11 Best Whole House Water Filter

Water contamination has been getting serious in recent years. You will think of getting a water filter when the water source turns yellow.

Did you know that most chemical contaminants are odorless and colorless?

These contaminants need to be prevented from entering our homes. Hence, the whole house water filter is the first-line defense of stopping harmful contaminants coming through our pipes.

Increasingly, many companies come up with various types of filtration systems to handle the escalating contamination issues. The technology and system vary according to their specialties.

We put together 11 of the best whole house water filter which suits a different type of water source. This accompanied with a comparison table to view all its key feature at a glance.

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Our Top Pick



The HMF2SMGCC is a whole house filter capable of removing up to 95% of all contaminants. A 4-layer sediment filter and a mixture of KDF85 and catalytic carbon filter, together, filter water@ 10 GPM. At an annual cost of $160, we bet you can’t find a cheaper and more efficient option.

Whole House Water Filter Buyer’s Guide

Home Master Installation

Now that you have decided to buy a whole house water filtration system, there are many considerations that you may need to make in order for you to choose the right one for your home. So here are some tips that you can use when choosing the right whole house water filter for your home.

1. Know your Water Supply

In order to choose the right whole house water filter, you need to first find out the source of your water supply. This can vary from a private well to a city water supply that is provided by the government.

Once you already know where your water is coming from, you can then test your water supply to see if there are any contaminants. This can be done by using a test kit (which are affordable and can get accurate results), or you can hire a water specialist to do the testing instead.

Doing this analysis on your water will give you an idea as to what kind of water filtration equipment you need for your household.

2. Know Your Water Pressure

Knowing your water supply’s pressure is one of the most crucial steps when choosing the right whole house water filtration system. Water pressure is the measurement of the amount of water that can flow into your household dispensers. This can be the showers, faucets and toilets. It is particularly measured in gallons per minute (GPM). 

When planning to buy water filters, make sure to check that the potential product’s flow rate is higher or equal to the required flow rate of your household at its peak performance. That way, you’ll keep its original flow-rate performance even with a water filter system installed. This also reduces the chances of interrupted water flow and low water pressure.

3. Installation & Maintenance

When choosing the right whole house water filter, it is important to note how it will be installed on your home and its maintenance and how much will cost in the long run.

In terms of installation, consider how the product will be installed. Will it be done by yourself (Do-It-Yourself) or by an authorized professional (additional cost may be considered)? Most whole house water filtration systems are installed near the house’s main water supply intake which can vary from home to home.

On the other hand, maintenance should be easy in terms of replacing cartridges as most modern whole house water filters have easy access to their internal filters. The one thing to consider when it comes to maintenance is the cost of filter replacements and lifespan.

Most water filter cartridges can last long for months before needing replacement. Check each product’s total cost of cartridge replacement per year and see if it fits your budget in the long term.

4. Choose a Reputable Brand (NSF-Certified)

Like every other product, it is best to purchase from a reputable brand. Check for reviews and ratings from its previous customers to see if the product is worth purchasing. Examples of these brands that have made their name in the water filter market are Aquaox, iSpring, and Aquasana. There are more reputable brands of whole house water filters out there.

When it comes to water filters, make sure that it is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. This can give you peace of mind as these filters are tested according to high standards and are approved by the authority for quality control and faster filtration. Don’t forget to check if there is a warranty too as they are important when it comes to repairs.

Best Whole House Water Filtration System Review

  1. Home Master HMF2SMGCC​ – Best Whole House Water Filter
  2. Pelican PC600 – Best Upflow Whole House Water Filter​
  3. SpringWell Filter – Most Trusted Whole House Filter System
  4. 3M Aquapure AP904 – Best City Whole House Water Filter
  5. Express Water Heavy Metal – Best RO Whole House Water Filter
  6. Home Master HMF3SDGFE​ – Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water
  7. iSpring WGB22B – Budget Whole House Water Filter
  8. DuPont Heavy Duty – Best Sediment Whole House Water Filter
  9. Aquasana Rhino – Complete Whole House Filter System
  10. AquaOx Filter – Zero Maintenance Whole House Filter System
  11. iSpring WGB32B-PB – Lead Reduction Whole House Filter System

Home Master HMF2SMGCC​ – Best Whole House Water Filter

review of Home Master HMF2SMGCC

One of our recommended water filters for the whole home is the Home Master HMF2SMGCC. It receives a high review score from its existing customers. Most of them love the performance and the water that was produced by the system.

