Home Master Whole House Water Filter Review


Perfect Water Technologies has created a great household product on the Home Master Whole House Water Filter. They even went extra mile in innovating the sediment filter and the oversize filters to increase flow rates. It is definitely RECOMMENDED for all home owners.





Home Master or previously known as Tap Master, is a well know water filtration brand from Perfect Water Technologies.

Their best seller water filter is the undersink reverse osmosis system TMAFC, and is also our top recommended product for drinking water filter.

Home Master has 3 main models for it’s whole house water filtration system which cater for different purposes.

Home Master Whole House Water Filter Review

There are more than 3 models in Home Master for the Whole House Water Filter. The following 3 models are the best seller filters for Home Master.

High Quality and Efficient Filtration System

Home Master often did extra mile to provide customer with the best system. Some of the highlight on the Home Master whole house water filter.

  • Removes up to 95 percent of sediment, chemicals, and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors.
  • Patent Pending Steel Mounting Brackets Fits 16″ Studs. 
  • Massive Oversize Filter Which Improves Flow Rate.
  • 95,000 Gallons Of Supported Capacity. 
  • 4 Separate Layer Of Sediment Filter in One Canister. 

4 Different Filter cartridges.

The whole house water filters by Home Master are built with up to 3 filtration stages depending on models. It is capable of filter as fine as 1 micron. Below are the details of 4 different filter cartridges:

Multi-gradient Depth Polypropylene Sediment Filter  – Consists of 4 layers from 25, 10, 5 and 1 microns of filtration layers. Best on chemical and bacteria resistance plus leaving big particle behind.

Iron Reduction Filter – Removing iron which mainly available in well water source.

Granular Activated Carbon – Made from highest grade of coconut shell, it removes chemicals, taste and odor of chlorine.

Granular Activated Catalytic Carbon with KDF85 – Removed chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and irons.

It’s claimed by Home Master that it’s water filter is capable of removing up to 95 percent of the chemical, chlorine and sediment.

Filter Replacement and LifeSpan

Below are the suggested replacement schedule for all 4 of the filtration cartridges:

  • Multi-gradient Depth Polypropylene Sediment Filter: 6 – 12 Months
  • Granular Activated Carbon: 95,000 Gallons or 12 Months
  • Granular Activated Catalytic Carbon with KDF85: 95,000 Gallons or 12 Months
  • Iron Reduction Filter: Refer to the chart below

All of the filter cartridge from Home Master is quite long lasting and high quality to withstand on bad water conditions.

Maintenance Cost

There is not much maintenance needed on the Home Master water filtration system other than changing the filter cartridge.

However, the filtration cartridge doesn’t come cheap.

  • Multi-gradient Depth Polypropylene Sediment Filter : ~ $36 
  • Granular Activated Carbon: ~ $97
  • Granular Activated Catalytic Carbon with KDF85: ~ $126
  • Iron Reduction Filter: ~ $121

For the 2 stage Home Master system, it will cost you about $130 – $170 per year for filter changes while the 3 stage filter cost about $260 per year.

Annual Average Cost : $130-$260.


Installation doesn’t come easy for most of the whole house water filters. The package only includes a steel mounting bracket with bolts with the housing wrench.

Some of the extra tools that you need before installation:

  1. Shut off valves bypass valve
  2. Pipe nipples & Pipe Unions
  3. Pipe Hanger
  4. Pressure gauge or Pressure Regulator (as needed)

You can refer to the installation guide for more details on how the installation can be done before you call for a plumber.

+ 4 Layer of sediment filtration as fine as 1 micron
+ High flow rate with the oversize filters.
+ Suitable for all water source
+ Filter is small in size. Easily fit in smaller house.
+ Filter replacement once a year.
Filter replacement cost is not cheap.
No softener includes in the filter.

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty for the system.

Technical Specification

System Dimensions: 25”h x 24”w x 9”d
Water Pressure: PSI 20 – 100 PSI
Water Temperature: 40˚ – 100˚F
Max. Total Dissolved Solids: (TDS): 2000 ppm

Verdict: Recommended!

Expert View:

Home Master whole house water filter is rated as above average system among all other system for the few reasons below:

  • Excellent Filtration: Effectively remove 95% of contaminants can be found in the source water.
  • Small Micron Rating: It has a small micron rating of 1 micron.
  • Well Water Compatibility: The HMF2SMGCC and HMF3SDGFEC is capable of removing well water contaminants.
  • Excellent Review: It received excellent review from it’s existing customer.
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Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

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