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Walter's & Fort Greene

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Amy and I met on the train. This is something we've somehow mastered - the art of coordinating to meet on a specific car at a particular train station. I'm always impressed and always reminded of this scene in Broad City. Mostly because I'm normally like Ilana, and Amy is normally much more prepared like Abbi. I'm blaming my tendency to be late on Owen, that's fair right?! That and farts? Haha. Anyways, we took the G a few stops into Fort Greene, walked around, snapped some photos for Ace & Jig and ate dinner at Walter's. Fort Greene is one of those neighborhoods I never visited before I lived in New York, but have truly come to love. The streets are lined with brownstones and large trees like you see here, there are some exceptional restaurants and bars in the area and some great kid friendly parks as well. I really explored this neighborhood for the first time this summer when my parents were visiting and staying in an Airbnb in the area. It's honestly one of the few other spots I can see us living in Brooklyn, but if you're visiting New York, or are local and just want a change of pace I highly recommend checking it out as well. 

Amy and I have made this a bit of a monthly ritual and I really love our nights out together. We typically head to a neighborhood we haven't covered here, take some photos and check out either a new restaurant or one of our favorites in the area (and maybe a bar or two). This time we checked out a new spot, Walter's. It was so delicious. We had boozy cocktails, Amy had the salmon, like the classy lady I am I had the steak. Haha. I don't take these kidless nights out lightly. Give me all the meat and booze please. We reflected on the fact that as we completed this ritual last month we talked about Amy moving to full time photography and quitting her day job, and we chatted about my freelance work and how I was getting the feeling it might lead me in that direction too, and as we sat down to dinner just a month later this was already in the works for each of us. Amy's last day of work was a week ago, and my last day at the shop was almost three weeks ago. Things happened quickly and I have to pat each of us on the back for busting our asses and making it happen. Cheers to Amy who is going to kill it this year as a full-time freelance photographer (and cheers to me cause now I have her a little more at my finger tips)! It's a win, win all around. 

Photography by Amy Frances.

Tips for Packing Smart with a Toddler

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In February I wrote out my top tips for traveling with a newborn, and well, considering Owen is almost a year old, I figured it was time to update and revise these tips both for myself and for any of you who are potentially taking one last trip before the summer ends. I teamed up with Away Luggage to put together this video and our typical checklist for packing smarter not harder, and overall a little lighter - even if that means a checked back. Safe travels! 

1. When traveling alone with your little one always check your bag. I know this sounds contradictory when most of my suggestions involve packing light, but believe me, when you're traveling with a little one, the less you have to cart around the better. 

2. Plan ahead to do laundry rather than over packing. I feel like on our first couple trips I packed EVERYTHING. I now know that laundry can be done in other places ;) and rather than stressing myself (and my back) out, it's easier to just pack what we need and deal with it. 

3. Buy diapers and any other disposable items when you reach your destination. I always just bring what we need for the first day or so and then run to a market or pharmacy. Diapers take up a lot of precious suitcase space and it just really is unnecessary. 

4. Stick to light weight toys and books that you know your little guy or gal will actually play with. It's easy, especially with a baby under one, to want to bring them every little thing you think they may want. Don't! You know the few toys that keep them occupied - stick with those! 

5. Regardless of your suitcase size stick to travel sized toiletries. Once you buy one of those empty packs of travel sized containers and fill it up with your favorites you're set. I continue to fill these up for each trip, which saves me so much money and leaves extra space. 

6. Book an early morning flight. This has been a go to move when traveling since Owen was a newborn. The early mornings are the best. We will typically leave the house when Owen is till sleeping so I'll wake him, nurse him, put him in the car, and he will normally fall back asleep on the ride to the airport and through security. He tends to wake up sometime around boarding, and I just make sure to nurse him during take off, and for whatever reason he usually sleeps fairly easy on the plane. 

7. Dress comfortably. Seems simple, but when you're traveling with a kid (especially if you're alone) comfort is key. Make sure if you're using a baby carrier that your clothing underneath makes using the restroom and breastfeeding (if applicable) easy, and that you're not too warm. I prefer to layer over the carrier if necessary, rather than under.

8. Use a baby carrier rather than a stroller. I used my Solly Baby Wrap until Owen was 25 lbs. and the Beco up to 35 lbs. I have yet to carry/roll a stroller through security and onto a plane, so maybe I'm biased, but we've had the greatest luck with carriers. 

9. Arrive early so that there's ample time to grab a cup of coffee, find your gate, and make a quick diaper change before boarding. 

10. Take a car service to the airport and borrow a car seat wherever you're heading. The less bulk you have to deal with at the airport the better! 

Videography by Amy Frances Photography

Music by Golden Groves

Sponsored by Away Luggage

Closet Staples: Ace & Jig

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I've admired the owners of Ace & Jig, Cary and Jenna, for quite sometime. The duo met as fashion interns nearly ten years ago where they bonded over their love for antique textiles. In 2009, after Cary gave birth to her daughter Alice and Jenna gave birth to her son James, they joined forces and started Ace & Jig. Their goal was to design season-less pieces that can be worn for years. Their silhouettes are simple, classic and flattering, and their textiles are stunning. They travel to India multiple times a year to work with textile specialists who are still weaving on ancient hand looms. Cary and Jenna are inspired by textiles with roots that stem from France to Japan. When I first saw their designs I was reminded of the Japanese Boro quilts I had seen in the vintage shop I worked in recently and back in college, Raggedy Threads. 

The piece I'm wearing here is from their exclusive line for Barney's (The Andie T-shirt). While the top is similar in silhouette to a t-shirt, the double-layer cotton canvas makes it feel much more dressed up than your standard tee. I paired this top with my favorite pair of vintage Wranglers. There's something about Ace & Jig's designs that boosts your confidence and gives you a timeless sense of style. I truly feel like this look could have been worn by my grandmother in the 1960's, but is still equally stylish today, and I have a gut feeling when I look back on these images 20 or 30 years from now I'll feel the same. That confidence is truly priceless for me. Especially when it technically involves jeans and a t-shirt (my uniform, haha).

Making investments in garments like this and even just treating myself to a hair appointment or pedicure or cup of coffee on my own has been something I've been trying to make more of a conscious effort of the past couple months. As a mother it's easy to feel like the money or time should go elsewhere, but there's something to be said for doing something nice for yourself. Taking care of yourself as a mother in return is always beneficial for the whole family. It doesn't always have to involve spending money, but if you do feel like treating yourself to a garment that will last you years check out Ace & Jig