Complete Solution: The HMF2SMGCC is a complete water filter system that is capable of removing most of the contaminants for up to 95 per cent. This includes chlorine, chloramines, chemical, heavy metals and up to 1ppm of well water contaminants such as iron, manganese, and sulfur.

Suitability: For this reason, it is suitable for both well and city water, provided a water source is not heavily contaminated.

4 Layers Sediment Filter: The first filter consists of 4 layers of sediment filtration with a 1-micron rating to prevent huge particles from entering your home.

High Flow Rate: The second filter contains a mixture of KDF85 and catalytic carbon filter providing high absorption of contaminants inside the canister. Coupled with the oversize design of the filter, it maintains at 10 gallons per minute.

Maintenance: The lifespan of both filters can last for a year or 95,000 gallons of water usage as claimed by Home Master. This system is suitable for a medium household.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $160

The HMF2SMGCC comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.6 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ Complete coverage in filtration.
+ 2 years warranty.
+ Minimal with 2 canister system.
+ Affordable cost.
Not suitable for highly contaminated well water source.
No water softener capability included in the system.

To learn more, visit our Home Master whole house filter review.

Pelican PC600 – Best Upflow Whole House Water Filter​

review of Pelican PC600

The Pelican PC600 is another great whole house water filtration system on our list. It is recommended by many customers for its great performance, easy installation, and low-cost maintenance but at an affordable price. Unlike the others, this one rather has a smaller, 4-stage filtration system.

4-Stage Filtration System – The Pelican PC600 uses a 4-Stage system that cleanses and filters any unwanted materials from the water. Listed below are the filtration stages and their features:

  • 5-Micron Pre-Filter System – filters sand, silt, sediment and debris to 5 microns.
  • Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon Filter (GAC) – These serve as stages 2 & 3 which are designed to reduce chlorine, pesticides, industrial solvents and other harmful contaminants away from the water.
  • Pelican Media Guard – Copper & Zinc Oxidation Media (KDF-55) – reduces oxidation which prevents bacteria and algae from growing.

All of these stages combined produce no chemicals and great-tasting water which customers praise.  In addition to that, Its flow rate is fast enough at around 8 or 12 gallons per minute at peak. 

Up-Flow Filtration System – unlike the rest of the best whole house water filtration systems which use a Down-Flow filtration system, the Pelican PC600 uses an Up-Flow filtration method. Pentair Pelican stated that the Up-Flow system allows easy filter change without any tools or fuss. It also forces the water up from the bottom in a swirling motion. This causes the activated carbon filter to move as well, creating a contact between the filtration media and water. It is rather very efficient.

No Electricity Required – Since the Pelican PC600 uses an up-flow design, it eliminates the need for backwashing. Therefore, no moving parts mean less maintenance is required.

Maintenance: Pentair Pelican stated that it’s Sediment Pre-Filter can last for around 6-9 Months which is enough and the activated carbon media (the main tank) can last for around 5 years or 600,000 gallons of water before a replacement is needed. Each activated carbon media cost around $205 which is affordable enough given that you only need to replace it every 5 years or after 600,000 gallons of water usage.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $104 ($309 with Carbon Media Replacement)

The Pelican PC600 comes in with a limited lifetime warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.8 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ Upflow filtration.
+ Fast flow-rate.
+ Limited lifetime warranty.
+ Affordable maintenance cost.
Slightly expensive upfront cost.
Slightly bigger in size. Check The Price.

SpringWell Filter – Most Trusted Whole House Filter System

review of SpringWell Filter

This particular water filter system is also another great one mainly due to its unique 4-Stage ActivFlo system, fast water flow rate, high water quality and low-cost maintenance.

ActivFlo 4-Stage Filtration System – Each SpringWell Whole House Filter System uses a signature ActivFlo 4-Stage system which is stated that its design allows maximum contact between the filters and the water for a long time thus thoroughly cleaning the water. There are 4-Stages of water filtration which comprise 5-micron Pre-Filter, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) Bed, Coconut Shell Carbon Bed and Flex Bed.

