Ten Things for the Weekend

March 29, 2019

1. This week’s mantra: “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” —Peggy O’Mara.

2. Just picked up a few of Storq’s new arrivals. Convinced I’ll be wearing these pieces on repeat my entire pregnancy and who am I kidding, I’ll be wearing these comfy fabrics long after baby June is here.

3. This editor’s easy beauty routine to take a busy mama anywhere is making me want a makeover on my skincare and makeup routine.

4. Adding this cookbook to my wishlist.

5. Meghan Leahy, coach with Positively Parenting, joined forces with Amy Joyce, Parenting editor, to discuss parenting questions and advice at all ages.

6. Ask Polly is at it again with some marriage advice, this note up front sucked me right in: “If I were your couple’s therapist, I’d make you watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind together, because there’s no better examination of the ambivalence inherent to spending your entire life with one person. Love and aggravation go hand in hand. When you accept that, it’s not depressing or hurtful or torturous. It’s natural. Sometimes it’s even funny. In order to feel your love for a partner you also manage a household with, you sometimes have to feel your hatred for that person, too. Maturity is knowing that all humans act weird and smell bad and do obnoxious shit. If you try to ignore the bad stuff while repeating the words “I love this person! This person is my favorite, I feel nothing but love for him!,” you will become a robot who feels nothing at all.” 

7. On my weekend watch list: Nate Bargatze’s new special, The Tennesse Kid, & pen15.

8. My best friend just had her first baby (who is absolutely perfect), taking notes on what new moms actually want.

9. When we lived in Phoenix I wanted to be a crazy plant lady but that heat made it impossible to keep anything alive. I wish I would have come across this post with the best faux houseplants back then.

10. Lately, with caring for Owen, being pregnant, going through some transitions professionally and you know life in general, I’ve been doing my best to dance around burning out through it all and know when it’s important to stop and take care of myself. This article shares the key to avoid burnout.

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