Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 And Simplysoft Review


The Aquasana Rhino is one of the best whole house water filter in the market which provides different customization according to the needs of the customer. It is RECOMMENDED and most of customer gives a thumbs up on this product on it’s ability on filtering contaminants.





One of the well known product for whole house filtration system is the Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter.

You can pick your own combination of filters capability according to the level of contamination in the water source.

This is the ONLY guide that you need to read before buying an Aquasana Rhino water filter.

Before you start on the product details, what is the main problem that you encountered in the current water source? Why do you need a whole house water filter?

  • Is it dirty well water?
  • Is it hard water?
  • Or is it chlorine taste and smell?

Aquasana Rhino Review

Aquasana design the whole house water filter in a way that you are able to add on or remove based on your water conditions.

It comes with 4 different components which form the complete system.

Base Model Rhino

The base model Aquasana Rhino comes in 2 different models, EQ-1000 and EQ-600. Both of them are quite similar which is a 3 stages water filter.

The only difference is the filtration capability and replacement occurrence.

3 Stage Filter Breakdown

The 3 stages filter for the Aquasana Rhino has different functionality in filtering contaminants.

Stage 1: Sediment Pre-filter – Remove rust, dirts, sands and huge particles available in the source water.
Stage 2: Copper-Zinc & Mineral Stone – reduces chlorine, water soluble heavy metals, and scale and inhibits bacteria and algae growth
Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter – reduces herbicides, pesticides and other chemical compounds that may be present.

Both EQ-1000 and EQ-600 are using the same filter stages with a difference of stage 2 and 3 filtration capability.

Filter Replacement and Lifespan

The 3 stages filter will have different schedule time for replacement.

  • Stage 1 : 1-3 months depending on source water
  • Stage 2 & 3 : 6 years for EQ-600, 10 years for EQ-1000.

The EQ-1000 can withstand up to 1,000,000 gallons of water or up to 10 years while the EQ-600 can last for 600,000 gallons of water or up to 6 years.

Maintenance Cost

The 10″ sediment pre-filter cost about $20 per year for replacement. It comes with a set of four pre-filters. It’s solely depends how contaminated is your source water.

For the stage 2 & 3 filters, it will set you back about $470 for EQ-600 and $645 for EQ-1000.

The figure looks huge but it is still affordable across the years of usage. It is cheaper in the long run if you invest in the EQ-1000 compared to the EQ-600.

Annual Average Cost : $85-$100.

+ Low maintenance cost.
+ Long Filter Lifespan.
+ No frequent maintenance required.
+ NSF Certified whole house Water Filter
Huge Canister Filter which take up quite some bigger space.

Warranty: 6 years for EQ-600 and 10 Years for EQ-1000.

Should You Get This? The Aquasana Rhino is suitable for all types of commercial or residential usage. If you are bothered buy dirty rusted water with chlorine taste, this is the water filter that you are looking for.

SteriLight UV Filter

The SteriLight UV Filter is only available for add-ons if you purchase with the Aquasana Rhino. Why do you need an additional filter if you have bought the Rhino?

Kills Bacterias and Viruses

The UV filter consist of a UV light bulb which is attached to the water chamber.

UV Light Bulb: kills microorganism by altering the genetic of the microorganism when water passed through the chamber.

Filter Replacement and Maintenance

After a thorough testing by Aquasana, it is suggested to replace the UV Light Bulb every 12 months. Hence, it cost about $120 for each UV Light Bulb.

Annual Average Cost: $120 Per Year

+ Effective filtration system which kills microorganism
+ Once a year replacement. Could last longer than 1 year.
Required electric power supply for UV light to function.
Moderate replacement cost.

Warranty: 12 Months.

Who Should Use This? The SteriLight UV Filter is recommended for homes that uses well water as their source. It is normally heavily contaminated as compared to city water which needed UV light to kill the microorganism.

Pro Grade Install Kit

The optional Pro Grade Install Kit gives you extra protection and also increase the pipe fitting of your whole house water filter system.

