Inspiring Spaces

Could this space have more gorgeous natural light? I think not! Lauren Neff, her husband and their 19 month old daughter call this inspiring space home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They purchased their house almost two and a half years ago and have made countless improvements since making their investment. They painted each and every room, installed new hardwood floors, completely renovated the kitchen and bathrooms and the work continued.  Lauren and her family are big fans of just hanging at home and listening to music, it’s in these moments that there’s no where else they’d rather be. They’ve purchased mid-century inspired furniture from West Elm, CB2, Amazon, Ikea and Overstock, and like every mama I know, Lauren enjoys a good trip to Target for all the decorative accessories.

When I see beautiful spaces like this I find myself daydreaming about the idea of buying a place like Lauren and her husband did at the start of their years as a family of three, but since we’re in NYC that’s a far fetched dream. It’s easy to get caught up in what you don’t have sometimes, but if I’m really being honest I’m not ready to give up our city life for a bigger country home – no matter how much I think we might benefit from doors to separate our space into actual rooms. When it comes down to it, regardless of location, size, or decor the answer is always the same when I ask people what makes your house a home. It’s the people. For Lauren it’s “The people, plants and items we’ve collected on our travels.” And when you look at it this way our homes provide so much more than pretty photos to share on blogs like this one. Our homes are where we create memories and contribute to the stories our kids will tell when they’re building their own families. It’s where we gather and find peace and comfort from the outside world.

Photography and space by Lauren Neff. Visit her Instagram and photography site for more.