Why We’re Experimenting with Cloth Diapering the Second Time Around

August 21, 2019

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Owen wore diapers until he was over three and every single diaper he wore was disposable. Call it new mom anxiety or ignorance, but cloth diapering never really crossed my mind as a true reality for our family. It seemed like a messy, unnecessary and maybe even impossible challenge in a city like Brooklyn. Four years ago I was completely unaware of the wonderful cloth diapering options available to urban families like ours and I was naive to the horrific evidence of the damage disposable diapers are doing to our planet. So without too much thought we stuck to disposable and while that worked for us the first time around (despite the footprint we left behind), we are taking a different approach this time. 

Some of you local New Yorkers might be familiar with Diaperkind, a weekly service that makes cloth diapering possible for families in NYC with no easy access to a washer and dryer. But what about the rest of us? What about families all over the world who don’t have access to this wonderful service or who have their own laundry setup and want to DIY? Well, their new, sister company, Esembly, has thought of everything (even blow-out protection – yep, their 2-part diapers are blow-out proof) so that you can make cloth diapering possible in your own home. Esembly is a cloth diapering system that’s committed to making the world a better place through their sustainably grown, low-impact, high-quality ingredients and responsible manufacturing. 

Their commitment to reducing parents’ impact on the planet is why their system was a no-brainer for us to at least try. As noted on their site, “Babies go through approximately 70 diapers a week, which adds up to more than 3,500 by their first birthday. That’s a lot of trash! When you use the Esembly System, you’ll only need 48 diapers from birth through potty training — and because they’re made to last, you can pass them on to younger sibs, cousins or friends.”

You might be asking yourself, well, what about those “eco-friendly” disposable diapers? And yes, I’ve fallen hard for them too. The reality is that they’re using a lot of the same non-renewable raw materials as every other disposable out there on the market. Esembly states that, “The bottom line is that even the disposables that claim to be made compostable or biodegradable will not effectively biodegrade when we place them in our regular municipal landfills because they lack the light, water and bacterial activity required for the decay process to begin.”

So with this information in my back pocket I am taking the nervous but confident plunge into cloth diapering, yes I said nervous but confident. I’m completely inexperienced in this arena and I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to look like with a newborn, but it’s important to us that we take advantage of these seemingly easy ways to reduce our waste. Something Esembly is fantastic at is making the process super approachable and seamless on their site. While I might be nervous for what cloth diapering may look like on the day to day, I am well aware that they have given us all the materials and support for the most empowered journey possible and that I in fact can do this. Esembly even provides step-by-step wash instructions and a specially formulated Washing Powder for laundering diapers. According to their instructions, diapers only have to be washed twice per week which is totally doable for us! 

Once you select your system, their site covers everything from exactly how to launder, caring for your little ones skin, collecting and storing diapers as well as how eating and sleeping works. There are even a handful of straight forward instructional videos from their expert team (hello, a decade of experience running Diaperkind) on their site that answer any and all of your questions. Their Esemble Your System portal truly felt like I had a personal shopper right there with me guiding my selections – I’m honestly day dreaming right now about these perfectly girly cloth diapers making their way into our earliest memories with June. Their color scheme matches so much of what we’ve been gathering during my pregnancy for her and while I’m sure I’ll experience a slight learning curve with cloth diapering, I am up for the challenge. Our planet and this little girl deserve it! 

Stay tuned – in the next couple months I’ll be sharing an update with you guys on our progress with Esembly! And, if you’re wanting to join me in this cloth diapering journey they’re offering my readers 10% off orders $75 or more with the code HouseholdMag10. Make sure to check out their gorgeous site

Photography by Amy Frances

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