These 4 sections work together to filter dirt, sand, and clay and eliminate chlorine, heavy metals and other organic contaminants thus producing clean water.

Fast Flow Rate – SpringWell filter is stated to have stronger water pressure than the competition. For a 1-3 Bathroom Unit, the SpringWell Water Filter System can provide up to 9 gallons per minute (much higher) which means water flow will not slow down even with a whole house water filtration system fitted in.

SpringWell’s UV Technology – If you require more deep filtration on your water, adding UV technology may do the trick. SpringWell offers Blackcomb 5.1 UV Technology addon that is great for filtering and removing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the water. Some of these harmful pathogens that the UV technology kills include E.Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia.

Maintenance: SpringWell claims that their water filtration systems are extremely low maintenance. Each Pre-Filter can last for around 6 to 9 months. But fortunately, SpringWell does offer low-cost filters in packs of 2. So overall cost maintenance may not be expensive in the long run.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $80

The SpringWell Water Filter System comes in with a limited lifetime warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.7 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ High flow-rate.
+ Limited lifetime warranty.
+ Long lasting filters.
+ Optional UV light add-on.
Expensive upfront cost.

3M Aquapure AP904 – Best City Whole House Water Filter

review of 3M Aquapure AP904

You probably are thinking city water or municipally treated water is safe and clean to consume. You Are WRONG! The water might be contaminated via the pipes that are connected to your home. Hence, a whole house water filter for urban water is needed.

All-In-One Canister: The Aqua Pure system has a two-in-one functionality that performs filtration and softens the hard water in urban areas.

The one-piece filtration system consists of 3 stages which filter huge particulates, and the chlorine smell that often appears in city water plus breaks the magnesium and calcium binding to soften the water.

Space Saver: It saves space and can be installed in a cramped area due to its design and size. This is suitable for urban areas where space is limited.

Excellent Flow Rate: It runs at up to 20 gallons per minute which is one of the highest among all whole house water filters.

Seamless Replacement: 3M design the filter which is small in size and has an easy replacement mechanism that doesn’t require a wrench. It is really designed for urban users.

Maintenance: Aqua Pure suggested that the system can last up to 100,000 gallons of water or 1 year before a replacement is needed.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $170 

The AP904 comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.5 | Our Rating – 4.7

+ Filtration and water softener capability.
+ Easy replacement mechanism
+ 1 year lifespan or 100,000 Gallons.
+ High flow-rate of 20GPM.
Not suitable for well water.
Pre-filter is needed as it will clogged the system.

Learn more at our Aquapure AP904 water filter review.

Express Water Heavy Metal – Best RO Whole House Water Filter

review of Express Water Heavy Metal

Express Water is one of the risers that provides an affordable option for water treatment products. This whole house water filter has only been in the market since 2017, but the response so far has been quite positive.

Great Filtration Quality: It was advertised that the filtered water from point of entry is drinkable in any faucet. It removes major contaminants such as rust, chlorine, iron,  lead, chloramine, VOC, heavy metals and odors. 

Most customers’ experience with rotten egg smell are happy after installing this system.

Stainless Steel Frame: Build with quality, the system is covered with a stainless steel frame as protection from breaking. 

Pressure Gauge Meter: A pressure monitoring meter is attached to each and every filter to prevent high pressure from source water. 

City and Well Water: With the KDF filter as part of the system, it is capable of handling well water source which often comes with lead and iron contamination. 

Maintenance: Express Water suggests the replacement schedule be 6-12 months or up to 100,000 gallons of filtered water. It is suitable for a medium family.  

Annual Maintenance Cost: $150

The Express Water Heavy Metal Filter comes with a 1-years limited warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.8 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ Stainless steel frame with pressure meter.
+ Capable of handling well water source.
+ High flow-rate of 15GPM,
5 micron rating.
 Slightly pricer for initial cost.
Heavy system.

Home Master HMF3SDGFE​ – Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

review of Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

The Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is one of the best whole house water filtration systems for well water which is rated highly by its satisfied customer. Below are some key features that exist in the water filter.

