Rusco Spin Down And Sediment Trapper Filter Review


Rusco Sediment Filters is an innovative filter which provides excellent filtration and is configurable based on the level of contamination in the source water. With no down time while performing cleaning, it is RECOMMENDED for all water source.





Rusco is one of the leading manufacturers for sediment water filtration for whole house. Their one of a kind filtration design is copyrighted which provides a unique way of filtering.

Two of the core best seller products are the Rusco Sediment Trapper Filter and Spin Down Filter.

In this review, you will be expecting:

  • Rusco Spin Down Filter and Sediment Trapper Filter Review
  • Verdict & Summary

Rusco Spin Down Filter and Sediment Trapper Filter Review

Rusco sediment filter uses a clear plastic cover which is visible to owners on how well the filter perform. It is mainly to be installed before any whole house water filter.

Unique Filtration Technology

Looking at filter design, the unique shape of the filter creates as if a vortex which push the sediments towards the lower part of the filter.

Rusco claims that their sediment filters are better in several way:

  • Clear Cover for filter cleaning indication
  • Easily remove sediment with the ball valve
  • Reusable filter screens mesh 
  • No down time while cleaning. 
  • High flow rate (Up to 100GPM)

While these are pretty subjective, we will discuss in more detail in the later sections.

How to differentiate Rusco Sediment Trapper and Spin Down Filter

It is categorize in 2 different types, the spin down sediment filter and the sediment trapper filter. It is easy to identify the difference between these two filters with the diagram below:

The sediment trapper filter consists half of the filtration mesh and half for trapping sediments while the spin down filters consist of a full length filter.

Filtration Specification

Rusco provides different combination based on how contaminated your water source is.

Size Difference: Each of the Rusco sediment filter comes with 4 different sizes, 3/4″, 1″ 1.5″ and 2″. The bigger the size, the higher the flow rate.

Material Difference: The filter components is made up of 2 separate material which is polyester or stainless steal.

Mesh Difference: Mesh, is also known as the filter component differs in diameter of each opening in the mesh. The smaller the size, the cleaner the water is but will reduce flow rate.

Maintenance And Replacement

To maintain the high flow rate and efficiency of the filter, it is suggested to perform regular cleaning weekly to drain out the sediments from the filter.

Clearing the sediments is just simply open the valve SLOWLY and let the sediment flushed out from the filter. There is no down time when you flush your Rusco.

Rusco suggested that the filtration cartridge to be replaced every 6-12 months. The cost varies between different size and mesh opening.

Annual Average Cost : $20-$150


Installation is pretty much the same as other whole house water filters. Just connect the inlet and outlet pipe to the PVC header. It can be installed on a PVC pipe or copper pipe.

To install on a PVC pipe, a solvent cement is needed to be put around the PVC pipe which act as glue to connect the pipe and header of the Rusco filter.

To install on a copper pipe, there are a few additional item that are needed such as:

  • Ground Cables
  • Ground Clamps
  • Compression Coupling

Please refer to the installation guide for more details.

+ Comes with different sizes and filter specification
+ High flow rate
+ Suitable for all water source
+ Unique technology differs from conventional filters.
+ Easy cleaning and flushing
+ Configure based on water conditions
Basic sediment filter with only up to 15 microns of filter opening.
No softener includes in the filter.contaminated.

Warranty: 12 months limited warranty for the system.

Technical Specification

System Dimensions: From 11-3/8”L x 5”W (3/4″ Model) to 17-7/8”L x 5-1/2”W (2″ Model)
Max Water Pressure: PSI 120
Max Water Temperature: 100˚F

Verdict: Recommended!

Expert View:
Comparing with other sediment, the Rusco sediment trapper and spin down filters are consider above average system for a few reasons:

  • Flexibility: Different size and filter mesh provide users with more flexibility to choose based on their actual needs.
  • Clean On The Fly: Cleaning and flushing out the sediments can be done on the fly which doesn’t disturb the water usage at home.
  • Innovative Technology: Trapping the sediments beneath the filter is a clever way to prevent blockage on the filters which required constant cleaning.
  • High Flow Rate: The flow rate can run up to 100GPM depending on which mesh that you are using.
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