Brita Longlast Water Filter Pitcher Review


Brita water filter pitcher has been years in the best-seller brand in Amazon. There are more than 1000 reviews on the product. For people living in the urban area, Brita is sufficient to purified the chlorine taste and odor. Anything beyond that, try look for other alternatives.





Everyone knows Brita as one of the well-known water pitcher brands. Apart from pitchers, they focus on faucet mounted water filter which is easily attached to the kitchen faucet.

They have more than 10 different models in the market for just water pitchers which are using three different types of replacement cartridges.

In this Brita water pitcher review, we will look closely on some of their best seller products alongside with their filter capability.

Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review

Whenever we think of water pitchers or comparison, people will tend to compare Brita vs PUR water filters. While there are so many different models to choose from, how do we know which is good?

For filtration system, the first thing that we look at is the capability of the filter.

In 1 Minute, You Will Know All Brita’s Filter 

The main function of Brita’s filters is able to remove chlorine taste and odor from the source water.

Activated carbon granules act like a sponge. An Ion Exchange Resin acts like a magnet to attract and hold the contaminants.

Here is the breakdown of the 3 different types of filter.

Brita Standard Filter

It is filled with activated carbon granules which act like a sponge, coupled with ion exchange resin to hold the contaminants such as chlorine.

Besides, it reduces mercury, carbon, cadmium, and zinc.

This type of cartridge is meant for the traditional reservoir type water pitcher.

Brita Stream Filter

The features are almost similar to the standard filter. Primarily it is for the removal of chlorine.

It is structured as a dual-layer activation carbon filter which provides a large surface area to perform the adsorption of contaminants.

This cartridge only can be used in the model that has the Filter-As-You-Pour technology. You can’t use it in a normal Brita Pitcher.

Brita Longlast Filter 

This is an enhanced version or the big brother of the standard filter.

It has the usual capability of the standard filter with an additional capability of removing asbestos, class 1 particulate, benzene and most importantly, 99.9% of lead.

Apart from that, the filtration capacity is 3X more than the standard filter.

Pitcher’s Capacity

5-12 Cup Pitcher: Brita comes with a different capacity of water jugs to suit every household.

18 Cups Dispenser: If 12 cups is not enough for you, why not try out their 18 cup dispenser? It is sleek in design which is suitable for your modern house.

Design and Housing

Brita packed their water jugs with different additional features. It includes:

WIFI Connected

Brita Infinity has WIFI capability to transform the pitcher into a smart device.

It tracks your filter usage and automatically orders the replacement filter via Amazon Dash Replenishment. You never short of filter again.

Autofill Lit

The 10 Cup Capacity Brita Lake, is able to refill without lifting off the lit. It is most suitable for busy mums which can fill up the pitcher easily and effortlessly.

Stainless Steel Body

The Brita Stainless Steel pitcher provides a quality housing which is long lasting compared to the plastic casing. The sleek design will blend into your kitchen perfectly.

Electronic Filter Indicator

Most of the Brita pitcher comes with the electronic filter indicator which provides information regarding the filter lifespan. It is more accurate instead of you decide to make the replacement based on calendar month.

Maintenance and Replacement

Brita water filter pitcher’s replacement varies according to the filter cartridge that was used.

  • Brita Standard Filter: 40 Gallons or up to 2 months for 2 person usage.
  • Brita Stream Filter: 40 Gallons or up to 2 months for 2 person usage.
  • Brita Longlast Filter: 120 Gallons or up to 6 months for 2 person usage.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $33(Standard and Longlast Filter),  $40(Stream Filter)

Pros and Cons

+ Brita Longlast filter removes Lead, mercury, and the usual chlorine taste and smell.
+ Filter-As-You-Pour technology.
+ Come with different size and additional features
+ Price is affordable.
Not suitable to be used on water source which has microorganisms.
A short 30 days unconditional guarantee on all Brita jugs.
No alkaline remineralization
Short filter lifespan.
Poor design that makes it leaky.

Verdict: Average

Expert View:

Brita water filter pitcher is one of the best seller jugs in Amazon. After our thorough review, we classified Brita as an average pitcher due to the several reasons below:

  • Limited Filtration: Well it is good at removing chlorine, it is only suitable for the city water. Preferably less contaminated water source.
  • 30 Days Guarantee: Brita only offers 30-day unconditional money back guarantee with no warranty
  • Various Model: It comes with different features such as WIFI connection, autofit-lid, stainless steel, and electronic filter indicator.
  • Filter-As-You-Pour: It’s a new technology which will filter when you pour the water from the jug.
  • Poor Design: Many customers complain about the poor design which is leaky in the reservoir which mixed the unfiltered water with the filtered water when pouring it.

Let us know if our Brita water pitcher review answer all your questions.

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