Filter up to 95% Contaminants: The HMF3SDGFEC removes a long list of contaminants. It was claimed by Home Master that it filters up to 95 per cent of manganese, iron, sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors.

Remove 3ppm of Iron: This system is pretty good at removing iron which is often found in well water sources. Many customers notice a distinct difference in the clarity and taste of the water.

High Flow Rate: The oversize cartridge design of the system provides higher flow rates of 15 gallons per minute, one of the highest among well water filters.

Fine Micron Rating: The unique 4-layer sediment filter blocks all particulars which are bigger than 1 micron in the first canister. 

Maintenance: As suggested by Home Master, the lifespan of the 3 filters can last for a year or 95,000 gallons of water usage. It is sufficient for a medium size family of 6.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $270

The expensive maintenance cost is due to the additional 2nd stage filter which removes manganese, iron, and sulfur from well water.

The HMF3SDGFEC comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.4 | Our Rating – 4.

+ As fine as 1 micron filtration.
+ 1 year lifespan or 95,000 Gallons.
+ Specialize on well water.
Expensive initial and maintenance cost.
 Heavy system.
No water softener capability included in the system.

iSpring WGB22B – Budget Whole House Water Filter

review of iSpring WGB22B

The iSpring WGB22B has one of the highest positive reviews for its quality and is trusted by many. The brand is strong and well-known in the water treatment industry.

Filter City Water: The two canister filters focus on removing city water contaminants such as sediments, chlorine, chloramines, and VOC.

There are different models to target different water conditions such as the WGB22BM removes iron and manganese while WGB22B-PB removes iron and lead.

Instant Difference: Most customers are extremely excited to observe and the instant difference in the water quality, especially for those staying in the city.

20-Inch Ultrasize Filter: It comes with a 20-inch big blue filter which has more capacity than the previous model and a high flow rate of 15 gallons per minute.

Maintenance: iSpring suggested that both filters should be changed about 1 year or 100,000 gallons of water usage. It is a decent amount of water for a medium family.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $95

The WGB22B comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.6 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ Many varieties for different water source.
+ Affordable initial and maintenance cost.
+ 1 year lifespan or 100,000 Gallons.
5 micron rating.
 Not suitable for well water.
No water softener capability included in the system.

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DuPont Heavy Duty – Best Sediment Whole House Water Filter

review of DuPont Heavy Duty

DuPont whole house water filter is one of the most affordable systems in town. It is known for its great filter housing, great cartridges, and affordable price.

Fully Customizable: The DuPont whole house water filter is a fully customizable system that comes with a set of filters for one particular housing. The housing that we recommend is the Heavy Duty model. 

DuPont has three types of sediment filters and two types of carbon filters. Not all of them fit the heavy-duty model. 

Only For City Water: Due to the price and filter’s capability, it is strictly for urban water usage. It removes contaminants like rust, dust, chlorine and low level of lead content. Well waters are too contaminated that the DuPont is unable to handle them. 

Small Size: It is a size of a pre-filter and comes in individual canisters which gives the flexibility for installation. 

DIY Configuration: The entire whole house water filter system can be customized based on the need to remove contaminants. It can be one sediment and one carbon filter or a double carbon block filter for high chlorine contamination. 

Maintenance: Due to the small size, DuPont suggested changing the filter every 3-4 months or up to 30,000 gallons. 

Annual Maintenance Cost: $90

The DuPont Heavy Duty comes with a 3-years limited warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.2 | Our Rating – 4.4

+ Fully customizable and configurable.
+ Affordable initial and maintenance cost.
+ Individual canister and small size.
Smallest micron rating – 5 micron.
 Not suitable for well water.
Low flow-rate of 5GPM.

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Aquasana Rhino – Complete Whole House Filter System

review of Aquasana Rhino

The Aquasana Rhino is a great whole house water filtration system that has a good amount of high positive reviews for its clean water, good flow, long-lasting filter and easy installation.

Superior Filtration System & Performance: The Aquasana Rhino has a 5-stage water filter system that the water passes through. These consist of the Sediment Pre-Filter, Copper-Zinc & Mineral Stone, Activated Carbon Filter, Post-Filter and UV Filter. These filters work together to reduce unwanted minerals and improve taste and odor. Furthermore, the included UV Filter can eliminate any bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water. Many customers appreciate the clean water that the Rhino produces.

