The Sweetest Thank You Gift: Homemade Mandarin Preserves

February 20, 2018

For those of you who don’t know, we are lucky enough to live down the hall from one of our closest friends and her family in our new Brooklyn apartment. Amy has done everything from keeping an eye on Owen while we build furniture to letting us borrow kitchen supplies before ours arrived. Her boyfriend, Jerred, even made us these beautiful custom shelves. Needless to say I’ve been making it my mission to return the countless favors, which I’m not sure I’ll ever truly be able to repay, but I did decide to make a sweet choice and start with these homemade mandarin preserves.


Building Household with Hailey & Amy: Episode 2

February 19, 2018

Big surprise you guys, Amy didn’t come out of the womb as a photographer and well, blogs didn’t even exist when I was born. Creative paths are never predictable, but it is possible to find your way if you look out for the signs and listen to your gut. In this episode of Building Household with Hailey & Amy we’re talking all about finding your creative path and how we found ours. Download, listen & subscribe here

Ten Things for the Weekend

February 16, 2018

1. This week’s mantra:“Be real. If you want to play with your kids, you must be 100 percent real in what you do. Don’t be afraid to look silly. Let them guide. Stop worrying about what others think of you or what you think of yourself. Get down on their level and try to let go for even 20 minutes a day if it is difficult for you. Even a little playtime on their level is worth more than any toy you could buy.” ― Jessica Alexander


Dining Room Reveal: The Heart of Our Home

February 15, 2018

Have you ever been to a home where the dining room and kitchen isn’t the heart of their space? I sure haven’t, and I can assure you the same goes for us in our new place too. Regardless of the numerous apartments we’ve lived in, it always seems as though whenever we have company over, we end up gathered around the kitchen table. Often times we are enjoying a meal, but I’ve noticed that even after our plates are cleared, we spend the majority of the evening chit-chatting in the dining room.


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