How Long Do You Soak a PUR Water Filter?

pur water filter
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PUR water filters remove water impurities leaving you with clean, filtered water essential for staying healthy. But have you ever wondered how long you should soak a PUR water filter before using it?

This article will walk you through the proper priming of your PUR water filter. You’d also learn the importance of soaking your filters and how long they should be.

Key Takeaway
  • Soaking a PUR Plus water filter activates it to remove water impurities efficiently.
  • Soaking removes any carbon dust from the filter that could mix into the filtered water.
  • It is recommended to leave your water filter submerged in cold tap water for 15 minutes before using it.

Why Should You Soak a Pur Water Filter?

Soaking is an important step that prepares your PUR Plus filter to do its job efficiently. Not only does it extend the life of your water filter but it also helps to eliminate any dust, dirt, or debris that might have been collected during manufacturing. Taking the time to soak a PUR water filter properly will result in cleaner, better-tasting drinking and cooking water for you and your family. 

pur water filter in a sink basin

Aids in effective filtration

Soaking the filter is an important part of the process and can aid its effectiveness. This will ensure your PUR water filter pitcher lasts longer and works more efficiently.

You should submerge it in cold tap water for 15 minutes (don’t use hot water). This helps remove any residual dirt or sediment that may have built up over time so your filter works efficiently.

Ease surface tension

Surface tension is caused by the dense structure of the filter with its tiny pores in minute size. The filter must first be soaked to absorb water to break the surface tension. If the filter is not soaked before use, the tap water can hardly penetrate the filter, thus resulting in slow or inefficient filtration.

Unclog particles from the filter during manufacturing or packaging

Soaking a PUR water filter before installation is important to increase the filtration system’s effectiveness. This process removes particles from getting trapped in the filter during manufacturing or packaging. 

Furthermore, PUR filters are dry from the factory, and air can be trapped in their pores. 

Soaking will force that air out from the PUR filter. As a result, your tap water can freely flow, and the filter can efficiently trap any impurities.

pur water filter in a sink basin

How Long Do You Soak a PUR Water Filter?

You should soak the PUR Plus with a lead-reduction filter for 15 minutes. PUR Basic filters do not require soaking. When soaking, only use cold water, preferably not exceeding 82°F (28°C), as any higher temperature can damage the filter.    

This amount of time removes any lodged particles (like carbon dust) in the filter’s pores and even forces out trapped air. As a result, tap water is efficiently filtered. 

How to Soak a PUR Water Filter?

Properly soaking your PUR Plus water filter pitcher is essential to maintaining optimal filtration performance. Soaking the filter removes particles left during manufacturing and air, allowing for improved flow rate and efficient filtration.  

To soak your PUR Plus water filter, get a deep clean container and place the filter in it. Fill the container with cold water enough to cover the filter.  Leave it for at least 15 minutes.

deep container to soak filter

What Happens If You Don’t Soak a PUR Water Filter?

If you use a PUR water filter in your home, you may wonder what will happen if you don’t soak it before using it. Understanding how to care for your PUR water filter properly is extremely important and can ensure that the filter can work correctly and provide clean, safe drinking water. 

Please properly soak a PUR water filter before its first use to prevent the carbon dust from contaminating your filtered water. Also, any particles accumulated after it leaves the factory can clog the filter’s pores. All these can affect the quality of the water and the performance of the filter pitcher. 

Additionally, not soaking the filter causes inefficient filtration due to lodged particles in the filter’s pores. Following the manufacturer’s instructions when priming your PUR filter ensures you get the most out of your product.

How to Install PUR Pitcher Replacement Water Filter?

Installing a PUR Pitcher Replacement Water Filter is an important part of ensuring your drinking water remains clean and safe. This type of filter helps reduce the number of contaminants like chlorine, lead, and asbestos found in tap water. 

You can quickly install your PUR Pitcher filter with simple steps.

  • Begin by taking the new filter from its packaging and submerging it in cold water for 15 minutes. This will help remove any dust or particles accumulated during manufacturing. 
  • Handwash all the components of the pitcher (lid, pour tray, etc)
  • Next, soak the PUR Plus filter in cold water for 15 minutes. Skip this step if you’re using a PUR Basic filter.
  • Then, hold the filter under cold running water for 10 seconds and allow the excess water to drain. Run cold water for 15 seconds using a PUR Basic filter. 
  • Next, attach the filter to the pour tray by sliding it through the hole in the middle and pushing it down. Turn the filter clockwise to lock it in place. 
  • To complete the installation, simply fill the pour tray with cold water and wait for the filtered water to fill the pitcher.
  • If your pitcher has a filter gauge, activate it by pressing the reset button for 5 seconds. The three red, yellow, and green lights will light up simultaneously. After releasing the button, the green light blinked six times, indicating your pitcher was ready to use.  

Always remember to use treated water when soaking your PUR filter. For one thing,  PUR filters are not designed to remove pathogens from water, so you don’t want to expose your PUR filter to these types of contaminants.

You should also clean all the pitcher parts before its first use. Wash them with soap and clean water and rinse them thoroughly before attaching the filter.

Last but not least, discard the first three pitchers of water to ensure that any remaining carbon dust and soap are removed from the pitcher. You can then use the water to clean your patio or plants. 

pur pitcher replacement water filter

Do All Water Filters Need to Be Soaked?

Soaking activates water filters preparing them for efficient filtration. But do all water filters require soaking before use? The answer depends on the type of filter and the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Generally, it is recommended that you soak all types of filter cartridges for at least 15 minutes before using them. Doing so releases any trapped minute particles in the filter media, increasing the flow rate and filtering efficiency. 

Also, air trapped inside could clog the filters, thus reducing the effectiveness of filtration. Soaking your PUR filters prevents this from happening. When done properly, soaking the water filter can help extend its life and keep it functioning at optimal levels for longer periods.


It is essential to soak the PUR Plus water filter before use to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Soaking the filter for 15 minutes in cold water is recommended. It is also highly recommended always to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when soaking or replacing a PUR water filter. Moreover, regular filter maintenance will provide you with the best-tasting and healthiest drinking water possible.

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