Long-Lasting Filters: The heart of the Aquasana Rhino is the included Rhino Tank which houses most of its filtration system. It is also surprisingly long-lasting. The included Rhino Tank can last for about 5 Years or 500,000 gallons of water which is enough for a small to medium family.

Configuration choices: The Aquasana Rhino can come in many configuration models for different customer needs. From the base model to the fully configured model which has Pro Grade Install Kit and Salt-Free Water Conditioner.

Maintenance Cost: Aquasana claims that each Pre-Filter cartridge can last for about 2-3 months before a replacement is needed. Fortunately, Aquasana does offer a 4-pack of cartridges at an affordable price. On the other hand, Rhino Tank replacements can be costly with prices ranging from $898 to $1390, depending on its indicated lifespan.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $120 ($1018~1510 with Rhino Tank replacement)

The Aquasana Rhino comes in with a 5-year warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.3 | Our Rating – 4.6

+ 5-Stage system and excellent performance.
+ Configuration choices.
+ Long Lasting Filters
5-Stage system and excellent performance.
Configuration choices.
Long Lasting Filters.

To understand the whole system, please visit our Aquasana Rhino Water filter review now.

AquaOx Filter – Zero Maintenance Whole House Filter System

review of AquaOx Filter

The Aquaox water filter is known for its unmatched 7-Stage filtration system. It also has one of the most positive reviews with customers praising its performance, ease of installation and low-cost maintenance.

7-Stage Filtration System: The Aquaox features a 60-micron 7-stage filter to which the water flows through the following layers and its detailed features:

  • Pre-Sediment Filter – Removes dirt and another unwanted solid. This also refines water
  • Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) 55 – Removes chlorine, lead, mercury and other metals.
  • Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) 85 – Removes hydrogen sulfide.
  • Garnet – Functions similarity with the Pre-filter.
  • Centaur Catalytic Adsorptive Carbon Filter – Removes chloramines, hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
  • Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Filter – Same as the Centaur Catalytic Adsorptive Carbon layer
  • Filter-AG – Removes suspended material and turbidity. This causes less pressure loss.

Strong Filtration Performance: The Aquaox whole house filter system is excellent in terms of performance. Due to the design of its 7-stage filtration system, it is able to filter around 99.9% of contaminants, toxins and heavy metals from the water.

Customers who are using Aquaox as their filter are delighted with the excellent water quality that it is producing with some saying that it is great on their skin and hair.

Self-Cleaning System: Aquaox’s biggest feature is its self-cleaning feature. It is done by utilizing an automatic backwash feature through its Vortech plates thus minimizes the deterioration in the filters. This means that no maintenance is required.

Maintenance: Aquaox claims its system has zero maintenance and its 60-micron filter has a long lifespan of around 20 years or 1.2M gallons of water. Most customers also stated that it is quite easy to install in their homes and customer support was really accommodating.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $0

The Aquaox Water Filter comes in with a surprising 10-year warranty.

Customer Rating – 5.0 | Our Rating – 4.8

+ 7-Stage Filtration Process.
+ Strong filtration performance.
+ $0 cost maintenance (no filter replacement needed).
+ Filter up to 1,200,000 gallons of water.
60-micron filter.
Expensive upfront cost.

iSpring WGB32B-PB – Lead Reduction Whole House Filter System

review of iSpring WGB32B-PB

This is another product from iSpring, and surprisingly enough, it also has highly positive reviews for its good quality and easy installation. The iSpring WGB32B-PB is the bigger brother to the iSpring WGB22B which supports another stage of the filter that focuses on reducing lead.

3-Stage Water Filtration: The iSpring WGB32B-PB has a triple-canister filtration system that reduces chlorine, lead, iron, heavy metals and other unwanted chemicals. It also improves taste and reduces odor found in regular city water.

Iron and Lead Specialization: One feature that differentiates the iSpring WGB32B-PB from the rest is the inclusion of the 3rd filtration stage. It is capable of filtering lead at 15,000ppm and reduces iron found in city water. Many customers find this amazing to have especially those who are staying in the city where high concentrations of lead are found in their water supplies.

