pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Review


The five-star rated filtered water pitcher from Invigorated Living (IL) lives up to every promise by the manufacturer. Providing clean, alkaline water that supports and promotes a long and healthy life, the pitcher, scores a perfect ten on various fronts.





With the increased popularity of filtered water pitchers across the globe, selecting the right one that fits your family’s needs can be challenging.

We try to ease your confusion with this pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Review.

pH Restore is one of the few pitchers who, apart from removing bacteria, parasites, and chemical pollutants such as heavy metals, and chloride, also remineralized the water.

Read on to know more.

pH Restore Overview

If you have always wanted ‘that little extra’ in every purchase, then the pH Restore will delight you. 

There are numerous filtered pitchers out there in the market that provide clean and fresh water to gulp. But this water pitcher adds that extra punch of alkalinity, ORP, minerals, and ions that promises to promote health and vigor. 

The multi-stage PH001 filter runs the tap water through a filtration process that not only removes contaminants, but also adds minerals, and ionizes water to make it more alkaline and thus aids metabolism.

Made from safe plastic that prevents leaching of harmful chemicals into your drinking water, here is a detailed list of the filter’s features that make it worth exploring and considering as your next filter replacement.

Key Features

Multi-Stage Filtration

The multi-stage PH001 filter that includes the manufacturer’s proprietary material blend ensures the removal of all tap water contaminants. 

It has a duo Micro Net system stacked with layers of zeolite, activated coconut carbon charcoal, and ion-exchange resin. Together, these layers work to remove visible particles and heavy metals such as lead, copper, arsenic, and mercury.

Further, the water leaving the filter is more alkaline than the source. It is ionized and spiked with antioxidants and minerals by the stone and ceramic pellets in the filter.

And for the extra cautious consumer, there is a PH002 filter that comes apart from this filter. This additional filter attaches to the PH001 and filters out tiny particles, thus taking the water filtration to a whole new level.

Design Features

The pH restore is made from BPA-free clear plastic that makes it ideal for a filtered water reservoir/basin tank. 

Furthermore, filling water into the dirty water tank is a no-hassle job. Thanks to the flap on the lid that opens under pressure from the running water, you don’t have to remove the lid to fill in tap water.

Besides, the ergonomic design allows the pitcher to sit in even small refrigerators or, on top of kitchen counters.

Replacement Forewarning 

When every device from cell-phone to watch is getting smarter, why should the water pitchers be left behind?

The digital gauge on the lid tells you when it’s time to replace the filter without you having to mark your calendars for calculation. All you need to do is set it for a backward count from the day you start using it, and it will ensure that every drop you draw from the filter is as pristine as the spring waters.  

Filter Life and Replacement Cost

The average life of the water filter mandated by the manufacturer is 96 gallons.

Assuming an annual water consumption of 600 gallons by a family of four, you will need to spend close to $118 annually to maintain the pitcher.

Consideration Factors

Filtered water can get cloudy

Call it a design flaw or something else, but you cannot allow the filtered water to sit in the basin tank for too long. 

If left for more than this length of time, the water gets cloudy due to excessive mineralization and is unfit for drinking.

Slightly heavier

This filter by IL is a good looking device, but it can be somewhat inconvenient.

Imagine having to carry close to half-a-gallon water around. It surely is on the heavier side!

Nevertheless, the health advantages outweigh the drawbacks and make this an A-1 class filtered water pitcher ionizer.

Pros & Cons

+ Improved taste of water.
+ Slim and contemporary design features.
+ No plastic odor in the water
+ Water filters instantly.
+ Super-easy to use
A bit expensive.
No pH meter to indicate the pH of the water.

 Technical Specs

Here are the technical details of this filtered pitcher.

  • Weight: 1.5 lb
  • Material
  • Plastic body: BPA/BPS-free clear Plastic
  • Filter: PH001 filter uses a proprietary blend of several filter materials, including Coconut Activated Carbon, Ion-exchange resin, Zeolite, and mineral stones such as Tourmaline, Far Infrared, and Maifan.
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10.5 x 5.25 inch
  • Each purchase includes: Filtered Pitcher and two filters

Our Verdict: Recommended

IL presents an excellent option for a water filter, alkalizer, and ionizer in this compact pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher. With a reservoir capacity of 0.34 gallons and a purified water tank capacity of 0.53 gallons, the filter provides 96 gallons of clean water in its lifetime.

Ideal for singles, or small families, for apartment living and small refrigerators, the alkaline water pitcher is a space-saving filtering device. Made in the US, the pitcher body is made of FDA-approved, BPA-free clear plastic that makes it a worry-free option among filters to be used for your loved ones.

While we have summarized all we could in the present pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Review, please leave us a message if you have any doubts on this filter.

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