Why We’re Experimenting with Cloth Diapering the Second Time Around

August 21, 2019

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Owen wore diapers until he was over three and every single diaper he wore was disposable. Call it new mom anxiety or ignorance, but cloth diapering never really crossed my mind as a true reality for our family. It seemed like a messy, unnecessary and maybe even impossible challenge in a city like Brooklyn. Four years ago I was completely unaware of the wonderful cloth diapering options available to urban families like ours and I was naive to the horrific evidence of the damage disposable diapers are doing to our planet. So without too much thought we stuck to disposable and while that worked for us the first time around (despite the footprint we left behind), we are taking a different approach this time. 


How I’m Preparing my Closet for Postpartum

August 20, 2019

If you read one of my more recent articles over on Camille Styles you know I’m doing my best to prepare my mind and body for postpartum. Some may say I have jumped the gun on preparing my closet, but it’s important to me that I have a handful of items I know I can most likely wear when June arrives. Of course it’s impossible to know exactly what my body will look and feel like after giving birth sometime next month, but based on my body today I made a couple of educated guesses and overall I’m feeling really good about it.


How to Prepare Your First Born for a New Sibling with Artifact Uprising

August 15, 2019

This post was sponsored by Artifact Uprising.

Like most parents expecting their second child, we’ve been reading all the fun tips online when it comes to how to prepare your first born for a new sibling. We have a handful of books we’ve been reading to Owen – our favorite is The New Small Person by Lauren Child, we’ve secretly picked up a few small gifts for June to give Owen after she’s born, and Owen has even picked out a few things for June. We re-purchased two of his favorite toys from when he was a baby and we even made our own Baby Board Book with Artifact Uprising for her! 


A Shared, Brooklyn Bedroom for Owen & June

August 13, 2019

Zack and I have lived in smaller spaces our entire relationship and when we started our family we had very little desire to expand. For the first year and a half of Owen’s life we lived in a one bedroom apartment (that had virtually no doors aside from the front door and the bathroom) and it wasn’t until after he was two that we wrapped up our travels and settled in a two bedroom apartment. That being said when we announced that we were expecting again one of the top questions we received was, “Will you move into a bigger place?”. If I’m being honest, a three bedroom apartment in New York City kind of seems like a luxury and at the moment is out of our budget. That being said, I’m feeling really good about how we’ve made this little bedroom work for both Owen and June. Here’s how we did it! 


Ten Ways to Keep Families Together

August 9, 2019

Taking a break from the standard weekly round-up to share ten ways to keep families together – something much more important than the articles I typically share here, sales you might want to take advantage of or recipes that sound especially tasty. Below there are ten tangible ways you can begin to take action against the inhumane actions our government is taking to devastate numerous families in our country. And if you need a little motivation, watch this and do not look away.


Spiced Maple Chai & Fresh Fig Creamsicles

August 8, 2019

You guys! You guys. I know I’m technically tooting my own horn but these were so unbelievably delicious. I wasn’t sure how the figs would do after freezing in the popsicle molds, but they were the perfect consistency and there’s just something so equally sweet and tart about a creamsicle made with yogurt. Plus, I’m a sucker for pretty much anything made with maple or chai.


An Intentional End of the Summer Bucket List

August 6, 2019

Changes are coming in hot for our family. A new baby, the end of summer, the last summer with just Owen and I at home, Owen’s first day of school, paternity leave for Zack, a heap of visitors and an attempt at maternity leave for me – just to name a few. While I’m working hard to prepare our family for these changes and transitions, a large part of that has been finding the quiet moments in between and holding on tight before our life as we know it dramatically changes. I’ve read social posts and articles from other mothers who have been there who open up about mourning the loss of their family as it is and while I’m certainly not above those emotions, I have a different feeling about it all. 


Ten Things for the Weekend

August 2, 2019

1. This week’s mantra: “Dear Natural Birth, I’m giving myself permission to have exactly the type of birth that’s right for me, be it unmedicated, medicated, or a cesarean birth. Only I can choose how I want to navigate my body during my birth, and my choices are not up for comparison, shaming or scrutiny, especially when they are beyond my control. I am capable of growing life in my body, and my body is built to birth, and that is what I believe to be natural. Signed, ___________________” – The Nurture Book.


The Reality of Maternity Leave as a Freelancer

August 1, 2019

As my due date rapidly approaches I’m finding myself buried in work as I plan to take what on the surface will appear as no time off from my site and social channels. The world of freelancer maternity leave is one that even I know very little about, but after experimenting with a couple months of downtime after my miscarriage last year I learned the harsh reality that this business simply cannot pause or stop. Two months of not staying consistent with content meant nearly six months of unpaid time as I rebuilt – something I’m not interested in doing for the second time in less than twelve months, even if that’s more of what a true maternity leave would look like. 


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