Dining Room Reveal: The Heart of Our Home

February 15, 2018

Have you ever been to a home where the dining room and kitchen isn’t the heart of their space? I sure haven’t, and I can assure you the same goes for us in our new place too. Regardless of the numerous apartments we’ve lived in, it always seems as though whenever we have company over, we end up gathered around the kitchen table. Often times we are enjoying a meal, but I’ve noticed that even after our plates are cleared, we spend the majority of the evening chit-chatting in the dining room.

For me, a kitchen table is so much more than a piece of furniture, it truly is the heart of our home. It’s the place Zack and I record our podcast, where we often do our writing and where I can see Owen doing his homework in the future. It’s where, despite our busy schedules, we make an effort to sit down to eat dinner together as a family every week night. This home is still new, but I imagine we will have many meaningful conversations and make major life choices in this room. We will hopefully laugh hard and connect time and time again.

We’ve worked with Walker Edison in the past, so they were an immediate go-to when we began looking for furniture. I instantly fell in love with their Retro Modern Dining Set you see here and pictured it fitting perfectly in this little nook before we even set foot in the apartment thanks to Facetime!

Our home is truly coming together and I couldn’t be happier. Creating a space full of meaningful furniture we love that will stick around for years to come has been a priority through this whole process. Scroll through to get more information on the rest of the pieces you see here and make sure to enter the giveaway on my Instagram feed to win this dining set for you and your home!

Handmade shelving by the very talented, Erbe Workshop, the most beautiful glass & dishware from Snowe Home & a custom engineer print from Parabo Press.

This post was sponsored by Walker Edison.

Photography by Amy Frances.

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