Brita Faucet Filter Review


Although Brita is a well-known brand, the faucet filter is still considered quite AVERAGE in our opinion based on our review on the design, capability and on-going maintenance cost.





Brita is one of the top brands when it comes to water pitchers and faucet water filters. We often see comparisons between Brita VS PUR faucet mounted water filters as they are the two big brands for simple and affordable water treatment products.

In this Brita faucet filter review, we will look into the key features of all the filters available in the market with their cartridges.

Brita Faucet-Mounted Filter Review

3 Faucet Filter Design. 

There are 3 different faucet filtration models available in Brita. 

The Basic Model and Complete Chrome model listed above are basically having the same functionality except for the material that was used. They share the same filtration cartridge and easily switch between filtered and unfiltered water using the knob on the filter. 

The Brita Advanced Faucet Filtration system only comes with a white BPA free plastic body, unlike the previous model. 

What makes it different from the previous model is there is an additional flow type option, spray unfiltered water in this faucet filter. 

All 3 models come with filter lifespan indicator. 

Single Filtration Cartridge

Brita uses a single filter in all it’s faucet filtration system. 

There is limited information published by Brita regarding the content and technology been used on their filtration cartridge. 

What was claimed by Brita is their faucet filter is capable of removing 99% of lead and reducing the chlorine taste and odor, benzene, asbestos, trichloroethylene and other contaminants that were found in tap water. 

A list of the contaminants that were removed by this filter is listed here

Certified Against NSF

Brita claims to be certified against NSF/ANSI Standard 53 and 42 and 401 for reducing lead, chlorine and many more that were listed on this performance sheet

What Do We like About This Filter? 

Easy Installation : All of the faucet filters are easy on installation. For Brita, you just need to tighten the mounting collar towards the threads of sink faucet and that’s it.  

One Cartridge fits all: The same cartridge fits all the faucet filter for Brita. If one model has discontinued, the replacement filter that you purchase can be used in other models in Brita.  

Decent Warranty: Although the warranty period is not as long as PUR (2 years), the 1-year limited warranty is good enough for now. 

Long Lifespan: 100 gallons of lifespan on the filter is considered a decent amount of filtration water for a faucet filter. 

No Fancy Choice: There are not many fancy choices and supplementary features added to the system

Light Indicator Filter Lifespan: All the model comes with a light indicator on the filter lifespan. 

What Do We Hate About This Filter? 

I am a little bit puzzled with the quality of faucet filters. Most people complaint on the build quality which causes a leak. 

Here are a few downsides from the Brita Faucet Filter:  

Quality Issues: Build quality is one major flaw on the faucet filter. Especially on the chrome faucet filter, the cartridge doesn’t fit well after some time.  

Basic Filtration: Not suitable for heavy contaminated source water. Recommended to be used on urban source water only. 

Slightly Pricey on Cartridge: The cartridge is slightly expensive compared to other such as PUR.  

Maintenance and Replacement

Every Brita cartridge can serve up to 100 gallons of water. However, this may vary from home to home due to the condition of the water source. 

For 100 gallons, it will probably last you 2-3 months depending on the usage. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $78 (3 X 2-Pack Basic Filter)

Pros and Cons

+ Remove up to 99% of lead and reduce chlorine, benzene, and others.
+ 1 year limited warranty.
+ Certified against NSF Standard 401, 52 and 43.
+ Filter cartridge compatible to all faucet filter by Brita.
Not suitable for a highly contaminated water source.
Bad quality design especially on the chrome model.
Expensive replacement cost.

Verdict: Average

Expert View:

Brita, similar to PUR, was rated as AVERAGE for the following reason. 

  • Filter Capability: It is tested and claimed by Brita to have great filtration on its faucet filters. 
  • Standard Warranty: 1-year warranty on this faucet filter. 
  • Expensive Running Cost: It may cost you close to $100 for the replacement every year although it is affordable in the initial investment.
  • Leaky Design: The design is so bad that the filter will fall off in some cases when switching to the filtered water option. Happens on the chrome type model. 

To be fair, not all the model is having this problem. The Brita Advanced Faucet Filter is great in design and most of the customers are happy about it. Avoid the basic and chrome design of the faucet filter. Let us know what you think about this Brita faucet filter review.

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