Ten Things for the Weekend

November 10, 2017

1. This Week’s Mantra:“Motherhood in the connected era doesn’t have to be dominated by any myth. Social media can just as easily help celebrate our individual experience and create community through contrast. Moms have to stick together even as we walk our separate paths. We have to spot the templates and realize there are no templates. We have to talk about our failures and realize there are no failures.” – Claire Howorth via Time Magazine

2. Scroll to the bottom for 10 podcast episodes to kick-start self-improvement + a special podcast I was featured on this week!

3. Keep an eye out for the next Still We Rise auction starting on Monday which will benefit Planned Parenthood & Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow along on Instagram here!

4. Loved seeing so many familiar faces on Anthropologie’s blog this past week!

5. All my fellow bloggers and influencers. Read. This. Article. (hint, hint: How and Why You Should Think Beyond the Blog)

6. We’re in New Orleans this week and will be heading to Seattle in a few weeks for another(!!!) solo trip without Owen. I found this travel guide on Goop, anything else you guys would recommend?

7. Just ordered this & this from dRA clothing and I’m so excited! What shops / designers have been your favorites this season?

8. I love seeing this community come together and lift each other up. Did you guys catch this post? Everyone who left comments really warmed my heart beyond belief.

9. Have you watched the trailer for Lady Bird? LOVE, love, love Greta Gerwig.

10. How do you guys feel about horoscopes? I really love the ones on Mother Mag, here’s this Novembers’.

In case you missed it on Household this week:

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10 Podcasts to Kick-Start Self-Improvement
The Easiest, Baked Apple Cider Donuts

& I was a guest on the Sure, Babe podcast!

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  • Oh man, I LOVE Seattle. We lived on the coast for awhile and visited the city frequently. Of course there are the regular spots like Pikes Place and Downtown that has awesome shopping (check out Moorea Seal’s new store) but we Loved Ballard! They have an incredible market on the weekends and awesome food trucks and shops too. We loved a pizza joint called Delancey and there is a bar right next door called Essex worth visiting too. We loved The Fat Hen for brunch and the Ballard Locks are so cool to watch. Fremont Brewery was our favorite brewery and it’s close to the troll which is fun to see. Capital Hill is a fun, trendy neighborhood to walk around. Honestly, Seattle is best by foot! And finally, if you get a chance, check out West Seattle. It has great views of Downtown, paths along the Sound where you can watch all the ferries. It’s so magical!

    • Hey Kayla! Thank you so much for all these recommendations. This is such an incredible list! We are so excited for our little trip!!

  • Listened to the Brene Brown/Liz Gilbert podcast this morning per your recommendation – so much good stuff to soak up! I’ll be adding Magic Lessons to my podcast routine from now on. 🙂 Thanks for the tip! -Christine (from Northwestern M. 🙂

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