4 Enhancements

  • Brass Fitting: Higher Quality Fittings which is easier for installation.
  • 20″ Pre-Filter: Double the size of pre-filter to increase flow rates.
  • 0.35 Micron Post Filter: Remove remaining pesticide and organic particles.
  • Bypass Loop & Shut Off Valve: Easily bypass the system which you are changing the filter.

Filter Replacement and Maintenance

Not a lot of maintenance on the Pro Grade Install Kit except for the pre and post filter.

  • 20″ Pre-Filter: 2-3 Months
  • 0.35 Micron Post Filter: 6-12 Months

Annual Average Cost: $60 per year. 

+ Extra protection with additional 0.35 micron post filter to filter organic contaminants.
+ Larger Pre-filter which improve flow rates and last longer.
+ Uninterrupted water supply with the bypass feature while changing filters.
Moderate replacement cost.

Who Should Upgrade This? It is recommended for household which having rusty and dirty water source so that it can reduce the frequency of changing pre-filters and making sure tiny organic particles doesn’t pass through the post filter. Refer to this installation guide for more details.

SimplySoft Salt-Free Softener (Standalone Filter)

The Aquasana SimplySoft Softener is able to act as a standalone filtration system for whole house.

Alternatively, it can be connected to the base model of Aquasana Rhino as an additional stage for the whole house water filter system.

There are two types of softener in the market, salt based and salt free softeners. The Aquasana SimplySoft is a salt free softener.

Scale Control Media (SCM) Softener Filter

For standalone Aquasana SimplySoft, it comes with a sediment pre-filter just like the Aquasana Rhino. If it is an add-on softener in with the Rhino, no additional pre-filter comes with it.

Stage 1: Sediment Pre-Filter – Remove dirts, rust, sand and larger particles.

Stage 2: SimplySoft Softener Filter – Using Scale Control Media to naturally breaks the bonding of hard minerals ion into crystals to prevent the formation of scale.

With that, it prevents scale from clogging in the internal pipes of your house which brings major problem to the appliances such as dish washer and washing machine.

It is a natural process which doesn’t required constant maintenance unlike the salt based softener which required inserting salt to the system

Filter lifespan and Maintenance Cost

The SimplySoft softener has a long lifespan just like the Aquasana Rhino.

  • SimplySoft Softener: 6 years or 600,000 Gallons of water.

It will cost you about $670 to replace the softener for every 6 years.

It is a reasonable cost as it will cost more to maintain a salt-based softener which you need to purchase bags of salt for the system every month.

Annual Average Cost : $130 Per Year.

+ Capable of reducing scale that clogging on the pipes without removing healthy minerals.
+ Long Filter Lifespan.
+ No frequent maintenance required unlike salt based system.
Huge Canister Filter which take up quite some bigger space.
Only comes with sediment filter if purchase separately. Doesn’t have a thorough purification system.
Moderate replacement cost.

Warranty: 6 years.

Who Is This For? If you have a serious hard water issue that creates problems with your dishwashing and laundry experience, this is the product that I RECOMMEND and is listed as one of the best salt-free water conditioners in the market.

Installation and Technical Specification


Installation of the Aquasana Rhino is not hard. However, it required some plumbing knowledge to get the job done. Most house will required some changes on the piping and connect it to the water filter system.

You can refer to the installation instructions posted Aquasana or the video below on how to install it on your own. Otherwise, you can always engage a professional plumber to help you on the installation.

Technical Specification

System Height: 46″
Flowrate: 7.0 Gallons Per Minute
System Length: Refer to the diagram below for different combination

Verdict: Recommended!

Expert View:
The Aquasana Rhino series is one of the few system that provides a complete solution to various water conditions. It is an above average system for the following reasons

  • Purifier + Softener: It purifies and soften the hard water giving a longer lifespan to your home appliances and pipes.
  • Longer Lifespan Filters: The Rhino can lasted up to 10 years without any replacement is needed.
  • Up to 0.35 Micron Filtration: Filter as fine as 0.35 micron blocking a huge range of contaminants from entering into your house. \

Something to Think About: 

  1. Do you have enough space for the whole house water filter with add-ons?
  2. Do you have power supply near the place of installation for the SteriLight UV Filter?
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