Baked Chai Apple Cider Doughnuts

October 24, 2019

Apple cider doughnuts were not part of my west coast childhood and I am genuinely jealous that Owen and June get to enjoy this fall treat forever. We’ve taken two trips upstate in the last month to pick apples and I finally decided it was time to try making apple cider doughnuts at home. I came across the New York Times recipe this season and had to try it. I ended up making a few modifications, even added some chai and they were unbelievably tasty! Find the recipe (and the original below).


Meet Chrissy Powers + Learn How Motherhood Transformed Her Career Path

October 3, 2019

Chrissy Powers and I connected back when I was pregnant with Owen and she was pregnant with her second son Zeeke. At that time we were both fairly new to blogging and the whole Instagram world and more than anything she was another mom I could connect with considering I was the first in my local friend circle to have a baby. Flash forward almost four years later and we have both started our own podcasts, have grown our blogs to be full-time businesses, by the time this goes live we will have each given birth to baby girls (writing this in my final weeks of pregnancy with June!) and have built an almost co-worker esc relationship where we can bounce whatever is happening work wise off of each other. Chrissy is a true jack-of-all-traders and I am thrilled to share her greatness here with you! So let’s get to it.


Nursing Approved Super Food Bowl

October 1, 2019

It’s been so fun to dig through the Household archives and find posts like this one from my early days of motherhood with Owen. Since fingers crossed June has made her arrival at this point and we’re working on the mechanics of breastfeeding, I thought sharing some of my old breastfeeding friendly recipes would not only be helpful for me, but maybe some of you who are right there too.

Original post: October 19, 2015.

I started researching foods that support lactation towards the end of my pregnancy. Not only is this bowl packed with nutrients that increase lactation, but as long as you aren’t making this for your entire family for dinner, it is something you can store and eat over the course of a few days while you’re busy at home breastfeeding. Key ingredients in this dish that support healthy lactation: ginger, carrots, sesame seeds, garlic, flaxseed & quinoa.


Meet Em Morrice + Discover How Modesty and Family Travel Can Co-Exist

September 26, 2019

A little behind the scenes note: as I am editing, uploading and scheduling all of these wonderful mother interviews more often than not I am finding myself in tears, especially as I near the end of my maternity leave for a couple of reasons. 1. I am beyond grateful to each and every woman who has taken time out of their busy lives to chat with me. 2. The theme here is overwhelming: we can’t do it all and that’s okay. Repeat after me, we can’t do it all and that’s okay. So here is another conversation with another woman I admire, Em Morrice. Em, Thank you!


Ten Details to Complete Owen & June’s Shared Brooklyn Bedroom

September 25, 2019

This post was sponsored by Crate and Kids. 

Just before June made her arrival we spruced up her and Owen’s shared bedroom in our Brooklyn apartment. It was important to us that the space was broken up in a way that gives each kiddo their own corner, while still encouraging play together. We felt we had separated it nicely, but that there were still a few details / some additional play accessories we wanted to bring in, especially now that June is officially here! 


Chocolate Chip Oat Lactation Cookies

September 24, 2019

This post was originally shared almost four years ago right after I had given birth to Owen – crazy to see how Amy’s photos, my writing style and recipe development has changed, right?! I do remember these cookies being ultra tasty though and intend on making them for myself again now that I’m breastfeeding little June. More below!


Meet Rachael Desztich + Learn the Beauty of Healthy Prioritizing

September 19, 2019

Without a doubt, Rachael is the person I have formed the closest bond with without ever actually meeting in person. We “met” online when we were both pregnant with our boys over four years ago, formed a lasting friendship, worked together for a bit a few years ago and over the years have had the chance to connect on everything from business to motherhood and marriage and everything in between. It’s been awhile since we’ve caught up, so this interview is particularly special to me. Enjoy!


What To Do for New Parents in the First Month

September 17, 2019

I first shared this post this past April after our best friends had their first baby, and now with the arrival of sweet June coming at any moment (if she hasn’t already made her appearance), I figured it was worth sharing again. Enjoy!

If you listen to our podcast, Mom and Dad Made a Podcast, you know our best friends, Jake and Leah, recently became parents. Putting my emotions into words as I watch this immense transformation has honestly been hard for me. It’s been one of those life changing, pivotal moments for two of the people Zack and I care the most about and on top of it, we know it will change our friendship with them in the best way. Because, well, they’re part of the parent club now! There’s a whole new element of life we can all relate on and lets just say I can pretty much cry at the drop of a hack. So many emotions!


Meet Tara Rasmus + Get Real About Balance and Inner Beauty

September 12, 2019

I think Tara and I connected online for the first time over three years ago, met in person shortly after we returned to NYC after our travels (about a year and a half ago) and a friendship developed rather quickly. Tara is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things beauty (amongst other things) and I am so thrilled to be sharing her insight with you all. Her interview feels especially fitting for me as I approach a major transition both in life and with my body as we get ready to welcome June into the world (if I haven’t already). So let’s jump right in!


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