PUR Water Filter Pitcher Review


Although PUR’s filter is capable of removing a lot of contaminants, the quality of the pitcher is one of the concerns for many customers. Most of the complaint on the leaky and brittle casing. However, the dispenser very much prefered by most of the customer.





PUR has been in the water treatment industry for decades. They specialize in producing affordable water pitchers and faucet filters which is targeting young adults and students. 

Brita vs PUR has always been a hot topic. In this PUR water filter pitcher review, we will explore how well the pitcher performs.

PUR Water Pitcher Review

PUR always comes into the picture whenever people are looking for alternatives to Brita.  They have 4 different types of filtered water jugs and two water dispensers.  

Just how good are these filters compare to Brita? Let’s find out below.

Two Filtration Cartridges

Most of the pitcher filters don’t have any additional contamination removal other than chlorine. However, PUR has gone through some of the thorough certification processes on contamination reduction.

Both filters are compatible to all the pitchers and dispenser by PUR. 

UR Basic Filter

The basic PUR filter is built from activated carbon filters with ion exchange material. The MAXION technology is a method that was used by PUR to perfectly blend the two materials to maximize contamination reduction. 

Based on the NSF/ANSI certification data sheet, it is capable of reducing major contaminants such as mercury (95%), chlorine (97.5%), Zinc (86%), Class 1 Particulate(99%) and many more. 

PUR Filter With Lead Reduction

This cartridge basically has all the functionality from the PUR Basic Filter. In addition, the Lead filtered media is blended together using the MAXION technology.

Based on the certification report, the Lead reduction is up to 99.4% from the contaminated water source. This filter is suitable for old houses which high Lead are found in the plumbing pipes. 

For more information about the report, you can visit PUR’s official website or download the data sheet.  

PUR activated carbon filters are made from coconut shells, which are ‘heat treated’ with steam. This produces pores within each grain of carbon, creating tiny tunnels and spaces, 1,000 square meters of surface area per gram of carbon.

That’s approximately 200,000 square feet of nooks and crannies to absorb and trap the contaminants in your tap water in each PUR faucet filter.

Pitcher’s Capacity

7 and 11 Cup Pitcher: PUR comes with 2 models each of the 7 Cups and 11 Cups pitcher which is suitable for personal and family usage. 

18 Cups Dispenser: If you have more than 4 family members, you can consider the 18 Cups Dispenser from PUR. 

Design and Housing

The PUR jugs are made of BPA Free plastic couple with an easy-fill lid and a comfort grip handle. 

Easy Fill Lid

All the pitcher comes with the easy-fill lid which makes filling up water in the reservoir easier. Besides, it will also prevent the spilled of unfiltered water to the filtered water in the cup when pouring.

We saw Brita customers complaint about this issue.

LED Filter Usage Indicator

3 out of 4 models of pitchers in PUR has the LED filter usage indicators. It tracks the usage of water and notified when it is about to replace your cartridge. 

The PUR Pitcher with Lead Reduction has a different LED Indicator called CleanSensor which changes color when replacement is required. 

Maintenance and Replacement

PUR filter generally required frequent replacement. This will drive up the maintenance cost which is bad for consumers. 

  • PUR Basic Filter: 40 Gallons or up to 2 months for 2 person usage.
  • PUR Filter With Lead Filter: 30 Gallons or up to 2 months for 2 person usage.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $36(Basic Filter),  $60(Lead Filter)

Pros and Cons

+ Filter removes Lead, mercury, chlorine and a lot more organic contaminants.
+ Basic filter is affordable.
+ Certified against NSF/ANSI Standard
Not suitable to be used on water source which has microorganisms.
90 days warranty on all pitchers
Pricy lead Filter
Short filter lifespan.
Poor quality and easily break.

Verdict: Recommended

Expert View:

PUR water filter pitchers are second to Brita according to Amazon’s rating on the water filter pitcher category. It is considered as an average water pitcher for the following reasons below: 

  • Great Filter Among Pitchers: Besides chlorine, it is capable of remove contaminants such as mercury, zinc, lead and other organic chemicals. As usual, it doesn’t remove microorganism. 
  • 90 Days Warranty: PUR offers 90 days warranty on the product, which is relatively low to industry’s 1-year warranty.  
  • NSF/ANSI Certified: The filter is certified against NSF/ANSI to prove to have reduced contaminants based on stated on the data sheet. 
  • Short Filter Lifespan: The lifespan of its filter is very short, especially on the cartridge with lead filter. This increases the maintenance and replacement cost. 
  • Poor Quality Design: Many customer complaints the Classic Pitcher having low-quality plastic which is easily broken. 

Quality is the main issue that arises from existing customers. Especially on the pitchers where it is brittle and easily leak. 

Let us know if we answered all your questions on this PUR water filter pitcher review.

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