Performance: The iSpring WGB32B-PB comes in with 3 large 20-inch capacity filters that are capable of producing fresh clean water at a peak flow rate of 15 gallons per minute.

Maintenance: iSpring indicated that all filters have a lifespan of at least 1 year or 100,000 gallons of water usage before replacement is needed. On the other hand, the FCRC25B or the Lead Reducing filter has 150,000 gallons of water usage. That is good enough water for a small to medium-sized family.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $195

The iSpringWGB32B-PB comes in with a 1-year limited warranty.

Customer Rating – 4.5 | Our Rating – 4.7

+ 3 stage system with excellent Iron and Lead filtration performance
+ Longer lifespan or 100,000 gallons.
+ Tons of options for different water source
Short Limited Warranty.

What Is A Whole House Water Filter?

This kind of water filter specializes in treating water for the whole household. This means, as soon as the water supply enters your household, the water simply does its job of filtering and treating your water before being distributed around the house such as for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, and even flushing toilets.

This is entirely different from a common sink water filter which only filters and treats water that is coming out of the sink and is designed specifically for cooking or drinking. 

However, whole house water filters tend to be on the expensive side, but they do make up for their good performance, easy D.I.Y. installation, and maintenance. Water filter cartridges are also quite reliable and can usually last longer on a whole house water filter with some even claiming to last over 20 years.

In terms of annual cost maintenance, this entirely depends on the lifespan of the cartridges, tank, and the product itself and how often you need to change it. Some whole house filters, like the whole house reverse osmosis systems have costlier annual maintenance while others have an affordable annual maintenance cost.

How Does A Whole House Water Filtration System Work?

The way a whole house filter system works is quite similar to many water filters. It cleans and removes contaminants from the water through different layers or stages to which each one of which serves a different purpose. 

A common whole house water filter system filter works by passing unfiltered water first through a pre-filter to filter sediment and then to a carbon filter layer. 

A pre-filter works by separating small particles such as dirt, rust, and debris away from the water. It always serves as the first stage of filtration. It is also one of the most common filters to be maintained often in the most common whole-house filter system.

iSpring Whole House Water Filter Installation Diagram

After passing through the pre-sediment filter, the water then moves to the next stage which is the carbon filter layer.  It is a stage where it absorbs and removes harmful contaminants from the water, thus improving taste and odor.

Inside the carbon filter layer, there are tiny pores in which contaminants are trapped and separated from the water. These are usually measured in microns. The general rule is that the smaller the micron, the finer the filtration process will be. This also gives more time for the water to make contact with the filter.

Now, that’s what you usually found in a common whole house filter system. However, most manufacturers include additional layers of filters which may be beneficial to different needs. Examples of these are UV filters (safeguards against viruses and bacteria), Kinetic Degradation Fluxion filters (which remove chlorine, copper, and other metals), and water conditioners (prevent minerals from forming).

Why Whole House Water Filter Is A Necessity?

There are many reasons why one household that has access to the city water or a private well may find a whole house water filter a necessity. One of the reasons is that filtered water is actually more pleasing to drink and use. Its great quality is noticeable from regular tap water.

In addition to that, the water is actually great to use in cleaning too. Unlike regular tap water, filtered water from a whole house water filter has reduced or no limescale mixed in. Limescale is a naturally occurring mineral that is often found in hard water. When evaporated, they emerge as a hard and chalky texture.

By having little to no limescale in the water, cleaning should be easier as it does not leave any imperfections afterwards. This is noticeable when cleaning glass which may look smeared or stained after washing.

Finally, what makes whole house water filter a better choice than other water filters is that it does not produce any wastewater, unlike some traditional sink water filters which split water into clean and wastewater thus reducing quantity. On the other hand, a whole house water filter cleans and filters the entire water and comes out of it in the same quantity.

Who Should Buy The Whole House Water Filtration System?

Although we listed 11 of the best whole house water filters as our suggestion, it still depends on your need and current living conditions. Here is a quick summary of who should or shouldn’t own a filtration system for the home.


Homeowners: They will benefit the most as they are not moving around after the tenancy contract ends. Hence, we do recommend that the house owners install a whole house water filter.

