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The Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System is for those who hold aesthetics and efficient water purification above all else. This super-sleek RO system for home and office is a tankless system with peerless features. Sitting right under your sink, it is a great buy for those who never compromise on the quality of water they drink.





For all those who wondered if a RO water filter can be sleek, slim, and yet be efficient at water filtration, the answer is the Waterdrop RO System.

The manufacturer introduced the tankless system in the year 2015. But, in no time, the filter has gained a strong foothold in the market.

This Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Review reveals to you all the information that we know about this NSF-certified RO water filter. Let’s take a look.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Overview

Waterdrop is a relatively new brand that entered the market in 2015. With more than 100 patents across multiple countries, the company boasts of having delivered more than 200 water purification products.

Waterdrop RO water filter is one of the many products that the company manufactures and markets. It redefines the way we look and think about RO water systems.

The system has numerous benefits. The list is long and calls for a dedicated section of this review to explain them all.

Read on to know more.

Key Features

7-Stage Water Filtration and Purification

This smart RO system has three composite filters that are consists of 7-stage filtration and purification process.

Pre Carbon Block Filter: The first filter is the Carbon Block Filter or the CF Filter that has a layer of carbon black sandwiched between two layers of PP cotton.

It is responsible for removing chlorine, sand, rust, solids, and other impurities, making water free of taste and odor imparted by these impurities.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane: The water passes through the RO filter that has the 0.0001μm reverse osmosis membrane and is equivalent to more than three stages of filtration. 

Water comes out with a reduced Total Dissolved Sediments (TDS), limescale, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and free of more than 1,000 other harmful contaminants. This stage alone is responsible for removing 99% of all water contaminants.

Post Carbon Filter:  The water runs through the next filterwhich contains high-precision activated carbon granules, made from natural coconut shells

It improves the taste and adds a small amount of minerals before finally supplying that gleaming, ultra-fresh, great-tasting water for you and your family to enjoy.

Tankless Design

Waterdrop claims that the plastic tank imparts taste and offers a breeding ground for bacteria as the water sits in the tank, thus removing the storage tank.

The tankless design also makes the filter sleek and slender thus making it occupy 50% less space than usual RO water filters.

Another advantage that the design has over competing under sink systems is its ability to filter water on demand. 

Fast Water Flow

Waterdrop RO comes with a smart pressure pump that detects the incoming water pressure to adjust the filtration speed accordingly.

You can fill a regular-sized glass in 12 seconds, or filter 400 gallons of water per day (GPD) as compared to a mere 75 GPD pumped by other filters.

It is one of the RO systems capable of producing enough filtered water for relatively larger families.

Low Wastewater Ratio

The built-in pressure pump is also responsible for the wastewater ratio. It has a wastewater ratio of 1:1 at all times, while the traditional RO systems have it as high as 1:3 or 1:4.

Thus, the system prevents water wastage by 300% and saves your water bills.

Lead-free Faucet

The Waterdrop RO system comes with a lead-free faucet to be installed at the kitchen sink. The smart faucet has an LED light that glows when it is in use. Made of brass with chrome plating, the faucet material helps prevent contamination of the filtered RO water.

TDS Indicator

The water filter body has an LCD panel in the front that gives the exact TDS level of the filtered water, thus eliminating the need for external equipment to monitor the TDS level.

Leakage Detector

Another advanced feature of the Waterdrop RO is the leakage detector. The smart detector switches off the water and power supply to prevent further issues in the event of a leakage. 

Installation & Maintenance

Waterdrop claims installation is easy and requires no handyman. The multi-component system that arrives in the order can baffle any first-time customer. But as you begin to put it together, you realize that the installation is an easy process. 

For maintaining the filters, all you need to do is replace them periodically at the end of the filter’s life. The carbon pre-filter needs to be replaced every six months, two years for RO filter, and 12 months for the post-carbon block filter.

The filter will auto-flush for 20 seconds after every 2 hours of filtering. It saves you the effort of scrubbing, cleaning, or flushing on a daily or weekly basis.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $120

Consideration Factors

Price Point

The Waterdrop reverse osmosis system has premium pricing. While it provides superior quality in all aspects, it is priced at the higher end.

Faucet Improvement

As long as you are filling smaller mugs, the faucet flow is just fine. But the faucet needs to buck up for larger jugs and containers.

You will be too enamored with the bundle of innovative and smart benefits to allow any of these minor cons to bother you.

Pros And Cons

Here is what users of this under the sink RO water system have to say.

+ Great design features
+ Space saver and adds to aesthetics
+ Easy to install and replace filters
+ 1:1 Wastewater ratio
+ Smart features such as TDS indicator, leakage detector and auto cleaning.

Expensive system.
Faucet built quality needs improvement

Technical Specs

This Waterdrop review would be incomplete without a mention of the technical specifics.

  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • System cover: Plastic 
  • Faucet: metal 
  • Filter: Pre carbon block filterreverse osmosis membrane, post-carbon filter. 
  • Product Dimensions: 18.06 x 5.68 x 17.76 inches
  • Each purchase includes: System cover, Brushed nickel faucet, RO filter, CF filter, CB filter, PE pipes *3, T-fitting, wastewater clip
  • Flow Rate: 0.28 GPM

Our Verdict: Recommended

The Waterdrop RO Water System is a game-changer. The slim and compact design features, the smart functionality, efficient water filtration, and the DIY installation, make it one of the finest RO water systems in the market today.

While the pricing can be a cause of concern for many, it is still worth consideration, given its unique blend of features. 

We have presented a well-rounded view of the RO system in this Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Review; nevertheless, check out how this countertop reverse osmosis system competes with other systems in the category.

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