Ten Things For the Weekend

August 18, 2017

1. This week’s mantra: “When you dwell in an energy of positivity and power, you become a magnet for miracles.” ― Gabrielle Bernstein


A Simple Salad Everyone Will Love

August 16, 2017

You guys! You guys! This is big. I’ve never been the best at delegating. I was the kid in your group project who just did the entire project because in my head it would just be easier for everyone. Yikes.

That being said, I think I’m growing up. When I first started Household Mag. and even through us living in NYC I shared recipes all the time. I had the same hopes for our life on the road, but it’s been trickier than I expected to cook in unfamiliar kitchens in unfamiliar cultures.


From South Florida to Guatemala: Home is a Safe Place Regardless of Location

August 15, 2017

I started following along with Drea of Oh Dear Drea shortly after we left NYC, and I was hooked by her family travels, healthy eats and her colorful South Florida home. I had the chance to chat with her about what home means to her just before she announced that her and her family will be packing up and moving to Guatemala this October.


How to Find the Perfect Neighborhood While Traveling with Airbnb

August 13, 2017

Since we’ve been living in Airbnb’s since May we have certainly learned a thing or two about renting places in the perfect neighborhood for our family. The way I have written this piece is designed to help you regardless of what you’re looking for. I can recognize that most people probably aren’t looking for the exact set up that we are when it comes to traveling, but it can be easy to get confused when you’re booking a place in an area you aren’t familiar with.


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