PUR Faucet Filter Review


PUR faucet filter is great in terms of filtration capacity. However, the quality is inconsistent which they probably need to improve on. If you are lucky, the device can last for a few years without leaking. You can still give it a try as it comes with a 2 years warranty!





Everyone knows PUR as they are coming hand in hand with Brita on competing for the best seller on water pitchers. 

However, both companies are also competing on faucet filters niche too. To learn more, you can check out our PUR vs Brita faucet filter guide.

In this PUR faucet filter review, we will highlight all the benefits and drawbacks of all the model and cartridges that are available from PUR.

PUR Faucet Filter Review

Multi-stage Filtration System

PUR faucet filter uses it’s own MAXION technology to build it filtration cartridge.

The filtration cartridge comprises 2 stages for the basic filter and 3 stages for the MineralClear filter.

Stage 1: Sediment Trap Filtration –  The first layer of filtering which removes huge particles such as sand, dust and dirt. 
Stage 2: Activated Carbon Media – Removes 99% of lead, mercury, cysts, pesticides, and chlorine. 
(Only MineralClear Filter) Stage 3: Post Filter – Filter natural minerals and leaving the water crisp and great to consume. 

The famous MAXION technology claimed by PUR uses steam heat to treat the carbon grains creating a huge surface area for the carbon to trap and absorb contaminants.

All the faucet filter model in PUR is able to fit into both of the filtration cartridges. 

Certified by WQA

It claims to be certified by NSF against Standard 53 and 42 and 401 for reducing lead, mercury, chlorine and many more that were listed on this performance sheet

It removes up to 70 contaminants as listed on the data sheet. 

Various Design

The faucet filter comes with various design and functionality.

It comes with 3 different model although there are 4 models as shown in the picture above.

PUR Basic Filtration System and PUR Advanced Filtration System are basically same systems with different cartridges. 

All models come with the light indicator for filtration usage and different built materials such as black or white plastic, chrome and stainless steel body. 

For the top-end model, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity to track the usage on your smartphone. 

Why Do I like About This Filter? 

Faucet filters are well known for their easy installation process. This is one of the best things that I like as it can easily be detached and install when I moved.

Here are some benefits specific to the PUR: 

Filtration Coverage: I like the fact that the filter removes up to 99% on 70 contaminants. It is way better than most of the faucet filter and water pitchers.  

Long Warranty: It comes with a 2 year warranty period which is better than Brita which only offers 90 days money back guarantee. 

“Long” Lifespan: This is kind of subjective when it comes to lifespan. Within its class (faucet filters), it is considered great to have filtered up to 100 gallons. 

But if you compared to other types of drinking water filter, this amount is considered quite short in lifespan. 

Cartridge Is Compatible: Both cartridges are compatible with all the faucet filters in PUR. You can upgrade the cartridge without spending an extra penny on the housing. 

What Do I Hate About This Filter? 

I personally think that this downside of this filter is the killing point that drives people away from it.

Here are a few downsides:  

Bad Quality: The quality of the faucet filter is disappointing. Many people complaints about the leaky design even though that it is built with stainless steel. 

Luckily it comes with 2 years warranty but it is still disturbing to have a leaky tap every time we turn on the filter. 

No for Extreme Water Conditions: Definitely a NO NO on heavily contaminated water as it is will be clogged and shorten the lifespan. 

I would suggest you look at the under sink water filters  if your water source is highly contaminated. 

Maintenance and Replacement

Every cartridge can last up to 100 gallons of water although it depends on the contamination level of your water source. It may vary from house to house.

100 Gallons can probably last you about 2-3 months for a single cartridge.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $54 (6-Pack MineralClear Filter), $51 (3 X 2-Pack Basic Filter)

The price of the MineralClear filter is just differed by $3 per year as compared to the Basic filters. You know which you should get!

Pros & Cons

+ Remove up to 99% of 70 contaminants.
+ Long warranty period of up to 2 years.
+ Certified against NSF Standard 401, 52, and 43 by WQA.
+ Filter compatible with all faucet filters by PUR.
+ Affordable filtration cost.
Not suitable for highly contaminated water sources.
Bad quality and design for the housing

Our Verdict: Recommended!

Expert View:

After reviewing the PUR faucet filter, we would place it as a recommended faucet filter on our bucket list. Here are the following reason. 

  • Filter Capability: It has good filtration capability of removing contaminants appear in the urban water source. 
  • Long Warranty: It comes with a 2-year warranty which covers manufacturer defects. 
  • Handle With Care: It is a fragile device which is easily break and leak. So you need to handle with care.
  • No Quality Control: There is no strict quality control on the product. If you are lucky, you will have a perfect quality product.  

We hope this PUR faucet filter review answer all your questions. While most people agree that the water tastes pretty good after the filtration, the main complaints are the design.

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