get rid of ice on your sidewalks.

Typically, water softening salt is used to eliminate hard minerals from your water supply. The elimination is necessary to prevent the accumulation of scale buildup.

Water softener salt is safe since it’s used for removing hard minerals from the water. Therefore it’s safe for both animal and human consumption.

SideWalk Salt vs Softener Salt

Softener Salt

Softener salt is also known as solar salt. This is because of the way it is created. Large amounts of saltwater are left to evaporate through the sun, wind, and air.

What’s left behind is up to 99.99% pure solar salt. This is why it is used in water softening units, to prevent impurities from interfering in the brine tank.

In addition, solar salt has larger crystals. This makes them more expensive. So you’re spending a large amount of money to attain the same result you would by using rock salt instead.

Sidewalk Salt

Sidewalk salt is also known as rock salt. Rock salt isn’t made but is rather taken directly from the ground.

That is why it has a 95% purity rate only. Since it’s extracted directly from the ground it contains impurities which include clay, dirt, and other minerals.

You can use sidewalk salt to melt ice, but using it in a water softener unit will impair it. The high level of impurities is harmful to the resin bed and will clog it.

This means your water softener may require more salt, more cleaning, and maintenance.


Yes, softener salt can be used to melt ice, however, it would be like throwing money away!

We hope this helped you!