After You Have A Drinking Water Filter: A water filter for drinking is the number 1 essential item when you move into a new place. Whatever is not filtered, will be filtered by you.

Later on, you can consider investing in an outdoor filtration system for your home.

Not Recommended

Tenants and Renters: We don’t recommend these people buy a whole house water filter for the entire house due to the pricy installation cost. It will blow up your pocket if you decide to move to another spot after 6 months.

Low Water Pressure House: It affects the output of filtered water to the entire house. A permeate pump is needed to increase the water pressure. However, it is not advisable.

Small Apartment With Limited Space: Apartments tend to be very small in the city. Without a decent space for this system will create a hassle during installation and replacement.

Do You Need A Whole House Water Filter?

When all things are already considered, the next question to ask yourself is, Do you need a Whole House Water Filter? This entirely depends on what you do with your water.

If you find the benefits in using filtered water in everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning and showering, then a whole house water filter may be a great choice for you. However, if you only find its benefits when it comes to drinking or cooking, then something else like a sink-based water filter will do the job.

Another thing to consider is how many people will benefit from it. If you have a small to medium-sized family, a whole house water filter is a good choice to get. Otherwise, if you are only living in a small apartment, then other water filter products may be the ones to get instead.

Investing in a whole house water filter can be beneficial but expensive at the same time. It is best to consider what is your budget and what other alternatives you can get in the meantime as you save up for a whole house water filter.

Drinking VS Whole House Water Filter?

Most people are confused with different types of filtration systems and their functionality. What is the difference between drinking and a whole house water filter?

Below are the 4 differences between the two types of water filters:

Serve A Different Purpose

The whole house water filter primarily serves as a gatekeeper for preventing water contaminants from getting into the house.

On the other hand, drinking water filters provide contamination-free water for drinking purposes. Some great drinking water filters are countertop water filtration systems and under-sink water filters.

Installation Location

Whole house water filters are often installed right after the inlet of the pipe which is located outside of the house or in the garage.

Meanwhile, drinking water filters are often found on countertops or under sinks.


The benefits of water filters for the whole home extend not just to humans, it prevents appliances to be worn out easily. It removes hard water elements which can clog the pipe of the dishwasher and water heater.

While drinking water filters only focus on providing drinkable water, the filtration systems are quite spot-on in removing contaminants. A reverse osmosis system is one of the techniques that removes 99.99% of contaminants from tap water.

Flow Rate

The water filter for the entire house needs to be produced quickly in order to cater to the needs of the whole house. Whereas the water filter for drinking doesn’t need to have a high flow rate.

Whole House Water Filter System Installation And Maintenance

Whole House Filter System Installation


Every common whole house water filter system is usually installed near the house’s main water supply intake which may vary from home to home.

This process involves several modifications such as cutting the pipes and fitting installation using Teflon tapes which is a surprisingly daunting task. You have the option to build it yourself (Do-It-Yourself or DIY) or book a professional to do the installation instead. Fortunately, most of the main components of the system such as the main tank and filters were already pre-built when they arrived at your doorstep.

Whole House Water Filter System Maintenance

Granted, most whole house water filters last long, they too need some sort of maintenance to keep it going. Most water filters are easy to maintain and can be done even by a family member alone, thus maintenance is basically Do-It-Yourself. Maintenance involves replacing filter cartridges (usually the Pre-filters) after reaching their end of life.

In terms of the annual maintenance cost, replacement cartridges may vary depending on the product, so it is best to check first how much you need to spend on cartridges per year before purchasing a unit. Some whole house water filter systems’ annual maintenance costs tend to be affordable, but some are expensive (these usually involve replacing the whole tank itself).

Surprisingly nowadays, there are some whole house water filter systems already coming out with little to no maintenance cost as it involves self-cleaning techniques such as backwashing to keep it up and running.

Wrap Up

While all of the best whole-house water filters have their pros and cons, you should be choosing the one that suits your needs and most importantly, your BUDGET!

Our recommended choice is the Home Master HMF2SMGCC as it is small and efficient in terms of producing clean water. On the other hand, it is considered quite affordable to purchase and maintain.

Check it out now and start protecting your family from water contamination. Also, you can be coupled with one of our best whole house water softener to ensure hard water doesn’t enter your house. 

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