Five Ways I’m Managing a Stress-Free and Healthy Lifestyle in the New Year

One of the biggest mistakes I made while traveling was not maintaining the healthiest routine. Exercise went in and out, my diet kind of went off the rails and I found myself more and more stressed and not feeling my best.

After nearly eight months of life on the go I finally had to reset and establish a few habits that have helped my energy, stress and overall health. Given that we all just rang in the new year, I figured I would share the recent changes I’ve made with you guys in case you’re still setting resolutions and making healthy changes yourselves.

All of these have been incredibly manageable with our ever-changing lifestyle as nomads and parents so this is not intended to overwhelm anyone. If you feel the need, you can totally make these adjustments too! And, as always I would love to hear what has helped you manage your stress. Here’s what has worked for me:

1. Limit coffee to one cup a day. I’ve really been savoring my one cup of coffee each morning, doing my best to drink it while it’s warm and switch to other hydrating liquids after I’m finished. It was tough at first to limit myself, but I’ve noticed my energy improve drastically over the last few weeks, plus I’m less anxious and jittery throughout the day. That initial crash is totally worth the long term effects of less caffeine.


2. Take Nature’s Way Holy Basil and Ginger Root supplements. These supplements have quickly become part of my daily regimen and help support overall health especially when it comes to occasional stress relief (Holy Basil) and stomach discomfort (Ginger Root)*. I noticed the benefits almost immediately and have not only felt better during my waking hours, but have been sleeping much more soundly with all of these healthy habits I’ve adopted.

3. A healthy diet. I’ve been doing my best to limit dairy, gluten and artificial sugar this past month and not only have I noticed my gut feeling healthier each and every day, but my skin has totally cleared itself up too! I’ve honestly never felt better and I’m determined to stick to it as much as possible.

4. Make sleep a priority. Establishing set working hours and a bedtime for myself has been crucial to my general health. I tend to be someone who says yes a little too often, but I always feel so much better when I set boundaries and take care of myself and make sleep a priority!

5. Get outside every day. I aim to workout three days a week, but as a stay-at-home mom it doesn’t always happen. What I notice helps me avoid stress and anxiety when exercise isn’t making it’s way into the schedule is to simply get outside with Owen and take a long walk or a visit to the park.

What simple steps have led you to a healthier and less stressful lifestyle?

This post was sponsored by Nature’s Way.
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